2012-De Vermis Mysterlist

No longer going to list the albums in order of preference, can't rate music like that. Gonna go alphabetically.
January albums to listen to-Iron Fire, Horrendous

March albums to listen to- Sigh, God Forbid, OSI, Dark Empire, Ignivomous

May- Litrosis, Ne Obliviscaris

June- Miseration, Ihshan, Vintersorg, Abnormality, Gnaw Their Tongues,

Monuments, Trepalium, Stealing Axiom, The Chariot, Behold The Octopus, Kamelot, Aenemus. Threshold, Serpentine Path, Korpiklaani, Enslaved, In Mourning, Tony Danza, Neurosis, Dordeduh, My Dying Bride, Ex Deo, BTBAM, Converge, Striker, Dew Scented, Antropomorphia, Arkaik, Anaal Naktrath, Trollfest, Tiamat, Incantation, Stone Sour, Grave, Rage, Castle, With Mountain

For the record, my taste in music changes more often than an electron's location in an atom, so the order of albums is subject to change at any moment.

Created by: Void Eater | 22.01.2012

1. 3 Inches Of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal
Long Live Heavy Metal.
2. 7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes Of Absolution
Progressive death metal with some djenty and coreish sounding parts. Has a pretty unique atmosphere for this kind of music. I'm also vaguely acquainted with their vocalist on the internet, so as a bro, I must tell you to go out and by their stuff. One question still bugs me though-Do they mosh 4 christ???
3. Abigail Williams - Becoming
Disliked this at first for whatever reason. Listening again reveals a fairly unique slightly doomy atmospheric black metal album. Hopping on the whole WIITR/cascadian black metal/whatever you want to call it trend, but doing a fine job of it. The song lengths could have been shortened though.
4. Abiotic - Symbiosis
Tech deathcore, one of the better tech death albums of the year. Don't worry about the deathcore label; while there is a lot of chugging here, there's usually plenty of nifty technical guitar lines over them.
5. Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin
Guess I thought this was pretty cool at first, due to being new to slam death, but it will get old really fast.
6. Aborted - Global Flatline
Shits fuckin BRUTAL bro! Apparently these guys went through a phase where they experimented with -core sounds, but there's no trace of that here. Fairly technical, slightly grindy, never relenting, death fucking metal.
7. Accept - Stalingrad
It's Accept. You know what it sounds like. Yes it is just as good as you would expect.
8. Ahab - The Giant
Starting to throw in some post metal here, and it works out just fine.
9. Ahnengrab - Omen
10. Alcest - Les Voyages de l'Âme
At first I thought that this was a very good album, not quite as good as Ecailles, but not artificial and fake like others were saying. Repeated listening's however have, unfortunately, proven the detractors to be partially right.
11. Allegaeon - Formshifter
Melodeath with sufficient technicality and heaviness to appease those who don't normally like that stuff (like me).
12. Angel Witch - As Above, So Below
This fits in surprisingly well with the whole 70's/80's revival thing going on, with bands like Ghost, Orchid,
13. and In Solitude, despite Angel Witch being around before the guys in those bands were born. It can drag at times, but all in all is a solid album.
14. Angelus Apatrida - The Call
15. Anguish - Through The Archdemons Head
Moar Doooooooooooom
16. Art By Numbers - On the contrary, this is not at all by the numbers. The closest comparison would be a combination of Periphery and The Human Abstract, but this band already has a unique sound. Very solid album, and seeing as this is their debut, it will likely only get better.
17. Asphyx - Deathhammer
18. Aura Noir - Out To Die
Thought it was average at first, now I think it's bitchin sweet. If you like black/thrash as much as I do, listen to this.
19. Baroness - Yellow & Green
Highly anticipated for me, it is ever so slightly not as good as I was hoping, due to having a small amount of heavy songs and a bit too much acoustic meandering, but it is without a doubt an excellent album and a highlight of the year.
20. Barren Earth - The Devil's Resolve
21. Becoming The Archetype - I Am
Huh, a djent album that's better than Periphery II. Didn't expect that, but whatcha know here it is.
22. Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix
Melodeath with some doom elements. Really shouldn't like this stuff, melodeath and melodoom both generally bore me to tears, but this album has a certain charm to it that makes it so much more enjoyable than similar bands.
23. Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone
Everybody's heard this album, you don't need a description. Really good melodeath, without much death at all.
24. Beneath The Massacre - Incongruous
Technical beyond belief, sounds pretty cool, but the novelty wears off quickly.
25. Black Breath - Sentenced To Life
Good Entombed worshiping death/thrash, but gets a little tiring.
26. Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid II
Uptempo stoner metal, decent enough.
27. Blaze Bayley - The King Of Metal
I like most of Blaze's solo work, but this is pretty meh.
28. Bloodshot Dawn - Bloodshot Dawn
Really good thrashy melodeath, the guitar leads in particular are really nice. Keep an eye out for these bros, they may go places.
29. Borknagar - Urd
I remember this band being underwhelming in the past, and never looked much into them. Well throw me in a river and call me Chuck Hilligans, because this is the finest black metal album I've heard in quite some time. Very seldom do I actually get sucked into "majestic beautiful" atmosphere, but this album is good enough to make me do such.
30. Brendon Small - Galaktikon
The creator of Metalocalypse and Dethklok released this album which is a far cry from Dethklok. Actually, it's quite unlike anything I've heard. Doesn't fit into one genre at all, which is a good thing. Great album, check it the fuck out.
31. Burzum - Umskiptar
Insanely dull.
32. Call Me No One - Last Parade
Radio hard rock, far superior to most other stuff of it's kind.
33. Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead
I'm not very well versed in Candlemass despite liking classic doom metal, but just knowing that this band has been around for 30 years, this is an impressive album. A solid smattering of doom and gloom.
34. Cannibal Corpse - Torture
Everybody calls Cannibal Corpse generic death metal, but I've yet to hear a band that successfully imitates their sound. They always have the perfect blend of technicality, brutality, thrashiness (perfectly straddling the line between old school heavily thrashy death metal and brutal death metal) and catchieness (not a word no fucks given) and deserve their status as one of the definitive death metal bands.
35. Carach Angren - Where The Corpses Sink Forever
Not as good as I remember their previous album being, but very good nonetheless. Also, we need more ghost pirate themed metal. Seriously, it's a great topic.
36. Cardiac Arrest - Vortex Of Violence
It's death metal. If you like death metal, you will like this.
37. Catheter - Southwest Doom Violence
Heavy as balls, filthy as fuck grind with some sludgey death/doom moments. Not Utilitarian/Liberteer quality, but pretty darn good.
38. Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity
Wasn't feeling this at first, gave it another shot, and holy shit this is some intense stuff.
39. Chopstick Suicide - Lost Fathers And Sons
This is some really weired experimental semi post grindcoreish (yeah, I know) stuff, but it's also really good. Mixes harsh vocals with clean vocals, but not in the mainstream metalcore sense. I can't explain this, go listen to it and enjoy it.
40. Christian Mistress - Possession
Pure old school heavy metal done right. The only thing surprising about it is that something sounding like this can exist in 2012.
41. Corrosion Of Conformity - Corrosion Of Conformity
Thrashy, rockin, groovin, fun for the whole family.
42. Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy
Its like The Unspoken King never happened. Excellent tech death; the return of Jon really made a huge difference.
43. Dawnbringer - Into The Lair Of The Sun God
Good old epic heavy metal. If you don't like this, you don't like metal. Now tell me... Do you like metal?
44. Deathhammer - Onward To The Pits
Rip roarin fun thrash.
45. Demon Hunter - True Defiance
Much better than your typical 2004 style metalcore.
46. Desaster - The Arts Of Destruction
Nothing new here, just really really good black/thrash.
47. Devin Townsend - Epicloud
I can't get into this too much. Its not that its too poppy, its that its just not catchy enough pop.
48. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piñata
It's DSO, so you won't mistake it for anybody else, but it's not a rehash of their older stuff either. There is absolutely no other band like DSO, and everything they put out is worth hearing for that reason alone. Also helps that they're really good.
49. Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron
Very interesting album, but pretty boring to listen to.
50. Dragonforce - The Power Within
It's Dragonforce. You know what it sounds like. Ridiculously fast, catchy, cheesier than a bunch of cheese, pretty much awesome in every way.
51. Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme
Another solid death metal album in a year full of them. Never cared for these guys previously, but this is really good.
52. Early Graves - Red Horse
Just another asskicking grind album this year.
53. Eluveitie - Helvetios
Less melodeathy than I remember them being, but pretty charming. Could be shortened a bit, 17 songs (basically 16, one of them is 24 seconds long) is a bit of an overkill, but they're all short, sweet, and to the point.
54. Emmure - Slave To The Game
Emmure's first four albums are basically the worst albums ever, but Speaker Of The Dead somehow managed to be tolerable, mainly be adding in a dose of nu metal onto their deathcore/moshcore sound, and focusing on making the album as stupid and catchy as possible. This album continues in that direction. It is stupid, and literally nothing but breakdowns, but it manages to be much more tolerable than you 2007 style deathcore bands that I ranted about in the Impending Doom description. Plus, the song Protoman is actually... *gulp*... Good...
55. Ensiferum - Unsung Heroes
Seems watered down when compared to From Afar. Kinda disappointing.
56. Epica - Requiem For The Indifferent
Lighter and more melodic than Design Your Universe, and not quite as good, but a solid offering from one of the few female fronted symphonic metal bands worth listening to.
57. Eskimo Callboy - Bury Me In Vegas
Crabcore. Dunno why I listened to it. Just felt like it. Whatevs.
58. Fear Factory - The Industrialist
Sounds good and all, but still... Yawn. Guess this band just ain't my style.
59. Fisthammer - Devour All You See
Here's a band that deserves more attention than they've gotten. Excellent death metal with melody, not to be confused with melodeath. Only negative is the vocals, which sound like Nathan Explosion-not particularly good.
60. Firewind - Few Against Many
61. Gaza - No Absolutes In Human Suffering
I <3 grind
62. Goatwhore - Blood For The Master
This rocks. Filthy and fun.
63. Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage
Not sure what to make of this... Not as good as From Mars To Sirus, different for sure...
64. Gorod - A Perfect Absolution
This is a really good year for death metal, and this album no exceptation. Melodic at times, chaotic at times, technical, heavy, just really good all around.
65. Gory Blister - Earth-Sick
These guys can do no wrong, and it's a shame that they aren't more popular. This is just a great year for death metal, and although these guys aren't offering anything particularly new (although not generic by any means), they do it damn good.
66. Hammer Horde - Vinlander
67. Hesper Payne - The Strange Tale Of Samuel Gonzalez
A bizarre doomish stonerish progish EP that sounds like nothing else out there.
68. High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
Controversial Opinion time-I'm not much of a fan of these guys. Can't say why, just never got into them. This however, falls under my much overused category of Bitchin Sweet ™. Not a big enough fan of stoner metal to make any comparisons to any other band, but this is probably way better than pretty much everything else.
69. Hour Of Penance - Sedition
Technical brutal death metal without any of that "weedily wee" stuff that bands like Spawn Of Possession use-not that there's a problem with weedily riffs or anything.
70. Hung - Hung
Opeth-esque deathish prog metal. Not Opeth quality, but still solid.
71. Impiety - Ravage And Conquer
Good enough black/death/thrash, but really not much more than that. Fans of the band won't be disappointed for sure.
72. I See Stars - I originally listened to this album because I wanted to bash it, but it turns out that I like it. It's pop rock, trancecore, crabcore, and every other post 2007 scene trend, and it's ghey as fuck, but I kinda like it. :(
73. Impending Doom - Baptized In Filth
The 2007 style of generic tremolo/chug riff, breakdown, repeated till you want to kill somebody seems to be basically dead, and the bands that formally played that style are finally starting to get some sort of unique identity. This album is very chug happy, but in a more djenty/groove metal way, and are generally of good quality. Of course, it's still deathcore, which by default means that there's still way to much chugging. But hey, it's what the kids want...
74. Jeff Loomis - Plains Of Oblivion
Wow. I haven't really listened to Nevermore aside from a few songs a year ago, but if it's anywhere near as good as this, then I need to check them out. The riffs in this album are great of course, not horribly unique but enjoyable, but HOLY SHIT THOSE GUITAR SOLOS! Jeff Loomis has got to be among the finest guitarists out there, playing incredibly fast shredding solos that are practically composed as songs themselves-and damn good songs as well. Plus, with both Marty Friedman and Chris Poland from Megadeth featuring on this album, underrated shredder Tony MacAlpine, and Ishan on vocals, how could this not be incredible?
75. Job For A Cowboy - Demonocracy
Quite a far cry from their horrible deathcore days. This is a great tech death album, with a much better sense of songwriting than most of their peers.
76. Katatonia - Dead End Kings
Its good, just really not my style.
77. Kraanium - Post Mortal Coil Fixation
nice jobs dude sounds brutal
78. Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
The most melodeathy album I've heard by them (haven't heard their 90's stuff) and slower as well, but keeps up the quality that we all expect.
79. Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
Another band that I'm not well versed in. Apparently this album along with their previous two albums are vastly inferior to their first three? If so, then they must have been an amazing band in the past, as this is very enjoyable pop rock/nu metal, as impossible as that sounds.
80. Lamb Of God - Resolution
Every song on here is good, but it gets repetitive fast and becomes a chore to listen to from front to back
81. Liberteer - Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees
Fast, great riffs, trumpets and other assorted instruments, all in 17 short blistering songs.
82. Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity
You like Rhapsody? You'll love this.
83. Lurk - Lurk
Heavier than an army of elephants wearing iron boots driving monster trucks.
84. Make Me Famous - It's Now Or Never
Honestly, I only listened to this because I felt bad about putting Boxcar's album at the bottom. So cheer up, you're better than a band signed to a fairly large label!
85. Manowar - The Lord Of Steel
Hail and kill? More like Disdain and live! (via thesaurus.com)
86. Marduk - Serpent Sermon
It's Marduk. You know what it sounds like. Spoiler alert-the album has blast beats.
87. Marilyn Manson - Born Villain
Never looked much into this guy, don't have any desire to now, but it's decent. Sounds just like what little I have heard of him, nothing surprising.
88. Melvins - Freak Puke
The hell did I just hear? This is like, weird and stuff.
89. Meshuggah - Koloss
It's Meshuggah. You know what it sounds like. More similar to the slower sound of Nothing than any other of their albums, and seems slightly more accessible than the rest of their albums, but it's just as good as the previous ones.
90. Mgła - With Hearts Toward None
Eh, this is just boring.
91. Moonspell - Alpha Noir
92. Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast
It's Municipal Waste. You know what it sounds like. Thrash yer balls off.
93. Murder Construct - Results
Its a grind supergroup, duh its good.
94. Mutilation Rites - Empyrean
95. Nachtmystium - Silencing Machine
Really average black metal.
96. Napalm Death - Utilitarian
This album will eat your cunt out and pound it with the force of an army of elephants using jackhammers as pogo sticks. Vicious.
97. Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre
Morbid Saint in the 21st century. Loved it at first, got old fast, now I love it again... Fuck it, this is too good to not have a high position.
98. Nile - At The Gate Of Sethu
For this album, Nile abandoned their death metal roots and decided to go for an acoustic dreampop sound. Nah, not really, this is just what you'd expect from these fellows, and it delivers.
99. Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned
Fun for the whole family, assuming that you're family is full of stoners. But yeah, this is way good rocking stoner metal.
100. Outcast - Awaken The Reason
101. Overkill - The Electric Age
My most anticipated album of the year. I was skeptical about whether or not it would beat the new Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death albums. Luckily, it's everything I hoped for and more. Not as good as Ironbound, but enough to maintain Overkill's position as the best thrash band around.
102. Pallbearer - Sorrow And Extinction
Average doom metal, nothing special
103. Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol
Fans will be happy with this, it's just not my thing.
104. Pathfinder - Fifth Element
Symphonic power metal. You should know what to expect.
105. Periphery - Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
More like PURE RIFFERY, amirite? I really need to take a dump, but yeah way good album.
106. Pharaoh - Bury The Light
Fast and aggressive power metal.
107. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
Its Pig Destroyer, is there anything else to add?
108. Pilgrim - Misery Wizard
109. Primal Fear - Unbreakable
Good when in Priest worship speed metal mode. Not so great when in ballad and hard rock anthem mode. Tries a bit to hard to be Screaming For Vengeance.
110. Prong - Carved Into Stone
A nice mix of thrash and groove, with a bit of a hardcore feel, will keep you moshing.
111. Pseudogod - Deathwomb Catechesis
It seems good at first, but the riffs are all so similar that it sometimes feels like the same song being played over and over again.
112. Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression
This is well written and well performed tech death, but I just can't get into it.
113. Rage Nucléaire - Unrelenting Fucking Hatred
It seems that I'm the only one who really likes this album on Metalstorm. Ya'll need to release your inner black metal nerd that we all have and enjoy.
114. RAM - Death
Swedish heavy/speed metal with a dash of "epic" influences... Yeah, need to come up with a better description, but this album should silence all those who oppose 80's revival bands.
115. Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Ghostmaker
Deathrashing madness. Fun in the sun.
116. Running Wild - Shadowmaker
Well here's a dissapointment. Pretty standard heavy/speed metal from a band that is capable of far better.
117. Rush - Clockwork Angels
I haven't listened to Rush very much, aside from the obvious radio singles that everybody knows, but this album may change that. I had no idea that Rush could get so heavy. Not that this really all that heavy for metal standards, but it is for mainstream rock standards, which a band as big as Rush most definitely falls into. Not that that has anything to do with the quality. What does matter is that this is a very enjoyable progressive rock/metal album, keeping with the weirdness that Rush is known for, but not going too far out of their comfort zone, like another 40 year old metal band did recently...
118. Savage Messiah - Plague Of Conscience
Well written and well performed, but not as strong as it could be. The riffs seem fairly stock and watered down, and the catchy, "epic" power metal side that could make up for the somewhat weak riffs isn't emphasized enough. If either the thrash or power metal side were emphasized more, this would be a much better listen. Still, despite these criticisms, it is pretty enjoyable.
119. Shadows Fall - Fire From The Sky
Never listened to this band much, turns out it's darn good melodethy/thrashy metalcore.
120. Shinedown - Amaryllis
Hard rock/radio rock, a style I'm not well versed in. Being not well versed in the style, I can't compare it to other albums in the style, but I do know that this is a lot better than a band like Nickelback. Catchy, sufficiently heavy, and just a good listen all around.
121. Six Feet Under - Undead
Woah. Everything by SFU that I've heard prior to this has been total shit, but this is seriously good midpaced oldschool styled death metal. Chris Barnes isn't a particularly good vocalist, but with these riffs, who cares?
122. Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise
Progish djentish metal. Not really my thing.
123. Somber Eyes - Deadwood
A one man folkish/doom metal band by Metalstorm's own BoxCar Willy. Not particularly good, seeing as it's by a 15 year old kid, but props to him for making it, and best of luck for future endeavors. But seriously bro, you need a lot of work.
124. Sonata Arctica - Stones Grow Her Name
Calling this metal at all is questionable... Flowery as fuck, not bad but not particularly good.
125. Spawn Of Possession - Incurso
Final verdict-Not quite as mindblowing as I initially thought, but still a great album chock full of mindblowing technicality and very well written songs.
126. St. Vitus - Lillie: F-65
Disappointingly average when compared to Born Too Late and Mournful Cries.
127. Steelwing - Zone Of Alienation
Pretty good traditional metal resurgence album. Nothing unique, but does its job well.
128. Storm Corrosion - Michael Akerfeldt and Steve Wilson's acoustic prog rock album. I have no experience in this type of music and don't know how to compare it to metal albums. It's long winded and repetitive, but has a really strange dark charm to it that makes me keep wanting to listen to it.
129. Struck By Lightning - True Predation
Crusty sludgey hardcorey metal that I've been listening to way too much.
130. Suicidal Angels - Bloodbath
The musical equivalent of a skeletal angel standing in a pool of blood holding a decapitated head next to a pile of corpses.
131. Swallow The Sun - Emerald Forest And The Blackbird
Made me think of Alcest trying doom metal. Just my vibe, but listen to it even if you're like me and generally don't care for "atmospheric" music.
132. The Contortionist - Going softer here while still keeping in touch with their progressive deathcore/djent roots.
133. The Faceless - Authotheism
Daayum boi, this is pretty intense stuff. As technical as you would expect, but with a heavy emphasis on Devin Townsend clean vocals, and in general a more memorable vibe. Surpasses Planetary Duality in every way.
134. Thy Art Is Murder - Hate
Tech death with breakdowns. The breakdowns get a little annoying but its a good album if you like the style.
135. Thornafire - Eclipse Nox Coagula
Pretty much average old schoolish death metal, but if you like OSDM as much as I do, you'll want to hear this.
136. T.R.A.M - I forgot the album title
Tosin Abasi and some other people's jazz fusion band. Not well versed in this style of music, but it's very enjoyable.
137. Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies
This is just dull
138. The Agonist - Prisoners
I'm enjoying this way more than I should. Maybe I'm actually starting to develop a taste for melodeathcore? I shudder at the idea, but anything is possible.
139. The Foreshadowing - Second World
Was unfamiliar with this band, don't generally get into this whole atmospheric gothic melodoom thing, but getting into this quite a bit.
140. The Safety Fire - Grind The Ocean
Strange progish metalcorish slightly djentish stuff. Check it out, why not.
141. Torche - Harmonicraft
Is this metal? It sounds like mega fuzzed out heavy pop punk. Hella fun though.
142. Tort - Tort
I actually think that this is better than Lurk's album; faster and with some downtempo thrash riffage thrown in.
143. Trioscapes - Jazz fusion with members of BTBAM. Sounds good, although I can't really compare it to anything else.
144. Undergang - Til Døden Os Skiller
The rawest, filthiest death metal album that you will hear this year.
145. Unleashed - Odalheim
This band can do no wrong. Hail Unleashed.
146. Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth
Maybe my initial negative thoughts of Tattoo were partially due to it's horrible video and lyrics? It actually sounded good when I listened to it here, and luckily for us is among the worse songs on the album. This is so much better than I thought it would be, mainly because I thought that it would be in the bottom ten, but this is really good and catchy hard rock. Lee Roth isn't as good as he was in his prime, but as a whole the band has aged remarkably well. Seriously, some of the songs here are borderline speed metal. Huge surprise in quality, and proof that old bands can still do great things.
147. Veil Of Maya - Eclipse
One of the few deathcore bands that I can fully back. Still would be much better if they used chugs more sparingly, they're technical riffs are pretty darn good.
148. Whitechapel - Whitechapel
This is such a huge improvement over their past albums. They've pretty much gone full on death metal, with just enough deathcore chugging thrown in to make it stand out a bit. Throw in the new Impending Doom not sucking and Emmure having some sort of improvement, it seems that deathcore may wind up not having been a complete failure after all.
149. Wintersun - Time 1
150. Wodesnthrone - Curse
Best black metal album I've heard this year, and can't imagine any other album beating it.
151. Woods Of Ypres - Woods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light
Don't know crap about this style of metal, good album.
152. Xandria - Neverworld's End
Realized that I've been listening to this album more than pretty much anything else this year, so it's only natural that it gets a really high rank. Great symphonic metal.

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