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Favorite bands: Sabaton, Dark Tranquillity, HammerFall, Manowar, Type O Negative, Crom, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody Of Fire, Paradise Lost, Parasite Inc., Ensiferum, Ayreon, Gamma Ray, Orden Ogan, Grave Digger, Freedom Call, Eisbrecher, Insomnium, Månegarm, Amon Amarth, Satyricon, In Flames, Be'lakor, Saturnus, Moonsorrow, Crystalic, Agrypnie, Thyrfing, Before The Dawn, Draconian, Lord Belial, Vomitory, In Vain, Swallow The Sun, Avatarium, Nevermore, Angra

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07.09.2014 BRA, Sao Paulo - Sabaton: South American Tour 2014
17.05.2014 BRA, Sao Paulo - Amon Amarth: Latin American Tour 2014
03.05.2014 BRA, Brasilia - Havok: Unnatural Selection - Latin America Tour 2014
15.03.2014 BRA, Brasília - Sonata Arctica: Latin American Tour 2014
19.01.2014 BRA, Sao Paulo - Dark Tranquillity: Construct Latin American Tour 2014

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  2013 Parasite Inc. - Time Tears Down
  1996 Type O Negative - October Rust
  2011 Insomnium - One For Sorrow
  2014 Insomnium - Shadows Of The Dying Sun