1st Wave Black Metal

1st Wave of Black Metal. Most bands here may not be considered black metal as we know it today or even in the 2nd wave, but had some sort of influence of the genre's subject matter, sound and imagery.

Created by: Electric Messiah | 07.05.2019

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12.05.2019 - 01:59
i c deaf people
Funny list.
Cross your heart: it's based on this article, isn't it?
It's kinda amusing to see UK-Thrashers Sabbat being associated with Black Metal just because of their lyrics, whereas their most prominent source of inspiration - Hell - is hardly ever being mentioned.

Talking about Sabbat, you may want to consider correcting some typos to repair the linkage?
Sabbat - Disembody -> Sabbat (JPN) - Disembody
Sabbat - Envenom -> Sabbat (JPN) - Envenom
Sabbat - Evoke -> Sabbat (JPN) - Evoke
Sepultura - Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation -> Sepultura - Morbid Visions + Sepultura - Bestial Devastation
Sarcófago - INRI -> Sarcófago - I.N.R.I.
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