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Top 15 Symphony X Songs

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Created by: bkrootz | 25.07.2013

1. Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost - ..... I am speechless! Such a beautiful song complete with acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, and Russel Allen uses both his amazing smooth voice and his rough voice in different parts of the song. This song, and album in general, is the peak of Symphony X!
2. Symphony X - The Odyssey
Accolade II - This is one of the most beautiful songs that the band has written. Hence, it is #2 on the list of best Symphony X songs!
3. Symphony X - Iconoclast
Prometheus (I Am Alive) - This is just pure catchy, and on the heavier side of Symphony X.
4. Symphony X - V: The New Mythology Suite
Egypt - Although the entire album is one recording, this "section" really stands out to me! But the entire album is a masterpiece.
5. Symphony X - The Odyssey
The Odyssey - Talk about epic. A 24 minute-long song that tells an epic story with epic instrumentation... it cant really get any more epic than it already is.
6. Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Oculus Ex Inferni / Set the World On Fire (The Lie of Lies) - These two songs are one recording, and can basically be considered one song. These two songs got me into Symphony X, so they have a place in my heart!
7. Symphony X - Twilight in Olympus
Through the Looking Glass (Part I, II, III) - A really long song that puts the regular old story of Alice in Wonderland to shame! After this song, it should be changed to ... I can't think of anything. Whatever the land beyond Wonderland is called. Ok I will shut up now
8. Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Eve of Seduction - On the heavier side of Symphony X. Excellent track! Michael Romeo's insanely speedy and technical guitar playing is demonstrated excellently in this song.
9. Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Candlelight Fantasia - Another beautiful masterpiece
10. Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Serpent's Kiss - Headbang-a-licious
11. Symphony X - Twilight in Olympus
Smoke and Mirrors - One of the best! Its really catchy and technical.
12. Symphony X - Iconoclast
The End of Innocence - Very good song! The entire album is a lot heavier than any of their previous albums, but it still proves to be amazing music. This is one example!
13. Symphony X - The Damnation Game
The Edge of Forever - Good album, but not their best. This song, however, is still one of Symphony X's best.
14. Symphony X - Iconoclast
Children of a Faceless God - Another heavy song from Iconoclast
15. Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Very long (20 min), great song! It seems to be the favorite song of many people. Although it is an excellent song, I would have to disagree that it is their best. But it is without a doubt ONE of the best!

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