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My personal favourite Albums of 2013 so far. I'll try my best to keep this as updated as possible as the year goes on.

Created by: Nefarious | 20.04.2013

1. Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death
[9.3/10] (Progressive Death / Black, Sweden) A progressive, varied blend of black & death metal that is both compelling & intoxicating for the entire 75 minute duration.
2. Carpe Noctem - In Terra Profugus
[8.7/10] (Black Metal, Iceland) -->
3. Bölzer - Aura (EP)
[8.6/10] (Black/Death Metal, Switzerland)
4. Eye Of Solitude - Canto III
[8.6/10] (Death/Doom, UK) -->
5. Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves
[8.6/10] (Prog, Poland) Another band that just seem to get better & better!
6. Anciients - Heart Of Oak
[8.6/10] (Progressive Metal, Canada) Anciients employ an extremely varied and eclectic mix of styles, from blues rock to black metal, that combine together so effortlessly to form what is surely one of the best debut albums of 2013 so far. Heart Of Oak is as unique & ambitious as it is memorable, and will undoubtedly be a hit with any fan's of progressive, expansive music. -->
7. Vallendusk - Black Clouds Gathering
[8.6/10] (Atmospheric Black Metal, Indonesia) The Indonesian metal scene is more known for its brutal death metal but Vallendusk try and break that mould by showing that the scene has a lot more to offer by serving up some seriously high quality atmospheric black metal. Unlike the majority of atmospheric black metal bands that operate with that more depressive mid-tempo sound, Vallendusk differentiate themselves by employing a faster & more upbeat tempo with undoubted post & folk influences. The standout element of this record is without a doubt the excellent guitar work. Whether it's the melodic hooks or acoustic folk passages, it will grip you throughout. Black Clouds Gathering consists of 7 tracks with the shortest track being 8 minutes long and is admittedly not the most varied record out there, so it will not suit those with a short attention span. But if epic melody-driven atmospheric black metal is your thing, I seriously suggest you give this a spin. -->
8. Castevet - Obsian
[8.5/10] (Progressive Blackened Post-Hardcore, USA) -->
9. Lycus - Tempest
[8.4/10] (Funeral Doom Metal, USA) -->
10. Funeralium - Deceived Idealism
[8.4/10] (Funeral Death Doom, France) -->
11. Enshine - Origin
[8.4/10] (Melodic Death/Doom with Gothic undertones, Sweden/France) Simple yet effective songwriting wrapped up in an engrossing atmosphere. -->
12. Officium Triste - Mors Viri
[8.3/10] (Doom, Netherlands) Like a fine wine, Officium Triste just get better & better with age.
13. Craven Idol - Towards Eschaton
[8.3/10] (Black/Thrash, UK) -->
14. Ade - Spartacus
[8.2/10] (Death Metal, Italy) Seriously good death metal that brutal yet full of groove. Let down slightly by the production but don't let that put you off giving this a spin. Features George Kollias (Nile) on drums. -->
15. Rotting Christ - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
[8/10] (Black/Death Metal, Greece)
16. Amiensus - Restoration
[8/10] (Progressive Melodic Black Metal, USA) -->
17. Apocynthion - Sidereus Nuncius
[8/10] (Post Black Metal / Blackgaze, Spain) -->
18. The Ocean - Pelagial
[8/10] (Progressive/Atmospheric Sludge, Germany) Took a while to grow on me but got better & better with each listen.
19. Stomach Earth - Stomach Earth
[7.9/10] (Doom/Death Metal, USA) -->
20. Lantern - Below
[7.8/10] (Blackened Death Metal, Finland) -->
21. Wrong - Memories of Sorrow
[7.8/10] (Black Metal, Spain) -->
22. Fractal Gates - Beyond The Self
[7.8/10] (Melodeath, France)
23. The Prophecy - Salvation
[7.8/10] (Doom, UK)
24. Crown - Psychurgy
[7.7/10] (Doom/Sludge, France) -->
25. Súl Ad Astral - Súl Ad Astral
[7.7/10] (Post Black / Blackgaze, New Zealand) -->
26. Mammoth Grinder - Underworlds
[7.7/10] (Thrashy Hardcore/Death Metal, USA) -->
27. In Vain - Ænigma
[7.7/10] (Progressive Death Metal, Norway)
28. Omb - SwineSong
[7.7/10] (Progressive/Avantgarde, Israel) -->
29. Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire
[7.6/10] (Sludge / Stoner, New Zealand) -->
30. Station Dysthymia - Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out
[7.5/10] (Funeral Doom, Russia) -->
31. October Tide - Tunnel Of No Light
[7.5/10] (Death Doom Metal, Sweden)
32. Kingcrow - In Crescendo
[7.5/10] (Progressive Metal, Italy)
33. Omnium Gatherum - Beyond
[7.5/10] (Melodic Death Metal, Finland)
34. Dream Death - Somnium Excessum
[7.5/10] (Doom / Thrash, USA)
35. Lychgate - Lychgate
[7.5/10] (Progressive Black Metal, UK) Members of Esoteric playing black metal? Yes please! This was probably my most anticipated release of 2013 ever since I came across 'Sceptre to Control the World' on bandcamp back in March. The album not only lived up to my expectations, but actually exceed them. Atleast initially, as i did find it lost it's replay value a little of time. Still a great debut though.
36. Mourning Beloveth - Formless
[7.4/10] (Death Doom Metal, Ireland)
37. Outre - Tranquility
[7.4/10] (Modern black metal with elements of thrash, death, prog and post metal, Poland) Only an EP, but what a fantastic EP it is! Their are so many different influences & styles going on here that you'll never get bored. Check out the last track 'Hear the Voice' to see what I mean, the ending is magnificednt and the perfect way to close out this great little EP. Here's hoping for full length in the near future. -->
38. New Keepers of the Water Towers - Cosmic Child
[7.4/10] (Stoner/Doom Metal, Sweden) -->
39. Shade Empire - Omega Arcane
[7.4/10] (Symphonic Black Metal, Finland)
40. The Ox - Obsidian
[7.4/10] (Progressive Metal, Spain) -->
41. Vidunder - Vidunder
[7.4/10] (70's Blues Hard Rock, Sweden) Yes that's right, a current day rock band hailing from Sweden yet stuck in the 70's with their bluesy hard rock...and they aren't called Graveyard.
42. Valfader - Whispers of Chaos (EP)
[7.4/10] (Sludge / Stoner, UK)
43. Persefone - Spiritual Migration
[7.4/10] (Progressive Melodeath, Andorra)
44. Vin De Mia Trix - Once Hidden From Sight
[7.4/10] (Death Doom, Ukraine)
45. Erlen Meyer - Erlen Meyer
[7.4/10] (Sludge, France) -->
46. Grond - Howling from the Deep
[7.4/10] (Old-school Death Metal, Russia) -->
47. Sidious - Ascension To The Throne Ov Self (EP)
[7.3/10] (Symphonic Blackened Death Metal, UK) Obvious influence from the polish death metal scene, especially bands like Behemoth. Not the most original release out there but extremely well written.
48. Kongh - Sole Creation
[7.3/10] (Sludge / Doom Metal, Sweden)
49. Maranatha - Spiritless (EP)
[7.3/10] (Sludge/Hardcore, USA) -->
50. Kylesa - Ultraviolet
[7.2/10] (Sludge, USA)
51. Amorgen - Demo 2013
[7.2/10] (Death Metal, Netherlands) -->
52. Façade - Façade
[7.2/10] (Doom/Death Metal, Netherlands) -->
53. The Nihilistic Front - Procession To Annihiliation
[7.2/10] (Doom/Death, Australia) -->
54. Skaldic Curse - Devourer
[7.1/10] (Black Metal, UK) -->
55. Oblivious - Creating Meaning
[7.1/10] (70's Blues Hard Rock, Sweden) Another band hailing from Sweden yet stuck in the 70's with their bluesy hard rock, that aren't called Graveyard. Must be something in the water over there?
56. Duobetic Homunkulus - Ani Já Ani Ty Robit Něbudzeme, šedněme Do Koča, Vozit še Budzeme [EP]
[7.1/10] (Progressive Tech-Death, Czech Republic) -->
57. Cult Of Luna - Vertikal
[7.1/10] (Atmospheric sludge / Post Metal, Sweden)
58. Haken - The Mountain
[7/10] (Progressive Metal, UK)
59. Saille - Ritu
[7/10] (Symphonic Black Metal, Belgium)
60. Orchid - The Mouths of Madness
[6.9/10] (Doom, USA)
61. Moth - Endlessly In Motion
[6.8/10] (Progressive Death Metal, USA) -->
62. Soliloquium - The Concept Of Escape
[6.8/10] (Doom/Death Metal, Sweden) -->
63. Thy Light - No Morrow Shall Dawn
[6.8/10] (Depressive Black Metal, Brazil) -->
64. Brutai - Brutai (EP)
[6.8/10] (Progressive Metalcore, UK) -->
65. Eoront - Neverending Journey
[6.7/10] (Atmospheric Black Metal, Russia)
66. Temple Of Void - Demo MMXIII
[6.6/10] (Death / Doom Metal, USA) -->
67. Entropia - Vesper
[6.6/10] (Black/Sludge/Post-Metal, Poland). -->
68. Nidra - Coma
[6.6/10] (Black/Doom, Russia) -->
69. Kvelertak - Meir
[6.5/10] (Punk / Black Metal, Norway)
70. Misery Signals - Absent Light
[6.5/10] (Metalcore, USA) -->
71. Boil - aXiom
[6.5/10] (Alternative, Denmark). -->
72. The Weir - Yesterday's Graves
[6.5/10] (Sludge, Canada) -->
73. Capsule - [ A ]
[6.5/10] (Sludge / post-hardcore, USA) -->
74. Lorelei - Ugrjumye Volny Studenogo Morja
[6.5/10] (Gothic Death Doom, Russia)
75. Skyfall - Convenient God
[6.4/10] (Death/Black Metal, Russia)
76. Vhöl - Vhöl
[6.4/10] (Black Metal / Crust, USA)
77. Light Bearer - Silver Tongue
[6.3/10] (Post-Metal / Atmospheric Sludge, UK)
78. Baradj - Triptych
[6.2/10] (Progressive Folk Post-metal, Russia)
79. Witherscape - The Inheritance
[6.2/10] (Progressive Death Metal, Sweden)
80. Darktrance - Pessimum
[6.2/10] (Ambient Black Metal, Ukraine). -->
81. Black Sabbath - 13
[6.2/10] (Heavy Metal, UK) Expected this to be terrible & overall I found it average so it surpassed my expectations. There is no doubting Tony Iommi is still the riff master! Ozzy's vocals were terribly overproduced though & despite a few stand-out tracks it was largely an enjoyable but forgettable listening experience.
82. Adora Vivos - Toward the Empyrean
[6.2/10] (Melodic/blackened Doom, USA) Woods of Ypres worship. Unoriginal but well executed. -->
83. Sadhaka - Terma
[6.1/10] (Black Metal, USA) -->
84. :Twingiant: - Sin Nombre
[6/10] (Stoner, USA) Heavy & groovy in equal measure. -->
85. When Nothing Remains - Thy Dark Serenity
[6/10] (Death Doom, Sweden)
86. Eschatos - Hierophanies
[6/10] (Progressive Black Metal, Latvia)
87. One Inch Giant - The Great White Beyond
[6/10] (Doom, Sweden)
88. Pombagira - Maleficia Lamiah
[5.9/10] (Doom, UK) Epic psychedelic stoner doom full of intricate layers that is let down by having the vocals recorded so deep in the mix.
89. Leprous - Coal
[5.8/10] (Prog, Norway) I was excited about this release but was left ultimately disappointed by the less avantgarde & more atmospheric direction they have taken.
90. Lalu - Atomic Ark
[5.7/10] (Progressive Metal, France)
91. The Howling Void - Runa
[5.7/10] (Symphonic Doom Metal, USA) Not bad, but not even close to the quality of their 2012 release 'The Womb Beyond The World'. That is mainly due to the experimentation on the EP, taking the sound in a more Symphonic direction away from the funeral doom stylings of the previous release.
92. Black Wizard - Young Wisdom
[5.7/10] (Stoner, Canada). Great music, terrible vocals. -->
93. Karnivool - Asymmetry
[5.6/10] (Alternative, Australia) Real hit-and-miss for me, some fantastic tracks interspersed with songs so boring it brings you to tears.
94. Pyrithion - The Burden of Sorrow
[5.5/10] (Death Metal, USA)
95. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth
[5.5/10] (Symphonic Death Metal, Italy) Far too symphonic & too little death for my liking. Not helped by the production which has left the guitars barely audible.
96. Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise
[5.5/10] (Psychedelic Rock / Doom Metal, USA) I found this to be a semi-decent release that doesn't live long in the memory. It wasn't bad, infact there is some obvious talent in the band but the album as a whole just comes across as a bit pretentious & uninspired.
97. Sleestak - Book Of Hours
[5.4/10] (Stoner/Psychedelic rock, USA) I absolutly love their previous release 'The Fall Of Altrusia', but this just didn't do it for me. Gone are the long epic sludgy tracks that took you on a spiritual journey, replaced by short bluesy numbers. It's just an EP though so i'm happy for the band to experiment with their sound, it just didn't do it for me in this particular case. -->
98. Dissona - Ten Masks
[5.2/10] (Progressive Metal, USA) Although technically a 2013 release, this was recorded back in 2009 so is actually a precurser to the bands fantastic self-titled debut. This album isn't even in the same ballpark as that release, which isn't really a bad thing as it shows how much Dissona have evolved and progressed.
99. Supuration - CU3E
[5/10] (Avantgarde Death Metal, France)

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Diverge - 20.04.2013 at 20:23  
Great list!
It looks like we share a lot of musical tastes, so props.
Marcel Hubregtse - 21.04.2013 at 16:41  
No Funeralium in there?
Nefarious - 21.04.2013 at 16:53  
Written by Diverge on 20.04.2013 at 20:23

Great list!
It looks like we share a lot of musical tastes, so props.

Thanks! Yes it seems your musical taste is all over the place just like mine haha.

Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 21.04.2013 at 16:41

No Funeralium in there?

Will get added soon I still have a lot of albums to add actually. Will probably take me a couple of weeks to get this list up-to-date then hopefully i can just add each new release as i hear it. That's the plan anyways
Nefarious - 24.07.2013 at 09:40  
Stopped being lazy & finally put some effort into updating this. Will work on filling out the rest of the decriptions & add the remaining albums to the list over the coming week hopefully.
Diverge - 27.07.2013 at 20:51  
Great updates! I still need to hear Skaldic Curse and Enshine, so thanks for the reminder.

If I could give you another thumb up, I would.
MechanisT - 12.08.2013 at 00:50  
Beyond Creation's The Aura was released way back in '11. You may want to correct that.
Nefarious - 17.08.2013 at 10:27  
Written by Guest on 12.08.2013 at 00:50

Beyond Creation's The Aura was released way back in '11. You may want to correct that.

Ah yes, I see it was re-issued this year & that's where my confusion came from. My bad, cheers for the heads up
Nefarious - 14.10.2013 at 14:19  
Another big update, although still haven't got anywhere with the descriptions
!J.O.O.E.! - 14.10.2013 at 15:07  
Lots of nice things on this list. The top 3 are particularly creamworthy.

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