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I always admired people who do really cool lists. But since I don't know anything, I can't really make a good one. So here's the babby-boy of lists, just to get my juices flowing. In the sexual way of course.

Will be updated and expanded upon as I have time and see fit. The goal is to get my top 50 maybe, but there's a long road ahead of that.

Created by: DeliciousDishes | 05.06.2018

1. Neurosis - Souls At Zero
This has quickly become the top spot, simply because it reflects my current mind so well. It's bleak, pessimistic, apocalyptic and desperate. And it's still so damn enjoyable. There's the best use of samples I know, some of the most fist-pumping moments I know, some of the best vocals, etc. And it's still unique to this day. Really this one has everything. See my review, as long as it's still up. Song of choice: Takeahnase
2. Neurosis - Times Of Grace
Another one? Yes. This one was at the top for the longest time. Introspective, sad, melancholic, name it how you will. It's an odd record if you really think about it. Even if it was copied to death later on, which sadly is to its and post metal's detriment I think. Oh, and it just so happens to have the best final song on any album I know. There's some strange uplifting feel to the whole album, I guess that comes pre-packaged with melancholy. I promise, no more Neurosis after this. Even though everything up to A Sun That Never Sets is tempting... Song of choice: Times Of Grace
3. Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels
If I could really put into words why I love this one so much, then my review wouldn't take ages to complete. There's this great feeling of mystery all over this record, while still being ungodly catchy. The vocals are just right, you can barely make out some small segments of lyrics. The drone-y approach makes this the most interesting post-metal record I know. Song of choice: Probing The Abyss
4. Warning - Watching From A Distance
It's slowly climbing ever higher. Really there's no sadboy record that can compare to this. It's also my go-to music for long car rides, since it's great to sing along to and I know it by heart at this point. Though to this day I still don't completely understand the direct subject matter. Probably because I'm dumb, but they kept it just vague enough so that an idiot like me can get more out of it. Is it about breakups? Doubt? Growing apart from one another? I dunno, but it fits all. Song of Choice: Faces
5. Gojira - From Mars To Sirius
That's right, a popular record. You can finally stop reading and know your taste to be superior I guess. They nail the theme perfectly, focusing on their tight, groovy, catchy riffs. Be it the pummeling of the waves, actually feeling like you lift up from the ground or getting sunburn on a ship without any shade. Also whales of course. They get a bit preachy, but really that's some of the charm. It's also goddamn heavy and you can't resist headbanging, so there's that. Song of choice: Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
6. Bell Witch - Four Phantoms
My grandpa drowned back in his home town, when he fell into a river. Or he did the conscious part of it at least. They got him back (he was 12 at the time so I wouldn't be here if they hadn't) and he can tell a good story once in a while thanks to that. How it was the most peaceful thing he ever experienced, in his now more than 80 years of life. It probably felt a bit like "Suffocation, A Drowning". Based on that track alone the album could make it up here, but Bell Witch chose to nail a "4 elements" theme perfectly. The ghostly view of a burned down forest, the feeling of being pummeled under rocks, floating up, never to return. And yes, also drowning. Song of choice: Suffocation, A Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance of Forever)
7. Giant Squid - The Ichthyologist
To think I listened to Giant Squid years ago and thought "nah they're uninteresting". But that was Minoans. This right here is the good shit. Catchy as fuck, fun, sadness and epic moments are pulled off flawlessly and the lyrics invite some fun interpretations (Blue Linckia is the best breakup song ever written and I will defend that position until I finally die). I love albums with a bunch of super catchy, fun and most importantly very different songs in general (more will follow in this list), but this takes the crown. It's always weird how post metal in general bores me more often than not - but some outliers manage to craft songs with some of if not the biggest staying power for me. Song of choice: Sevengill
8. Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice
Yes, it's got amazing samples, is depressingly atmospheric and is still so unique. But those rhythms alone. When I think "quintuplets" I don't think black metal usually. Like Neurosis - and yet totally different - the weird rhythms that aren't quite tribal make so much of this one for me. But also yes, the utterly depressing atmosphere. Probably the most depressing out of all of these. Not sadboy-depressing, but crushingly depressing. Empty. Hollow. Song of choice: Vortex Chalice
9. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Welt Ohne Werbung
And now for something completely different! This is the most fun I think I ever had with a grindcore record, while still getting loads of interesting social and political commentary. There's this sense of irony over the whole record and if you know German, the lyrics are a blast. It also manages to be really diverse musically and it never gets boring, over 20 songs. Song of choice: Weiter Im Programm
10. Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument
Hey another fun one! The bass on this one just gets me moving every time and while it's embarrassing and weird how dance-able some songs on here actually are, this makes the album so unique to me. Tripping through space with some great bass is how I want to die. Or you know, drowning. We talked about that. Song of choice: Komeetta
11. Nagelfar - Srontgorrth
Maybe the worst title I have ever heard, but it's a kind of masterclass in build-up. It really feels like an epic journey back home, with trumpets and all. The darkwave segments are strangely fun and lighten up the composition a lot, while the sometimes aggressive, sometimes really atmospheric black metal parts tell an overly sentimental and self-serious story like only Germans really can. Song of choice: Kapitel 3 (Der Herbst): Endzeit
12. Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock
I'm always amazed how you can make a record so interesting, catchy and entrancing with only 3 instruments. There's really no part that shines more than the others and after song 1 it's basically the most perfect krautrock I've ever heard. It's just a load of fun really, not much more to say. Song of choice: Occult Rock VI
13. Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God
Really there's not much to be said anymore. It's groundbreaking, scary, beautiful, melancholic, hypnotizing, etc. You know it, your dog knows it, the 34021 spiders living in your apartment know it, even your lawyer's crazy ex-wife Stacey loves it. The Thematic Emanations EP is to be considered supplemental material. Song of choice: Our Blessed Frozen Cells
14. Ahab - The Call of The Wretched Sea
This one combines all the good stuff funeral doom offers. The creepy Disembowelment inspired melodies on "Below The Sun", the memorable melancholic melodies such as on "Old Thunder", heavy ass riffs and amazing build-up on basically all songs, and here and there some great synths and samples. Another album that nails its theme perfectly. Sometimes hearing the sun come out after a storm brings a tear to my eye. Also, whales again. Weird fucking creatures the bunch of 'em. Song of choice: Old Thunder
15. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill Origins/Zero OST
Hey, a non-metal album! And an odd choice to boot. Being probably the most forgettable Silent Hill game, this one has the most intriguing soundtrack. Half of it sounds like odd hip-hop beats you could maybe hear by the likes of Dalek at times. It's also got a great sense of melancholy and sadness to it, see O.R.T. or the Song of choice: Don't Abuse Me
16. Sepultura - Beneath The Remains
One of the darker thrash albums, one that has an actual political message behind it and probably the most consistent one I know. Really every song on here is 10/10 and I don't need any other thrash in my life. Song of choice: Mass Hypnosis
17. Noneuclid - Metatheosis
Hey I lied ok? I do need one more thrash album. At least it's partly a thrash album. "Morean & friends" has been my favourite group to look after these past few years (with bands like Alkaloid, Obscura, Hannes Grossmann's Solo projects and of course Noneuclid) and Noneuclid so far is the pinnacle of Morean's composition skills for me (at least in metal). A lot of death, a lot of thrash and a whole lot of weird. Yes, the vocals are not the best but actual flamenco songs improving massively on one of Lovecraft's more campy stories alone is enough to compensate. Song of choice: None So Lucid
18. Gojira - The Link
This is usually overlooked in their discography, but to me it's a compendium of what makes their earlier sound (up to L'Enfant Sauvage) so great. Production is weird but fits incredibly well, we get the nature theme even more present than on any other record, tribal rhythms, riffs ranging from ultra heavy (Indians) to curious build-ups (Dawn). Song of choice: Death Of Me
19. A Forest Of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays
This is the one where I think they play with their sound the most so far. A lot of fun melodies, but also that amazing intro, the sad outro song, "Pray Tell of the Church Fate" playing with orchestral parts, the still amazing vocals (though not as phenomenal as one the debut ~) etc. I could go on forever but just listen to it really. They're really accessible, while also being the most experimental band that's close to the whole ultra atmo-black/ blackgaze crowd. They don't *really* sound like them but you can see the connection being made at times. Song of choice: Pray Tell Of the Church Fate
20. Verdunkeln - Einblick in den Qualenfall
Hey fun psychedelia in my black metal is one of my favourite ideas. It's also got this Ván Records charme of being slightly pagan-ish? I dunno how to describe it. This one will stick in your head forever. Song of choice: In Die Irre
21. Nocte Obducta - Umbriel (Das Schweigen Zwischen Den Sternen)
Another interesting German black metal record. This time interesting because how little black metal there actually is in here. Sure, songs like "Mehr Hass" (amazing title btw) or "Gottverreckte Finsternis" are mainly bm, but then you get weirder stuff like the opening/ending, the monumental "Dinner auf Uranos" or almost ballads like "Leere" and "Ein Nachmittag mit Edgar". Fun fun fun. Song of choice: Dinner Auf Uranos
22. Urfaust - Einsiedler
See my review on the EP, which sums up my thoughts better. Song of choice: IX: Der Einsiedler
23. Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters
This was actually one of the first black metal albums I ever listened to in full. It's so otherworldly, the dissonance is still different than the aggressive, almost tech-bm, style DSO goes for, but still different from BaN's dissonance, even if it causes the same kind of feeling at times. Song of Choice: Remembrance Of Things Past
24. Emperor - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Emperor's take at symphonic black has always been intriguing, but I think on this one they most strongly combine the fun and weird parts with the more basic bm they are grouped up with. It has this whole falling into hell type of feeling to it (similar to Verdi's Dies Irae). Song of Choice: The Acclamation Of Bonds
25. Hammers Of Misfortune - The August Engine
This is another sing-along one for me. After the first heavy metal/bm/folk concept LP they went full prog, but they manage to skip almost all of the atmospheric wankery that most prog albums suffer from in my opinion. There's no filler on this one is what I'm saying. Couple that with some of my favourite vocal melodies and perfect interplay between male and female vocals. And that ending track sounds really doom-y so ~ Song of Choice: Insect
26. Keiichi Okabe et al. - NieR OST
Man this is a tear-jerker. Similarly to Urfaust's "Der Einsiedler" most songs on here can turn my mood instantly. It's so low because it's full of different versions of songs that to me are mostly filler. But really, check it out. Song of Choice: Kainé Salvation
27. Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet
The very synth-y funeral doom is a sound I hear surprisingly little these days. But really who can blame anyone if Skepticism is still doing it and has perfected the sound since the 90s. A great soundtrack for rainy, or just otherwise depressing days. Song of Choice: By Silent Wings
28. Amenra - Mass VI
Really before this one came out number III would've been here, since it's more harsh and catchy than the rest. But number VI ist just so gripping and emotionally intense there's no way around including it here. The vocals are even better than usual and they finally perfected their production. The poems that interlude the songs are lone and desolate, even if I don't understand a word. Also that cover. Song of Choice: Diaken
29. The Body - No One Deserves Happiness
The name says it all. Sometimes hypnotic, sometimes crushing, sometimes ear-destroying, but always haunting, The Body is another one of those bands that manage to always worsen my mood. In a good way. I-If there is a good way... You get what I mean. The male vocals are really not for everyone, but I love dsbm vocals so of course I like the tortured shrieks that barely sound human. The melancholic samples and singing supporting the mayhem really makes you think: Do I deserve happiness? Probably not. After all, No One Deserves Happiness. Song of choice: Hallow/Hollow
30. The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Traveller
While I am a big fan of Hammers of Misfortune (who shared a few members with Slough Feg) for a while now, I never really got into Slough Feg. I corrected that mistake recently and absolutely fell in love with Traveller specifically. It's a big grower and you have to get used to the vocals a bit, but once you do you're in for a somewhat cheesy sci-fi journey full of catchy melodies. Production is the perfect level of raw and heavy, compositions are dynamic and catchy as hell, it hits the perfect level of cheese (a thing a lot of classic heavy metal fails for me). Perfect all around. Song of Choice: Professor's Theme
31. Anaal Nathrakh - Eschaton
AN is one of these gimmick bands for me. They got one thing they do extremely well - harsh verses with soaring melodic choruses over a heavy rhythm section. And really this is the album for it. They also mix it up really well with thematically appropriate songs like "The Yellow King" and "Regression to the Mean". Even other songs that diverge from the gimmick are so catchy on here ("Waiting for the Barbarians"). Song of Choice: Between Shit And Piss We Are Born
32. Blut Aus Nord - MoRT
There is probably no other album that produces a reaction that is so strong for me. It just leaves you empty. Sucks out your soul. Another otherworldly one like Written In Waters, but much much MUCH darker. So low on the list because I don't listen to it too often and it's not that catchy. No Song of choice, because you should listen to the whole thing in one sitting.
33. Dark Tribe - In Jeraspunta - Die Rückkehr Der Tollwütigen Bestie
Hey another odd German bm one. I hope to review this in the future the second my thoughts are able to be expressed well. Basically ultra fun and catchy despite being so aggressive. Like a swarming bee hive. Song of choice: Nothing As Darkness
34. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
This is my childhood right here. The political lyrics are amazing and it's actually fairly unique to this day. The mix of rap and Morello's weird guitar combined with Commerfords's fun basslines. Song of choice: Take The Power Back
35. System Of A Down - System Of A Down
Ok last childhood one, I promise. Another fun one that's mostly basic and part of one of the worst subgenres, but still remains unique for some reason. Gotta be the armenian folk influence. And, you know, the best vocalist of the subgenre by far. Not as out-there as later material, but more consistently heavy, whacky but still with a political and emotional touch. Song of choice: Spiders
36. Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions
I chose this one partly because of Attila on the first track. On here, Sunn O))) isn't just heavy, they're having their own gravitational pull strong enough to crush matter into a sphere. Which is a lot. I would calculate the heaviness but nah. Also a bit more expansive than their other material. Song of choice: Agartha
37. Wormphlegm - Tomb Of The Ancient King
This is dark and scary funeral doom like I want it and how we barely ever see it. Usually we see the whole sadboy (Bell Witch) or gothic approach (Skepticism), maybe some more basic sound inspired by Evoken, or somehting entirely different that just sounds epic as fuck. But not here, this one is actually scary. It's got the creepy Disembowelment melodies down to a science and uses them perfectly. Song of choice: Epejumalat Monet Tesse Muinen Palveltin Caucan Ja Lesse
38. Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem In Blue
Hey guys remember FUN? This is it, in case you don't. The whacky synths are more present than in their earlier stuff, they're also heavier/more aggressive when they want to it seems to me. Also some more calm and collected, almost sad proggy songs on here. But it's really about the catchy fun for the most part. Also whacky themes as always. Song of choice: I Mean You Harm
39. The Ruins Of Beverast - Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite
The worst thing Meilenwald usually does is his vocals. I really don't like em. Except for here: The weird clean vocals are so amazing it's insane. Really gives you the vibe of an old, collapsed civilisation or culture. Also great doom here of course. Song of choice: I Raised This Stone As A Ghastly Memorial
40. An Axis Of Perdition - Urfe
An audio play. Honestly. Great. The little music there is on here is also excellent and really helps sell the atmosphere. The story is well done and incredibly disgusting and disturbing. Again no song of choice because there is no real song without context.
41. Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
Yeah I get it another non-metal album. Stoner rock is not something I usually care about. But ...Like Clockwork goes into some interesting directions, while maintaining this melancholic, distant and intoxicated atmosphere. Feels more like alcohol than weed maybe? Song of Choice: I Sat By The Ocean
42. Pink Floyd - Animals
It's hard for me to express why I like Animals more than the other Pink Floyd records (and as such also more than basically all rock albums). While it's as catchy as Their other stuff, it leaves the filler behind and makes some really fun points. Song of Choice: Dogs
43. Circle of Ouroborus - Eleven Fingers
Ok so this is a really weird one and I hope you can somehow manage to find it. This feels like the first black metal record actually played underwater, which combined with the usually more indie type vocals and catchy melodies create an atmosphere the likes of which you probably have never witnessed before. Song of Choice: Warpath
44. Howls of Ebb - Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows
Howls of Ebb has a similar appeal to me as Gojira. As you might've guessed by now, I'm not a big fan of death metal. I think most of the things usually accomplished in the subgenre are done way better in others. But Howls of Ebb don't sound like normal death metal. The aggression is basically at a minimum due to the production. while the bouncy riffs, bass lines and the ritualistic vocals get you moving. This is FUN. Song of Choice: The 6th Octopul'th Grin
45. Xasthur - To Violate The Oblivious
DSBM is a very vocal reliant genre to me. If you don't have sorrowful, long screams, you might as well not bother. Thankfully this is Xasthur we're talking about here, so basically the best outright dsbm vocalist. The heavy synths weighing you down, the wall of sound that is created by the production and on top of that the long shrieks. It also knows exactly when to mix it up slightly, when to add the subtle bass, etc. Hard to say more about it other than it being top notch songwriting. This is what every dsbm album should aspire to be. Song of Choice: Screaming at Forgotten Fears.
46. Porta Nigra - Kaiserschnitt
Let me explain! I'm not sure how right wing this one is. It features some criticisms/mocking of WW1 ideologies, but also some presentation without much alteration. That said, pretty catchy and interesting theme. I've always loved their vocals and lyrics, but the biggest plus to this record is probably how well the overall compositions flow, without being too complicated really. A lot of these almost seem like punk songs, but still maintain this feeling of eccentric black metal. Also - of course - the cover is gorgeous. Bit of a hard one to recommend, but if you are comfortable with this theme, check it out. To be safe, don't buy it I guess. Song of choice: Kaiserschnitt
47. Elend - A World in Their Screams
Oh the creepy and hellish sounds of Elend's orchestral music. There's some complaints to be made against cheesiness, but in the end isn't all metal cheesy? "Well this isn't metal" I hear you say. To which I say: in this house we love our family, blood relations don't matter! On a more serious note: This is a trip through hell. More the Dantean type, if that makes any sense. Epic, scary, intriguing but also intriguing.
48. Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole
This blackened death album is very unique in how normal it is, while being so interesting and catchy. The vocals are top notch (which also negates what is usually my biggest gripe with blackened death). Basically every song on here is an ear worm, however manages to also not be stale and repetitive. There's agression when it needs it, there's atmosphere when needed. Emptiness in our hearts, all is well with the world. As the famous saying goes. Song of Choice: All Is Known
49. Tchornobog - Tchornobog
When this came out I was in desperate need of some good music. The second track was released like half a year early and I just couldn't wait until the others would let me down. They didn't. In fact Non-Existence's Warmth even surpassed that glorious second track with it's Nagelfar-feeling arpeggios and almost calming atmosphere produced in part by saxophone (boy have we seen that one a lot these last few years). Of course it has the blackened death lyrics, as was to be expected. But this record surprises even in terms of vocal performance if you look at the first track. Song of choice: Non-Existence's Warmth
50. The Ocean - Precambrian
I'm usually not a big fan of the more sterile approach to post metal. All the other post metal albums you see here were not inspired by ISIS, as you can probably tell by listening. But there is just something so damn enjoyable about The Ocean's catchy formula. That's really all there is to it. It's god damn catchy and enjoyable. Song of choice: Stenian
51. Worship - Last CD Before Doomsday
Funeral doom is usually built around this thick, layered sound. Even bands like Bell Witch, with only two instruments, can't really afford to feel that raw. Somehow Worship's debut pulls this off though. And in spectacular fashion. Worship's brand of funeral doom is the one we saw get a big rise with tons of the newer, more melodically sad bands. If there is one thing funeral doom excels at, it's creating a desolate atmosphere. Worship utilize this to its fullest effect, in a world that's so close to the end. Song of choice: Worship
52. Slow (USA) - Unsleep
Remember what I said about Four Phantoms and The Last CD Before Doomsday? Well what could be more desolate than the sad depths of the ocean - a prison for the drowned? Markov Soroka (see Tchornobog) decided that drowning is as great as I think it is. The wailing melodies and the thick underwater atmosphere play together to form a sad trip on the bottom of the ocean. The Mother Cetacean EP is supplemental listening. Do your homework kids!

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07.06.2018 - 18:15
Fuck yes. Also love the picture.
07.06.2018 - 18:51
Cool to read some descriptions in this kind of list. And we have some albums in common!
The first song off of The Call Of The Wretched Sea is called "Below The Sun" by the way, not "Under The Sun"
And the tears that we will weep today
Will all be washed away
By the tears that we will weep again tomorrow
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Written by ZafÞ on 07.06.2018 at 18:51

Cool to read some descriptions in this kind of list. And we have some albums in common!
The first song off of The Call Of The Wretched Sea is called "Below The Sun" by the way, not "Under The Sun"

I have literally no idea how I got this one wrong. "Under the Sun" sounds fucking horrible haha
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i c deaf people
Probably the first list here gaining 100% of my attention not because it contained stuff I already knew and liked but stuff that I either overlooked or ignored but desperately wanted to like having read your excellent descriptions. Well written and raising my curiosity! Will check out everything I didn't already know.
Thanks in advance, I am sure some gems are hidden there. Or, how Japanische Kampfhörspiele would say: "Glaubt dem Mainstream nicht ein Wort!"
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