Best Albums Of 2000

Created by: Enemy of Reality | 31.07.2011

1. Nevermore - Dead Heart In A Dead World
Best song: The River Dragon Has Come
2. Primordial - Spirit the Earth Aflame
Best song: Gods To The Godless
3. Symphony X - V: The New Mythology Suite
Best song: Communion and the Oracle
4. Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
Best song: Funeralopolis
5. Iron Maiden - Brave New World
Best song: The Wicker Man
6. Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War
Best song: View From Nihil
7. Nile - Black Seeds Of Vengeance
Best song: Black Seeds Of Vengeance
8. Ayreon - The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight Of The Migrator
Best song: Dawn Of A Million Souls
9. Behemoth - Thelema.6
Best song: Natural Born Philosopher
10. Cradle of Filth - Midian
Best song: Tearing The Veil From Grace
11. Immortal - Damned in Black
Best song: The Darkness That Embrace Me
12. Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan
Best song: Incipit Satan
13. Vader - Litany
Best song: Xeper
14. Halford - Resurrection
Best song: Resurrection
15. Novembers Doom - The Knowing
Best song: Silent Tomorrow
16. Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Best song: Mother Earth
17. Rhapsody of Fire - Dawn of Victory
Best song: Holy Thunderforce
18. Zyklon - World ov Worms
Best song: Hammer Revelation
19. Ulver - Perdition City
Best song: Lost in Moments
20. Nasum - Human 2.0
Best song: Shadows

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