*Treasure Tracks Volume #2*

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I'm putting off "The Top 20 Albums Ever" list I was going to make this week a little bit longer. Instead I'll make another list of the 5 best songs of the week. These tracks will be songs I haven't listened to in a while or new ones I've recently discovered to go along with the treasure theme. **Last Update 07/13/2011**

Created by: Pyramid God | 14.07.2011

1. Allen/Lande - The Battle
2005 - "Come Alive" - This song embodies what Russell and Jorn set out to do, create moving music that is carried by the strength of amazing vocals. Allen/Lande make good heavy metal that can sometimes have a bit of the ol' cheese factor but in a good way. I love this track from their excellent first effort.
2. At Vance - No Escape
1999 - "Money Money Money" - Holy cow its an ABBA cover. This song has been stuck in my head for the majority of the week. The classic and catchy chorus is expertly sung by the former vocalist of At Vance, Oliver Hartmann. Oliver was one of the strongest parts of At Vance and thats no exception on this terrific cover. I miss him.
3. Chthonic - Takasago Army
2011 - "Takao" - I found these guys thanks to the monthly video wrap up. I immediately fell in love with the black and Asian folk influenced melodic assault on my ear drums. This is an album I now must possess or I may have to commit seppuku.
4. Dream Theater - Octavarium
2005 - "These Walls" - I love Dream Theater and I've really been spinning them a lot lately since I'm almost in heat anticipating their new album. Jordan Rudess just owns this track and really compliments Labrie as he belts out the chorus. This is an underrated album in general.
5. Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition
2009 - "Driven To Deconstruction" - Riverside...why did I only find these guys a few months ago...then I waited until a few weeks ago to really listen. What a mistake. These guys are so good that after getting halfway through Anno Domini High Definition I hit stop on the player and immediately bought their entire discography. This is good music.

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