Top Brutal Death And Slam Albums 7/18/2012

Here are my favorite albums from the death metal subgenres in the title. Each offers something special and deserves attention for being in my view among the best I've heard. I listen to every brutal death or slam album I can find. These are, in my opinion, the best of the best.

Most are in recent years as the subgenres are relatively new. If a band could be categorized simply as death metal, I've generally left them off this list. These bands fit firmly within the BDM and/or Slam realms. This leaves out bands like Skinless, Pyrexia, or even Krisiun who all can be called BDM by some and just DM by others. This list should offer a doorway to some great bands and albums for new fans and old of the genres involved. It's hard to keep track of them all.

Hopefully, some of you will find out about some albums you may have missed. Enjoy. Comments welcome.

Created by: Misfit74 | 19.07.2012

1. Bodysnatch - Insights Of A Rotten Theatre (2011). [BDM] This band offers everything from excellent guitar riffing, top-flight vocals, tight drumming, and creative songs, interludes, hooks, and structures. Elite production.
2. Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin (2012). [Slam] Again some squeals or would be higher on my list. The drumming and kick-drum mix is pounding and probably the best in genre. The complex and tight guitar riffing is endlessly interesting. Elite production.
3. Deadly Remains - Severing Humanity (2012). [BDM] Along the lines of Pathology in vocal style and riffing formulas but simply done better. Creative accenting chord-work elevates the entire album. Very tight guitar playing and endless filthy riffs. Elite Production.
4. Begging For Incest - Orgasmic Selfmutilation (2012). [Slam] Would be higher save for the frequent pig-squeals, but offers filthy, creative riffs and top-notch slams with excellent sound among all instruments. Excellent production.
5. Pathology - Awaken The Suffering (2011). [BDM/Slam] A terrific mix of guitar riffing, cohesive drumming, and excellent low growls and gutterals. Filthy brutal sound with good bass, energy and technicality with some catchy hooks. Excellent production.
6. Abnormity - Irreversible Disintegration. [BDM] Crushing guitar and drum sound with precision and varying tempos. Excellent production.
7. Kraanium - Post Coital Fixation (2012). [Slam] Knuckle-draggin', slammy goodness. Cutting edge slam with perfect riffs and drum tempos. Stands out as among the best in slam for a variety of reasons, though not as creative as Begging For Incest in terms of diversity and originality. Excellent production.
8. Abysmal Torment - Omnicide (2009). [BDM]If it weren't for terrible production compared to the others ahead of this it would most certainly be in the top-5. Blinding string-skipping guitar playing, insanely heavy, brutal wall of sound with some of the lowest-tuned guitars ever (G#). Creative and brilliant chords and riffing. Poor production.
9. Visceral Throne - Omnipotent Asperity (2012). [BDM/Slam] One of the newest bands in the genre, featuring a blend of BDM and Slam that is relentless with energy and somewhat technical riffing. Keeps growing listen after listen. Very well done album start to finish and a newer, complex formula that is original and refreshing and just so, so good. Excellent production.
10. Katalepsy - Music Brings Injuries (2007). [BDM/Slam] Masters in the genre. This could easily be higher on this list. Many albums after this album came out try to emulate components of it. Fair production.
11. Defeated Sanity - Psalms Of The Moribund (2008). [BDM] Really a pioneering band in the genre that later spawned a lot of the bands' styles that have refined it and put their own take on it. Still, a masterwork of drumming and guitar brutality. Fair production.
12. Visceral Disgorge - Injesting Putridity (2011). [BDM] A well-done album with guitar-driven brutality and complex riffing, energy, and enough technicality to keep it interesting and catchy, at times. Good overall sound, gutterals. Perhaps a small amount of Dying Fetus influence, too. Good production.
13. Decaying Purity - The Existence Of Infinite Agony (2011). [BDM] Another Defeated Sanity-eque band that combines dark, speedy, subhuman riffing and drums and vocals that aren't out front. Fair production.
14. Defeated Sanity - Chapters Of Repugnance (2010). [BDM] Further establishing their proven formula of BDM with blinding guitars, well-crafted drum-work, and distant low vocals. Fair-Good production.
15. Pathology - Legacy Of The Ancients (2010). [BMD/Slam]Very similar to Awaken To The Suffering (above). A formula that works with very good musicianship, riffs, and drum-work throughout and stand-out vocals that fit nicely. Good production.
16. Disgorge - Parallels of Infinite Torture (2005). [BDM] Another somewhat pioneering band in the BDM genre that delivers guitar-driven complexity and filth throughout. Fair production.
17. 7 H. Target - Fast-Slow Demolition (2012). [BDM/Slam] Creative and original with surprises, twists, and turns throughout. Heavy and crushing. Unlike any band on list but still exceptional and a regular visit to my player. Fair production.
18. Pyaemia - Cerebral Cereal (2001). [BDM] Perhaps the influence to the influencer (Defeated Sanity). Widely regarded as an album ahead of its time since proven to be true. Fair production.
19. Chordotomy - The Precious Ideal (2012). [Slam] Simplistic, original slam after slam that doesn't deviate from their own formula. Good ole' knuckle-draggin' slam from a pair of Germans that delivers and album with quality, simple tracks throughout. Not as stimulating as some others but something special is present. Fair production.

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