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Favorite bands: As I Lay Dying, Katatonia, Vader, Diablo, Dark Tranquillity, Amon Amarth, Aborted, In Flames, Arch Enemy, The Faceless, Be'lakor, Gojira, Behemoth, Amorphis, Norther, Shadows Fall, Gorod, Morbid Angel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Edge Of Sanity, Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Decapitated, Soulfly, Opeth, Trivium, Pantera, Psycroptic, The Duskfall, Hiroshima Will Burn, Cult Of Luna, Unearth, Nile, Black Label Society, Dimmu Borgir, Bloodbath, Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence, Aaskereia, Isis, Killswitch Engage, Symphony X, Fear Factory, Tenhi, Death, Testament, Augury, Martyr, Hypocrisy, Hieronymus Bosch, Decrepit Birth, Motörhead, Pitbulls In The Nursery, Brain Drill, Obscura, Visceral Bleeding, Slayer, Spawn Of Possession, Job For A Cowboy, Konkhra, Godgory, Despised Icon, Mayhem, Wintersun, Bleed In Vain, Phil Anselmo, Machine Head, Lock Up, Diecast, Winds Of Plague, Job For A Cowboy Spawn Of Possession, Beneath The Massacre Pestilence, Gorgoroth, Agathodaimon Sacrasphemy, Of The Wnd And The Moon, Anata, Hellyeah, Quo Vadis, Five Finger Death Punch, Origin, Born Of Osiris Dimebag Darrell, Austrian Death Machine, The Aborted, Silencer, Mangled, Kalmah, &More
Favorite movies: Shining,Paranoid park,the Omen,The Exorcist, Psycho ,wrong turn 1&2 , 28 weeks later,Paradise Lost ,The Strangers, drag me to hell ,Adventureland ,. . . . . .

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