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Favorite bands: Asp, The Cruxshadows, Garden Of Delight, Theatre Of Tragedy, Lacrimosa, Hocico, Snakeskin, Blutengel, ASP, Chaostar, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, The Vision Bleak, Love Like Blood, Dimmu Borgir, Vampiria, Moi Dix Mois, Introspeccion, Angantyr, Thrudvangar, Moonspell, Theatres Des Vampires, Immortal, Cradle Of Filth, Within Temptation, Tristania, Tiamat, The 69 Eyes, Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Helloween, Rhapsody Of Fire, Alestorm, Luca Turilli, Therion, Haggard, Sodom, Slayer, Destruction, Amon Amarth, Angra, Avantasia, Anorexia Nervosa, Absu, Children Of Bodom, Kreator, Judas Priest, Ensiferum, Epica, Testament, Finntroll, Burzum, Korpiklaani, Gamma Ray, Morbid Angel, Hypocrisy, At The Gates, Exodus, Draconian, AC/DC, Equilibrium, Dio, Overkill, Suffocation, Venom, Dark Funeral, Falkenbach, Carpathian Forest, Vintersorg, Leaves' Eyes, Arckanum, Lacrimas Profundere, Behemoth, Krisiun, Power Quest, Violator, Tankard, Nox Arcana, Bathory, Suicidal Tendencies, Stormtroopers Of Death, Method Of Destruction, Sick Of It All, The Gathering, Bonded By Blood, Arkona, Uaral, D.R.I., Turisas, A Forest Of Stars, Municipal Waste, Agnostic Front, Pagan Reign, Marilyn Manson, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Sopor Aeternus And The Ensemble Of Shadows

Attended events

27.05.2012 COL, Bogota - Diablo Swing Orchestra: Latin America Tour 2012
13.04.2012 COL, Bogota - Sodom: South American Tour 2012
01.07.2011 COL, Bogotá - Rock al Parque 2011
14.06.2011 COL, Bogotá - Slayer: World Painted Blood Tour
12.12.2010 COL, Bogotá - Tankard
03.12.2010 COL, Bogotá - Rammstein
07.10.2010 COL, Bogotá - Lacrimosa
11.11.2009 COL, Bogotá - Tiamat + Moonspell
11.10.2009 COL, Bogota - Kreator + Exodus: S. American Tour
27.06.2009 COL, Bogotá - Rock al Parque 2009
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  1986 Tankard - Zombie Attack
  1996 Limbonic Art - Moon In The Scorpio
  2004 Haggard - Eppur Si Muove
  1987 Mayhem - Deathcrush [EP]
  1993 Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum
  2004 Therion - Lemuria
  2004 Therion - Sirius B
  2001 Therion - Secret Of The Runes
  2001 Tristania - World Of Glass
  1999 Metallica - S&M [Live]

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