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Title: Lazy Bastard
Favorite bands: Dreadful Shadows, Zeraphine, Diorama, Clan Of Xymox, The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Diary Of Dreams, My Dying Bride, Tristania, The Frozen Autumn, Deine Lakaien, Theatre Of Tragedy, Scream Silence, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Novembers Doom, Trail Of Tears, Anorexia Nervosa
Favorite album: Dreadful Shadows: Beyond the Maze, Diorama: Pale, Clan of Xymox: Medusa, Tristania: Ashes
Favorite song: Clan of Xymox: Back Door, Dreadful Shadows: Ties of Time, Diorama: Someone Dies, Cure: Siamese Twins
Favorite movies: Underworld I,II; Ice Age I,II; LOTR I,II,III; Shining, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Madagascar, Pirates of the Carribean
Personal text: Clan of Xymox: Back Door

I am shrouded in darkness
I crouched in wasted years
I lingered, I can't get through
Dazzled between far and near
Like the elegies relate to days beyond recall
I lingered in many memories

And again I stumbled through the back door
Seeing you, a misty shadow
I feel my repression
I can't go on
And again I am falling backwards
Tomorrow I will be here again
A silent mute of a black desire
Tomorrow I will be here again
Tomorrow I'll be here again
Be here again
Be here again

I am tired of tears and laughter
Or what may come hereafter
I am weary of days and hours
Desires, dreams and powers
Although it makes me weep
It is you
I wanna keep
I wanna keep