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Howzat, two of my all-time fav releases recently turned 10 and 5 years old. They should get anniversary reissues. Make those great bands some more dough, among other things...

Numbers 10 and 28 on this list are so good, I can't really pick favourite songs. Could say that Sons' opening number is a bit forgettable, and The Difference Engine's fourth track might be just a bit too weird for me. Still, I score 'em at around 98 point two. Best possible result, eh?

Bah, changed my mind again: Sons of Northern Darkness, tracks 2 & 6-8; TDE, tracks 1 & 6. And 2... and 5... and 7 & 8... 9 too--just buy it already!

runners-up: Suffocation... Immol EP? Mastodon's others? I still have yet to hear those in their entirety... and maybe some more Amer/FR stuff

Created by: Syk | 07.04.2012

1. Fatboy Slim - Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars
2000 - Ya Mama, Retox, Weapon of Choice, Song for Shelter... this disc flows so perfectly, especially towards the end. Macy Gray's tracks are also highlights ("Love Life" and "Demons") - one of them should be quite easily found on YouTube, along with the modern classic that is Christopher Walken dancing to "WoC", a boombox getting freaky with "Ya Mama", and the brilliant Jim Morrison-sampling "Sunset (Bird of Prey)"
2. Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R
2000 - Summer, Secret, Chemistry, Lightning Song seem to be the favourites. Unlike that for the self-titled album, here I LOVE the outro, the hilarious and possibly surprising [potent[ial]] Headache extension
3. Offspring - Conspiracy of One
2000 - rather ironically (or not) I super-dig all but tracks 1, 3, 4, 9 (no 3's grown on me again)
4. Eidolon - Nightmare World
2000 - Nightmare World, Repulsion, Fortress of Red, Majestic Interlude, Dreamscape
5. Muse - Origin of Symmetry
2001 - New Born... well really, everything but the Screenager. Especially 2, 3, 5, 9. 6! 6! 6!
6. Bush - Golden State
2001 - all damn good but esp. 3 6 8 10 and the bonus track, all great rockers while 7, 11 + 12 are very nice + personal (chillingly awesome (for halfpop-rock songs, anyway))
7. Susperia - Predominance
2001 - I Am Pain, Vainglory, Specimen, Journey into Black, The Hellchild
8. Alien Ant Farm - ANThology
2001 - Courage, Smooth Criminal, Universe... everything not Movies
9. Gorillaz - Gorillaz
2001 - it's all rather cool minus tracks 11, 12 & possibly Left-Hand (haven't tried that one)
10. Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness
2002 - title track, In My Kingdom Cold, Antarctica, Beyond the North Waves [AotD candidate!]
11. Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
2002 - j'adore the songs with promo vids, the Songs 4 th'D (especially Dead's Misfits-tribute intro and Deaf's characterful outro)... the only Mosquito I'll ever love... actually the only imperfection worth a damn is the brief track 6, which may require a certain frame of mind to really enjoy [Album-of-the-Decade candidate]
12. System of a Down - Steal This Album!
2002 - Boom!, Nüguns, A.D.D, Mr. Jack, I-E-A-I-A-I-O, Highway Song, Thetawaves, Streamline
13. Kataklysm - Shadows & Dust
2002 - pretty much everything but Illuminati and the bonus track
14. Cathedral - The VIIth Coming
2002 - Resisting the Ghost, The Empty Mirror, Nocturnal Fist, Halo of Fire
15. Susperia - Vindication
2002 - Cage of Remembrance, Petrified, Completion, Cast Life into Fire, Bleed Yourself
16. Greg Howe, Victor Wooten & Dennis Chambers - Extraction
2003 - Extraction, Crack It, Contigo, Cosmos, Bird's Eye View. maybe add A Delicacy?
17. Zyklon - Aeon
2003 - the best tracks? I tend to favour the odd ones here (odd numbers, that is)
18. Exodus - Tempo of the Damned
2004 - Scar Spangled Banner, War Is My Shepherd, Forward March, Impaler. If not for two or three tinges of tedium in the overly-long "Blacklist" and "Throwing Down" I could tell without a doubt, this is THE thrash album of the modern era (see #20/21 for similarly great EP)
19. The John Butler Trio - Sunrise over Sea
2004 - Peaches & Cream, Bound to Ramble, There'll Come a Time, Zebra, Mist, Sometimes
20. Deadfall - Ordeal by Fire demo
2005 - State of the Art, Second to None, Nine Lies
21. Mastery - Lethal Legacy
2005 - Power Race, Numeration, Lethal Legacy
22. Cryptopsy - Once Was Not
2005 - similarly to #18, were tracks 7 & 8 a little shorter, I just may have given this a 10
23. Kekal - Acidity
2005 - a recent-ish discovery and (2014) new favourite, for me tracks 2 and 4-7 (at least) = sweet bliss
24. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
2006 - The Wolf Is Loose, Sleeping Giant, Capillarian Crest, Bladecatcher, Colony of Birchmen, Siberian Divide, Pendulous Skin... so many highlights. Quite possibly the best album of the decade in the mainstream, considering they were, at the time on the same label as Neil Young (other rivals for that title - any/all of those first 12 entries on this list, exc. 4/7)
25. Joe Satriani - Super Colossal
2006 - Redshift Riders, A Cool New Way, One Robot's Dream, Theme for a Strange World
26. Gorod - Leading Vision
2006 - Here Die Your Gods, Thirst for Power, Chronicle from the Stone Age
27. The Disciples of Zoldon - Unto Thine Darkness, Death Doth Deliver
2006 - The Epoch in which His Evil Reigns, Emblazoned with a Z, Upon the Astral Plane, Worship and Exaltation Is Due Only to the Dark Lord and Master of All Things Metal
28. Dãm - The Difference Engine
2007 [hard to choose favs here - without doubt, one of the best CDs in my collection. see above]
29. Warbringer - Waking into Nightmares
2009 - Severed Reality, Abandoned by Time, Prey for Death - ignore some average lyrics/themes here & there (or spin out the metaphor just a little more) and this emerges as a classic of modern thrash metal. VERY well done, I say to the band and production team
30. Vektor - Black Future
2009 - Destroying the Cosmos, Hunger for Violence, Dark Nebula - THE thrash band of the decade

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