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Faith No More are one of those bands that were true innovators. There are plenty of compilations out there that cover the singles and popular songs, but the albums are so varied it's worth digging a bit deeper than the "hits". For each album I've highlighted the best non-singles.

Created by: MichaelCook | 04.08.2013

1. Faith No More - King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime
Most people will rate Angel Dust higher, but this one has some of the most adventurous songs. Check out Ugly in the Morning, Just a Man, What a Day or King for a Day.
2. Faith No More - Angel Dust
How they went from The Real Thing to this is amazing.. largely thanks to the influence of Mike Patton. Check out Land of Sunshine, Caffeine, Kindergarten
3. Faith No More - The Real Thing
The first album after Mike Patton joined. Lots of killer songs, but let down by a very thin production. This album begs to be remastered. Check out Zombie Eaters and The Real Thing.
4. Faith No More - Album Of The Year
Their swansong, but unfortunately they didn't go out on a high. Lots of good songs, but too many duds to place it any higher. Check out Helpless and Mouth to Mouth
5. Faith No More - Introduce Yourself
The last album that they did with Chuck Mosley. He certainly has a unique voice, but nowehere near the versility of Mike Patton. Check out The Crab Song
6. Faith No More - We Care A Lot
The first album.. very raw with only a handful of memorable songs. Check out As The Worm Turns (and while you're at it, check out the re-recorded version with Mike Patton singing)

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