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My Top 50 Power Metal Albums 2011

Created by: feather_light | 15.01.2013

1. Dreamtale - Epsilon
Best tracks: Angel of Light, Each Time I Die, Lady of a Thousand Lakes, Where Eternal Jesters Reign, Stranger's Ode
2. Galneryus - Phoenix Rising
Best tracks: Tear Off Your Chain, Future Never Dies, Scars, T.F.F.B., Time Has Come
3. ReinXeed - 1912
Best tracks: The Final Hour, We Must Go Faster, Reach For The Sky, ReinXeed Alliance
4. Powerwolf - Blood Of The Saints
Best tracks: Sanctified With Dynamite, We Drink Your Blood, Night Of The Werewolves
5. Amaranthe - Amaranthe
Best tracks: Leave Everything Behind, Hunger, 1.000.000 Light Years Away, Call Out My Name
6. Wisdom - Judas
Best tracks: Fallin Away From Grace, Live Forevermore, At the Gates, Age of Lies, Silent Hill, Judas
7. Dragon Guardian - Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom
Best tracks: Treasure Land, Mountain of Sword, Book of the Magic
8. Theocracy - As The World Bleeds
Best tracks: Light of the World, I Am, Master Storyteller
9. Dragonland - Under The Grey Banner
EBest tracks: Shadow of the Mithril Mountains, The Black Mare, Under the Grey Banner
10. Emerald Sun - Regeneration
Best tracks: Starchild, We Won't Fall, Theatre of Pain, Planet Metal
11. 4th Dimension - The White Path To Rebirth
Best tracks: Consigned To The Wind, Sworn To The Flame
12. Evershine - Renewal
Best tracks: Evershine, Run, Demon's Ride, Faith and Dreams
13. Tiluland - Axes Of The Universe
Best tracks: Arctic Twilight, March of Immortals
14. Age Of Artemis - Overcoming Limits
Best tracks: Echoes Within, God Kings and Fools
15. Ancient Bards - Soulless Child
Best tracks: To the Master of Darkness, Through My Veins
16. Power Quest - Blood Alliance
Best tracks: Glorious, Survive, Crunching the Numbers
17. Axenstar - Aftermath
Best tracks: Tears of the Sun, New Breed
18. Golden Resurrection - Man With A Mission
Best tracks: Man With A Mission, Identity In Christ
19. Solar Fragment - In Our Hands
Best tracks: Come Hell or High Water, March of the Golems
20. Fugatta - Mystic Kingdom
Best tracks: Secret of Eternity, Dragon Lance, The Last Wizard
21. Force Majeure - Saints Of Sulphur
Best tracks: Ecstasy, One More Day, Ever Since the Dawn
22. Lorenguard - Eve Of Corruption: The Days Of Astasia - Part One
Best tracks: Dragonsbane, Wrath Divine, Upon the Burning Isles
23. Symfonia - In Paradisum
Best tracks: Come By The Hills, Fields Of Avalon, In Paradisum
24. Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity
Best tracks: From Chaos To Eternity, I Belong to the Stars, Heroes of the Waterfall's Kingdom
25. SauruXet - Saurusplaneetta
Best tracks: Saurusplaneetta
26. Iron Mask - Black As Death
Best tracks: Black As Death, God Punishes I Kill, Nosferatu
27. Falconer - Armod
Best tracks: Dimmornas Drottning, Fru Silfver
28. Aethra - Time And Eternity
Best tracks: Time and Eternity, Live for Tomorrow
29. Hibria - Blind Ride
Best tracks: Nonconforming Mind, Shoot Me Down
30. Enbound - And She Says Gold
Best tracks: Combined the Souls, Squeals of War
31. Neonfly - Outshine The Sun
Best tracks: The Enemy, I Think I Saw a UFO
32. From The Depth - Back To Life
Best tracks: You Just Have to Fly, Our Music Our Souls, Live for Today
33. Divinefire - Eye Of The Storm
Best tracks: Time for Salvation, Unchain My Soul
34. Merging Flare - Reverence
Best tracks: At Dagger's Dawn, Terrordome, Steel Redeemer
35. Aevum - The Creation Of Power
Best tracks: Prince of the Dawn
36. Vulvagun - Cold Moon Over Babylon
Best tracks: Cold Moon Over Babylon
37. Tengwar - The Halfling Forth Shall Stand
Best tracks: A Long Expected Fading, Snow and Defeat
38. Morifade - Empire of Souls
Best tracks: A Cry From the Void
39. Conquest - IV
Best tracks: Last Battle, Metal Wings
40. Holy Force - Holy Force
Best tracks: Holy Force, Flying
41. Crimson Wind - The Wings Of Salvation
Best tracks: Hold Your Dreams
42. Vexillum - The Wandering Notes
Best tracks: The First Light, The Traveller
43. Secret Illusion - Illusion
Best tracks: Silent Voices, Light on Your Way
44. Angeli Di Pietra - Anthems Of Conquest
Best tracks: Spartacus
45. Elvenpath - Elvenpath
Best tracks: Cellars of Doom
46. Nova Era - Sin Libertad
Best tracks: Sin Libertad
47. Crow's Flight - The Calm Before
Best tracks: Run By the Fallen
48. StormWarrior - Heathen Warrior
Best tracks: The Ride of Asgard, Ravenhearte
49. Edguy - Age Of The Joker
Best tracks: Robin Hood
50. Aldious - Determination
Best tracks: Disclose

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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23.03.2013 - 20:38
Patrick Andersen
These are good lists! Lots of stuff for a Power-fan like myself to check out! Man, you should make one for every year.
23.03.2013 - 22:18
Wow, this list almost the same as my thought. Only left Serenity (Death and Legacy), Astral Door (Jerusalem), Iron Saviour (The Landing)... and if Pagan's Mind can be called power metal. Good job man!
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