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Attended events

17.01.2015 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Dark Tranquillity: North American Tour 2015
24.11.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Devin Townsend: Abstarct Reality North American T
23.11.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Death To All: North American Tour 2014
01.11.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Arch Enemy & Kreator: Co-Headlining North American Tour 2014
06.10.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The God North American Tour 2014
19.09.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Sonata Arctica: North American Tour 2014
20.08.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Origin: All Things Dead North American Tour 2014
12.05.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Iced Earth: Worldwide Plagues Tour - North America 2014
16.04.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Black Sabbath: North American Tour - Part II
20.02.2014 CAN, Winnipeg, MB - Children Of Bodom: Halo Of Blood Over North America 2014
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  2004 Norther - Death Unlimited  | 10
  2003 Norther - Mirror Of Madness  | 10
  2009 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Children Of The Dark Waters  | 9
  2013 Lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast  | 8

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