enemy of God

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Favorite bands: Tank, Iron Maiden, Exodus, Slayer, Accept, Lonewolf, Iron Angel, Stormwitch, Overkill, Obituary, Sepultura, Deliverance, Destruction, Sodom, Entombed, Vio-lence, Voivod, Laaz Rockit, Testament, Judas Priest, Deathrow, Venom, Nuclear Assault, Annihilator, Whiplash
Personal text: Denim, leather, thrash is what we are!
Bang your head against the stage
At Baloff's command
Thrashing, smashing...posers on the floor!!
We'll leave you on the floor,bruised and sore

Thrash is back!

Attended events

27.09.2009 CAN, Montreal, QC - Obituary + Goatwhore + Krisiun + The Berzerker + Warbringer
03.09.2009 CAN, Montreal, QC - Motörhead: N. American Tour
11.04.2009 CAN, Montreal, QC - Hordes Of Chaos N. American Tour
21.06.2008 CAN, Montreal, QC - Heavy Mtl Festival
29.04.2008 CAN, Montreal, QC - Gigantour 2008
08.08.2007 CAN, Montreal, QC - Slayer: N. American Tour