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Title: Lady Death
Favorite bands: Proclamation, Grave Miasma, Revenge, Beherit, Deathspell Omega, Black Witchery, Devin Townsend, Profanatica, Mystifier, Perversor, Behexen, Katharsis, Leviathan, Dolorian, Morbosidad, Inquisition, Lurker Of Chalice, Archgoat, Blut Aus Nord, Truppensturm, Agalloch, Teitanblood, Shining, Antaeus, Ondskapt, Morbid Angel, Shape Of Despair, Tyranny, Catacombs, Impiety
Favorite books: Historical fiction & fantasy

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18.06.2015 | 100% CAN, Vancouver, BC - Agalloch: Serpens In Cvlmination - Western Hemisphere 2015