TOP 40 SONGS 2013

Created by: rivendel | 10.12.2013

1. Volbeat- lola montez (outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies)
2. Trivium-at the end of this war (vengeance falls)
3. Orphaned Land-children (all is one)
4. Amon Amarth-the coming of tide (deceiver of the gods)
5. Tarja- victim of ritual (colours in the dark)
6. Alter Bridge-cry of achilles (fortress)
7. Carcass- cadaver pouch conveyor system (surgical steel)
8. Turisas-ten more miles (2013)
9. Orphaned Land-all is one (all is one)
10. Avatarium- avatarium (avatarium)
11. Jorn-the world i see (symphonic)
12. The Vision Bleak- cannibal witch (witching hour)
13. Tyr-the lay of our love (valkyrja)
14. Amorphis- enchanted by the moon (circle)
15. Dream Theater-behind the veil (dream theater)
16. Iron Mask- back into mystery (fifth son of winterdoom)
17. Hail of Bullets-death of a field marshal (III the rommel chronicles)
18. Volbeat- dead but rising (outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies)
19. Queensryche-where dreams go to die (queensryche)
20. Amon Amarth- warriors of the north (deceiver of the gods)
21. Trivium- strife (vengeance falls)
22. Black Sabbath- dear father (13)
23. DevilDriver- winter kills (winter kills)
24. Five Finger Death Punch- wrong side oi heaven (the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell vol 1)
25. Tarja- neverlight (colours in the dark)
26. Suidakra- blood eagle (eternal defiance)
27. Kataklysm- if i were god, i'd burn it all (waiting for the end to come)
28. Leaves' Eyes- symphony of the night (symphonies of the night)
29. Kalmah- deadfall (seventh swamphony)
30. Impending Doom- death will reign (baptized in filth)
31. Volbeat- room 24 (outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies)
32. Avatarium- moonhorse (avatarium)
33. Rhapsody of Fire- angel of light (dark wings of steel)
34. Orphaned Land-through fire and water (all is one)
35. Avenged Sevenfold-crimson day (hail to the king)
36. Hell- land of the living dead (curse and chapter)
37. Falkenbach-ufirstanan folk (asa)
38. ReVamp- wolf and dog (wild card)
39. Sirenia- the funeral march (perils from the deep blue)
40. The Vision Bleak- the valkyrie (witching hour)

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