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Favorite bands: Anubis Gate, Beyond Twilight, Blind Guardian, Dimmu Borgir, Draconian, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Helloween, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Lacuna Coil, Nevermore, Nocturnal Rites, Opeth, Shroud Of Bereavement, Todesbonden, Withersoul
Personal text: I'm a former student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and I'm also a HUGE guitar gearhead, so if you have a question about guitars, amps, pickups, whatever, chances are I'll have an educated answer.

I play guitar in a death/doom metal band called Shroud of Bereavement, and I also play for Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal when I'm able to. I've also played in a power metal band called Requia and a death/thrash metal band called Summoning Hate.

Metal is my main musical interest, but I also love orchestral music, and I feel that Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony is the greatest piece of music ever composed.

Attended events

03.11.2009 USA, Worcester, MA - Heathenfest N. American Tour
10.10.2009 USA, Worcester, MA - Doomed To Progress
09.08.2009 USA, Boston, MA - Hammers Of Misfortune + Ludicra: East Coast Tour
29.05.2009 USA, Pawtucket, RI - Doom & Black Metal in Rhode Island
14.05.2009 USA, Worcester - Metal Thursday LXII - 3-year Anniversary Show
02.05.2009 USA, Boston, MA - Opeth + Enslaved
01.05.2009 USA, Worcester, MA - Paganfest N. America Tour
16.04.2009 USA, Worcester, MA - New England Metal & Hardcore Festival
29.11.2008 USA, Worcester, MA - DragonForce: N. American Tour
18.10.2008 USA, Worcester, MA - Amon Amarth: N. American Tour
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