Biggest Surprise/Letdown Albums

A list of albums that impressed me in some way... good or bad.
(this list is in no particular order)

Created by: Dark Blood | 07.03.2010

1. Amaseffer - Slaves For Life
An impressive début album from this progressive band from Israel. With some oriental and middle east influences. Very good for an open minded metalhead.
2. Communic - Conspiracy In Mind
The first album of Communic. Very solid and surprisingly good.
3. Death Angel - The Art Of Dying
Awesome return from thrashers Death Angel. No introduction needed here.
4. Eluveitie - Spirit
After so much searching for a good folk metal band, I finally find this. Amazing combination of gothenburg and folk metal.
5. Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse
This one was an awful surprise for me of course. After so many great and memorable albums, MMA is released... for my disappointment.
6. Kalmah - The Black Waltz
The album that pushed me away from Kalmah. I rather hear something melodic and enjoyable than these blackish vocals and awful rough guitar riffs.
7. Machine Head - The Blackening
Probably the biggest surprise in years. After some mediocre albums, comes this thrash pearl. Couldn't imagine Machine Head playing 10 minute songs with (great) solos popping everywhere.
8. Metallica - Death Magnetic
A surprise to all of us I guess. After the hard-rock era from 'Load' and the Thing from 'St. Anger', they come up with something between '... and Justice for all' and the Black album.
9. Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition
This album really got me off-guard. Simply beautiful.
10. Within Temptation - The Silent Force
After a 'Mother Earth' masterpiece this comes out four years later. Why wait four years for something that I could hear in any Evanescence album or from any other commercial gothic band. Such a shame.

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