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Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Opeth, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Death, Emperor, Megadeth, Manowar, Katatonia, Helloween, Amon Amarth, Rhapsody Of Fire, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Satyricon, Ensiferum, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Kreator, Kamelot, Angra, Nevermore, Anathema, Septicflesh, Virgin Steele, W.A.S.P., Accept, Slayer, Testament, Sodom, My Dying Bride, Dissection, Moonspell, Symphony X, Summoning, Wintersun, Agalloch, Mastodon, Carcass, Pantera, Gamma Ray, Tool, Bathory, Draconian, Paradise Lost, Swallow The Sun, Insomnium, Gojira, Arkona, Arcturus, Savatage, Rage, Ayreon, Enslaved, Windir, Sepultura, Týr, Bruce Dickinson, Exodus, Candlemass
Favorite album: Painkiller
Favorite movies: The Lord Of The Rings, The Last Of The Mohycans, Gladiator, Brave Heart...
Favorite books: all Tolkien´s books

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  2015 Moonspell - Extinct
  2015 Ensiferum - One Man Army
  2015 Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror
  2014 Angra - Secret Garden
  2010 Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition
  2007 Exodus - The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
  2004 Exodus - Tempo Of The Damned
  1988 Exodus - Fabulous Disaster
  1985 Exodus - Bonded By Blood
  2005 Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny Of Souls

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