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Favorite bands: Lamb Of God, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Joe Satriani, Rammstein, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Black Label Society, Quo Vadis, Pantera, Scar Symmetry, Moonspell, Deicide, Hypocrisy, Vader, Mortician, Opeth, Slayer, Samael, Dimmu Borgir, Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates, Dissection, Machine Head, In Flames, Sepultura, Ozzy Osbourne, Tenacious D, Alice Cooper, Cradle Of Filth, Septic Flesh, Down, Pain, White Zombie, Adagio, DevilDriver, Alice In Chains, Helheim, John Petrucci, Marduk, Diablo, Steve Vai, Behemoth, Mastodon, Human Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen, Danzig, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Queen, Riverside, My Dying Bride, Evergrey, Ryashon, Soundgarden, Ayreon, The Haunted, Chimaira, Haggard, Faith No More, Cemetary, Guns N' Roses, Type O Negative, Anthrax, Jeff Loomis, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Cult, Paul Gilbert, Nevermore, Burzum, Marty Friedman, Borknagar, Black Sabbath, Bathory, Atrocity, Psychostatus, Esqarial, Marilyn Manson, Body Count, Persefone, Ancient, 1349, Emperor, Strapping Young Lad, Sacrilege, Neaera, Venom, Be'lakor, Led Zeppelin, Rob Zombie, Vinnie Moore, God Dethroned, Satyricon, Superjoint Ritual, Agathodaimon, Shadows Fall, Norther, Unearth, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Helrunar, Orphaned Land, Meshuggah, Cynic, Dry Kill Logic, Pandemonium, Rage Against The Machine, Isis, Godsmack, Slash, The Crown, Paradise Lost, James LaBrie, Solstice, Lunatic Soul, Transatlantic, Biomechanical, Death, Enthroned, Mercenary, Fractal Gates, Misery Index, Darkthrone, KISS, Kamelot, Noumena, Ektomorf, Aeternam, Mors Principium Est, Demians, Biohazard, Green Jellÿ, Skyfire, Velvet Revolver, Zonaria, Mayhem, Gardenian, Black Ritual, Nile, Insomnium, Nargaroth, Threshold, Negurã Bunget, Devin Townsend, Diabolical Masquerade, Yakuza, Ex Deo, Skid Row, Machinemade God, The Absence, Soulfly, Melechesh, Joe Stump, Kiko Loureiro, Old Man's Child, Dark Age, Arsis, Martyr, Neuraxis, Amaran, Carcariass, Augury, Cipher System, Eucharist, Nachtmystium, Darkwater, Spheric Universe Experience, Hatesphere, System Of A Down, Therapy?, Ceremonial Oath, Warganism
Favorite album: Quo Vadis - Day Into Night & Forever...; Moonspell - Under Satanae
Favorite song: At the Gates - Blinded By Fear; Moonspell - Goat On Fire; Satyricon - Now, Diabolical
Favorite movies: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Legend of 1900, Empire of the Sun, The Party, The Matrix, American History X, The Pianist, A Clockwork Orange, Reservoir Dogs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Return Of The Living Dead
Favorite books: Hermann Hesse - The Glass Bead Game
Personal text: "Likes solitude, more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships, not revealing, unemotional, rule breaker, avoidant, familiar with the darkside, skeptical, acts without consulting others, socially uncomfortable, abrupt, fantasy prone, appreciates strangeness, more likely to support marijuana legalization, not prone to compromise, hard to persuade, relies on mind more than on others, calm"
- Jung Type Descriptions

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