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Very FUCKING Overlooked Albums


Created by: TristanRichardson | 03.07.2013

1. Bell Witch - Longing
Simply put, the best Funeral-Doom album I have ever heard. SOUL DESTROYING 10/10
2. Ares Kingdom - Return To Dust
Death/Thrash. Extremely underrated album with the best riffs since Morbid Angel. 9.9/10
3. Collision (U.S) - Collision
Old-School Heavy Metal in the style of Led Zeppelin or Cream. A very Blues/jazz Influenced album. . 9.75/10
4. Vuvr - Pilgrimage
Jazz influenced Death metal similar to Atheist or cynic 9.7
5. Tank - Honour And Blood
First rate NWOBHM, 'The war drags ever on' is an amazing piece of work. A 105mm Salvo! 9.7/10
6. Dark Quarterer - Dark Quarterer
Awesome yet Quirky Prog unlike any other band I've seen. Enchanting 9.6/10
7. Panzerballet - Panzerballet
fusion k 9.5
8. Crom - Vengeance
Viking folk metal with great melody and absolutely brilliant vocals, epic as fuck. 9.5/10
9. Quartz - Quartz
Great NWOBHM That should've been up with Angel Witch and Iron Maiden. 9.35/10
10. Abramelin - Abramelin
overlooked Death metal that mixes Swedish and Floridian influences. 9.3/10
11. Hobbs' Angel Of Death - Hobbs' Angel Of Death
This Band Is Like An Australian slayer!!! Slaytanic 9.3/10
12. Energetic Krusher - Path To Oblivion
kick-ass Teutonic Thrash similar to Kreator or Sodom. 9.25/10
13. Sortilege - Sortilège
Chuck Shuldiner's Favorite band, What more do I need to add? 9.2/10
14. Legend (U.S) - From The Fjords
Epic heavy metal about Viking lore. Makes me want to pillage a Village 9.15/10
15. Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction
Superb Thrash From These Aussies! Crikey Mate! 9/10
16. Koyaanisqatsy - From the Yearning to Burst the Perpetual Cycle
Prog metal to make Dream Theater cry. beautiful 9/10
17. Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus
One of the sadly overlooked Doom originators. Similar to Candlemass or Sabbath. 8.9/10
18. Hallows Eve - Tales of Terror
Bay area Thrash from the start of the era. Moshtastic! 8.85/10
19. Fog of War - Fog of War
My Favorite album from the thrash revival movement. sweeeet 8.8/10
20. Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was... Death
Symphonic Gothic Doom That will rock you. 8.7/10
21. Impact - Take The Pain
Thrash 8.6
22. Sacred Blade - Of The Sun And Moon
Prog Metal That could kill Queensryche with it's Cock tied in a square knot. memorizing.... 8.65 /10
23. Lion's Share - Dark Hours
Epic Power Metal with a vocalist Who's only influence is RJD. 8.6/10
24. Witchfynde - Give 'em Hell
Long lost NWOBHM That never got the recognition it deserved. 8.6/10
25. Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel
US Power metal that should be a must for fans of Iced Earth Or Pyramaze. 8.5/10
26. ADX - Execution
French thrash That sounds like whiplash or exodus. 8.5/10
27. Stormtrooper - Armies of the Night
catchy u.s Heavy metal. 8.5/10

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10.11.2013 - 12:03
"The Quaker"
Fifth Angel, Mortal Sin, Vuvr - good stuff found mate I'm checking out Fog Of War, Koyaanisqatsy and Sortilege right now.

You might also want to try Heaven's Cry's debut album called "Food For Thought Substitute" and Silent Force's "Worlds Apart"
10.11.2013 - 16:55
The Shape 1973
Add to the list Whyzdom's two albums. Better than Epica or Within Temptation.
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