Miserable Winter Barrage

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Cold weather has a depressive effect on a lot of people. I'm not excluded - yet some of these are just because I love 'em.

Created by: Tristus Scriptor | 14.02.2014

1. Falls Of Rauros - The Light That Dwells From Rotting Wood
Quite bittersweet to the ears of one attempting to make something good out of being down and out. The nature-y parts soothe, while the minor-chord songwriting engulfs that sad spirit within...
2. Jeff Buckley - Grace
Because he's brilliant, that's why.
3. Katatonia - Tonight's Decision
Don't remember if I have this on other lists, but I play the shit out of it all year. No need to explain why (but for you that don't know - it's just legendary.) Also - there's a cover of the brilliant artist above.
4. Enbilulugugal - Black Noise Armageddon: Denying 13 Years Of Existence
The of the album says it all...for those times when extreme metal is no longer extreme enough for your tainted ears.
5. Enthauptung - Paths Forgotten
Every bit as good as the more famous of the black/death bands.
6. Flatulated - They Came From The Crypt
Satisfying my immoral and tasteless side...
7. Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell
This is one of this well-known power metal heroes' best releases. It has it all.
8. Incantation - Onward To Gogotha
If you are a death metal fan and don't know this release; you need a serious priority-check.
9. God Dethroned - The Grand Grimiore
A criminally underrated release of the kind of blackened melodic death metal that denies the fluffier side of said sub-genre. Essential.
10. Hesper Payne - Unclean Rituals
Anyone who is a fan of Devin Townsend all the way to Voivod (with a more constantly extreme and doomy approach) will eat this up...though at times it is seemingly unrelenting in foul mood.
11. Agrimonia - Agrimonia
Yeah, I get a little crusty from time to time.
12. Black Crown Initiate - Song Of The Crippled Bull
I typically shy away from tech-ey, machine-like music of this sort, but these guys pull off the whole progressive death sound so well it somehow breathes soul into it. I love this damn release.
13. Cloak Of Altering - The Night Comes Illuminated With Death
Mories is one of my musical (anti)heroes, and this racket gives me goosebumps as his projects always do.
14. Walden - ...Isolation
I mentioned "depressive", and this is like an equally morose friend giving you a lifeless hug while stating that goodness is gone and not coming back anyhow.
15. Troll - Drep De Kristne
Symphonic 3rd wave black metal with no trace of the more commercial of this fragile sub-genre's crop. Quality stuff.
16. Sun Devoured Earth - Sounds Of Desolation
More of a rock-based band than their name and album cover suggest, but it's melancholy is quite metal to me.
17. Serpent Ov Old - Withering Hope
Lovely and atmospheric blackness done right.
18. Demoncy - Joined In Darkness
A good mix of old-school death with a primarily black metal basis, making my inner demons smile.
19. Faith No More - Angel Dust
A pure classic of alternative metal that stands the test of time.
20. Arsis - As Regret Becomes Guilt
And my guilt is I just began listening to them. Tight and convincing melodic/technical death metal devoid of soullessness.

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