My Metal Music Journey From 7yo To Now (23yo)

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This is the bands I've listen to from the day I got introduced to metal to now where no 1 is the first etc
The bands on the list are bands that I have an album from and/or been listening to frequently
Some of the bands might not be Metal but they have been important for my love for fast and heavy music

Created by: arwestromen | 23.09.2011

1. Kiss (not really a metal band but close enough when you are 7 yo)
2. Deep purple
3. Iron Maiden (I was 8 and my father gave me the best of the beast album for my birthday)
4. Metallica (garage inc "wow they're like IM but more heavy")
5. Nightwish
6. Lost Horizon (13 or 14 yo and wow...just wow, Daniel Heiman is still my favorite singer of all time)
7. Dream Evil
8. Dragonland
9. Falconer
10. Heed (Daniel Heiman left Lost Horizon and started this band)
11. Ramstein
12. White Skull
13. Black Sabbath
14. Alice Cooper
15. In Flames (15 or 16 yo A german exchange student gave me a mixed cd)
16. Dimmu Borgir
17. Metallica (now it's the 80's Metallica)
18. Backyard Bebies
19. Ozzy Osbourne (some compilation album of some sort)
20. Judas Priest ( 16 yo I have heard them earlier but now I really started to listen to them)
21. Dragonforce (my god the first time I saw the solo from through fire and flames in youtube)
22. System of a Down (two of my classmates was really into them)
23. Immortal (didn't like first but now I belive it's the greatest BM band ever)
24. Children of Bodom
25. Sabaton (17 yo and a friend of mine play Primo Victoria....awesomeness)
26. Led Zeppelin ( yes I know quite late for me to start listening to them but who cares)
27. Volbeat
28. Amon Amarth
29. Mötley Crüe
30. Raubtier (20/21 yo great testosterone filled metal)
31. Slayer
32. Death
33. White Wizzard
34. Motorhead
35. Anthrax
36. Gama Bomb
37. Graveyard
38. Ghost

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