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There's a notable Bulgarian death metal scene with many great bands, which sadly don't receive much attention.

EDIT: 26/08/2010: List updated.

Created by: vezzy | 16.07.2010

1. Enthrallment - Immerse Into Bloody Bliss
Enthrallment are one of the leaders of the Bulgarian death scene, and this is arguably their best album.
2. Corpse - Mortal Terror
First Bulgarian grindcore/brutal death band with a full-length album. Later disbanded, with two of their members forming Enthrallment.
3. Anal Dissected Angel - Castrate the People
Recent, great Bulgarian death/grindcore.
4. Nihilist - Nothing
Not to be confused with Nihilist (Swe), this band is definitely worth checking out. Slightly experimental and atmospheric death metal.
5. Necromancer - Creation of Darkness
One of the leaders of the Bulgarian death scene with a large cult following, Necromancer were even noted by In Flames and are one of the oldest death bands in BG, formed in 1989 with three full-lengths thus far.
6. Mass Grave - Total Madness [EP]
Great brutal death.
7. Brainstorm (Bgr) - Pieces from Reality
Notable Bulgarian death band.
8. HateBomb/Staro Zlo - Demos
Formerly Staro Zlo (Bulgarian for "old evil") until 2009, HateBomb have only made two demos, but have supported Napalm Death on-stage and a full-length is in production.
9. Foeticide (Bgr) - Death Deserved Respect
Powerful brutal death.
10. Post Scriptum - Demo/What Is the Colour of The Soul…?
One of the most innovative Bulgarian death bands. Sadly, they're hard to track and it is unknown when and if their full-length will be released.
11. Day of Execution - TBA
Formerly Reichsradio, an NS death metal band who released a demo Cripples Must Die later became a much more musically original band Day of Execution with a pending full-length album.
12. Abbadon - Abbadon [Demo]
With two live albums and three demos, Abaddon have a good old school sound and a full-length is in production.
13. Scapegoat - Path of the Search
Definitely one of the most notable Bulgarian death bands, using some prog/tech death elements, almost like the "Atheist of Bulgaria". Also released Starred in 1995, but nothing about more material from them since.
14. Narrowminded - The Aggrived Creatures Temple [EP]
An Enthrallment side-project of sorts, released one two-song EP with no new content hinted, but worth a MySpace listen.
15. Coprophag - Live in Dobrich
Only released one live album, but were active for most of their existence. Disbanded in 2005, with their vocalist joining Claymore later on.
16. Claymore - Prolonged Active Antagonism
Death metal with some black and symphonic influences.
17. Eufobia - Cup of Mud
Black/death metal. Worth checking out.
18. Anastasis - Reborn from Death [Demo]
Good death-thrash, also released a "Promo for MOR" demo.
19. Past Redemption - Decomposed
One of the most notable Bulgarian brutal death bands with three full-lengths and a fourth one "Unleashed Emptiness" almost completed, which is looking like it'll be a raw, crushing release.
20. Vortex - Deeper Beyond [Demo]
A nine-track prog-death/thrash demo. Great music. Work has been announced on a full-length album, but it is uncertain when and if it will be released.
21. Hyperborea - Architecture of Mind
Great old school style death metal. Two full-lengths, one demo.
22. Human Trophies - Deformed Humanity
Sick brutal death/goregrind. One EP, one demo.
23. Powerdrive - Thousand Ways
Good progressive death metal. Two full-lengths, one split, one demo, one EP. The interesting thing about them is their vocals shift from clean to somewhat black metal screeching.

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Kass - 01.08.2011 at 14:36  
Thanks to this list I discovered many Bulgarian death bands. One of my favorite lists on MS.
vezzy - 07.08.2011 at 21:51  
Holy hell, you can comment on lists.
Kass - 25.03.2012 at 18:41  
Branzig - 25.03.2012 at 19:02  
Apparently I need to brush up on my Bulgarian death! I don't know 3/4 of these bands lol

Thanks for the list to check them out!
vezzy - 25.03.2012 at 21:26  
Written by Kass on 25.03.2012 at 18:41


Haha, is that an excerpt from bTV News? Bulgaria's leading propaganda and deception TV network.

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