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Last year of the decade, I guess.

R.I.P. the 2010s

Created by: VIG | 25.06.2019

1. Abyssal - A Beacon in the Husk
(8) ambient death - "Ambient death metal"... Think about that for a moment. I think bands have tried to create this sound multiple times in the past, but it usually ends up leaning more ambient or more death, and it is never truly ambient death metal. This, however, this is for real shit right here. It's like @Mercurial described it, "Some of the tracks are just gloriously shape-free, yet sustain that OSDM atmosphere" I definitely prefer this over Antikatastaseis, and I would say it is their best work.
2. Tyler The Creator - Igor
(8) hip hop/neo-soul - This is the album that Flower Boy was trying so desperately hard to be, with the soul influences, the kinda poppy direction, even the funk stuff, and it just makes for such a fun time. I knew when it dropped, its probably going to be hip hop AOTY.
3. Skáphe - Kosmískur Hryllingur [Collaboration]
(8) psychedelic black/dark ambient - This one really exceeded my expectations. I wasn't as hyped as Che or Radu about this collab, but I knew it would be good...just not THIS good. It's really like "psychedelic Lurker Of Chalice", which again, like "ambient death metal", just gets my mouth watering. The atmosphere of this record is really great, plus you got that classic Wormlust bass, so you can't go wrong.
4. Suffering Hour - Dwell
(8) death/black - One hell of an EP. Of course, when I hear something black metal in the form of a long form EP, I always want to think of Deathspell Omega. You can hear some DsO here, but fortunately it's a lot more interesting than a blatant DsO rip-off. The riffs and the leads here are great. One of few releases in the past couple years that actually just made me naturally headbang, which is kind of, you know, impressive.
5. Deafkids - Metaprogramação
(8) experimental/hardcore/industrial/noise rock - I think a lot of people will shit on this album because they won't "get" it. It is kind of out there. As Steve Von Till of Neurosis and Deafkids' new label Neurot Recordings describes the band: "It sounded like a mash up of early '80s Discharge, late '80s Ministry, late '70s Throbbing Gristle and Ginger Baker with Fela Kuti, but all at the same time" So it only makes sense Neurot would sign them.
6. fluoride - Disentanglement
(8) grind/emoviolence - I don't listen to enough modern grindcore I guess, but this is totally my thing. It takes influences from the emoviolence (an excellent combination of screamo and powerviolence, in case you didn't know) scene of the late 90s/early 00s. Bands like In/Humanity, Orchid, Pg.99, Jeromes Dream, etc. It's also a bit sludgey, which is always fantastic.
7. Flying Lotus - Flamagra
(8) nu jazz/glitch hop/synth funk/neo-soul - It's the new Flylo album. Where can you go wrong? Yeah, this is better than You're Dead! imo. It's weirder, it's longer, a bit more experimental, it takes more influences from neosoul. His best since Cosmogramma, although much much different than that. He's one of those artists that really just creates something new with each record. It seems like some people were a bit turned off by this one's new sound (*cough* fantano gave it a 5/10 *cough*), which I just don't get. It's just such a "chill" album. (Plus, there is a David fucking Lynch feature on here, and that track was actually used as the announcement for this project, along with a cool music video)
8. Jute Gyte - Birefringence
(7) avant-garde black/electronic - I don't know why but I was really impressed with this. I had only heard two Jute Gyte projects previous to this and did not think much of them. This was pretty fantastic and some of the most chaotic black metal I've heard in a while. I'm really excited to try to find other great stuff in this guy's giant discog.
9. Zao - Decoding Transmissions From The Möbius Strip
(7) metalcore - I love Zao. One of my favorite metalcore bands ever. Their album Liberate Te Ex Inferis is just one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. They have had some ups and downs throughout their career I would say. Apparently they have maintained a steady lineup, even through a 7-year hiatus, but they released some pretty shit albums in the 2000s. They really got their shit together with The Well-Intentioned Virus, taking more influence from sludge metal, and now have been releasing similarly great EPs, splits, and singles. I think I heard that they are supposed to release three more EPs this year, looking forward to those.
10. Blarf - Cease & Desist
(7) plunderphonics/sound collage/instrumental hip hop - I don't really listen to plunderphonics, but I guess I should get more into that, as well as noise and other similar genres, because this was a genuinely great album from the man himself, Eric Andre. I really do think everyone who is reviewing it positively only likes it because they like and know Eric Andre, and don't truly understand what he was going for. Now, of course, I am no expert on plunderphonics, but I respect stuff like that and have known about it's existence, and I can tell you that this is indeed a good one.
11. Malibu Ken - Malibu Ken
(7) experimental hip hop - It's ya boi Aesop Rock. I really fuckin love this dude, his lyrics, the way he raps, his production (on his solo work of course, Tobacco does all that on this record), and damn, what a cool collab. It's got such a humorous and weird edge to it, plus it's got that funny lookin artwork. Please, please, please, do yourself a fucking favor and check out The Impossible Kid if you have not yet, Aesop's best record by far I would say.
12. Funereal Presence - Achatius
(7) black/speed - Another fun one, yet it has a dark edge to it. Speed metal, a genre I would say I don't know much about, combined with black metal is a sound I need to explore more. I'm sure there are more bands out there like this one, please reccommend me some in the comments!
13. Whitehorse - Whitehorse & The Body [Collaboration]
(7) sludge/drone/power electronics - Better than I expected. I did not know of Whitehorse before this collab, pretty good discovery. This EP is another great trip through hell with The Body.
14. Mastiff - Plague
(7) sludge/hardcore - Just some pretty straightforward, fun sludge shit, totally my thing. Go check it out.
15. Venom Prison - Samsara
(7) deathcore - One of the better deathcore albums of the decade. I don't know a lot about the genre since I don't love it, but certain bands I think are really good, Venom Prison is one of them. They are getting more and more popular and will be huge soon.
16. Sordide - Hier Déjà Mort
(7) black - Good black metal. Pretty much all fans of the genre should enjoy this, I had no issues with it.
17. Kaleikr - Heart Of Lead
(7) black/prog death - I thought this was really great and interesting when I first heard it. I moved my rating down to a 7 after hearing it a couple more times. Still good, just not as great as I originally thought.
18. House Of Waters - Rising
(7) jazz fusion - Hammered dulcimer fusion. Great to sit back to and fall into a trance.
19. Misery Index - Rituals Of Power
(7) deathgrind - Better than The Killing Gods. My friend liked the album a lot but didn't love the cleaner production they went with. I would disagree and think it sounds good the way it is.
20. The Meads Of Asphodel - Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing
(7) experimental black - A good album from the Meads, but felt quite underwhelming, when compared to the great Sonderkommando and TMOJTJ. It is interesting and unique, but like I said, it's underwhelming, it doesn't sound as intense as some of their past works, nor does it sound as dark as the last few albums. Not that all that makes it a bad record, just not as fantastic as I was expecting/hoping for.
21. Waste Of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis
(7) doom/space rock/avant-garde/psychedelic rock - I guess you could say I was slightly disappointed with this. It's good, but a collab between Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising.. I thought it could've been even better than this. We'll see what they do next!
22. Full Of Hell - Weeping Choir
(7) deathgrind - I thought this was nice for the band because it really is a combination of all the sounds they have explored on previous projects. Not only deathgrind, but sludge, noise, hardcore powerviolence, etc. are all sprinkled in here somewhere. I prefer there more sludgey and even noiser stuff to their more straightforward deathgrind, but I would definitely say this was an improvement on Trumpeting Ecstasy, not only because they tried to combine a bunch of other genres with that sound, but the songwriting overall is a little more interesting.
23. Phlebotomized - Deformation Of Humanity
(7) prog death - Another album I liked more on first listen than I do now. Cool to see this band revived though, got some good praise for this album.
24. Death Grips - Gmail And The Restraining Orders
(6) noise/sound collage/glitch/hardcore/free improv - So someone said that this is what Death Grips sounds like to people that don't like/get Death Grips, and I couldn't put it better myself. This is actually the weirdest and most out-there release this band has ever released, and it's not even released officially yet. It's not my favorite of the bands work but I enjoyed some of this mad noise. Anyone who hated Death Grips previous work will absolutely fucking hate this, and would be shocked that I even enjoyed any of it. Now that they made something that is pretty much just a chaotic mess of noise, I really just do not know where they will go from here. To be clear, I thought this was alright, but just kind of really repetitive which made it uninteresting, it seems like it didn't take that much effort to make this crazy sound collage.
25. Crowhurst - III
(6) black/industiral/avant-garde - Not Jay and the boys' best work, I would say. Everyone will try to argue with me, but I thought the vocals got kind of.. really annoying. Made me think of a really bad and lame Michael Gira, kinda disappointing. Musically is was nothing more than decent to average black metal, except for a few moments (like the fantastic opening track, "I Will Carry You To Hell") I was definitely disappointed with this record, when it got announced I immediately ejaculated in my pants. Kurt Ballou on production, Ethan McCarthy AND Tony Wakeford both featured?!?!? Sorry, just did not enjoy it that much.
26. Deathspell Omega - The Furnaces of Palingenesia
(6) avant-garde black - Not that great. It's cool seeing them sort of trying a slower more mid-paced sound on here a few times. I always thought something like that would be cool, Doomspell Omega or Sludgespell Omega. This wasn't that good though. I guess it might be better than The Synarchy Of Molten Bones...
27. Sunn O))) - Life Metal
(6) drone - Overrated average Sunn record.
28. Internal Rot - Hack Session
(6) grind - Decent Aussie grind, and I would say it's just as good than their previous effort, Mental Hygiene.
29. Desecravity - Anathema
(6) tech death - Average technical death metal. Skilled musicians though..
30. Misþyrming - Algleymi
(6) black - Average Icelandic black metal.
31. Embrional - Evil Dead
(6) death - Really average death metal.
32. !T.O.O.H.! - Komouš
(6) tech death/avant-garde/deathgrind - Really bad/sad continuation of !T.O.O.H.!'s sound..
33. Miscarriage - Imminent Horror
(5) sludge/death doom/goregrind - Not nearly as good as some are saying it is. Sort of interesting, but also really annoying and not something I would ever wanna sit and listen to. Sounds good on paper, but I think this was executed pretty poorly.
34. Soilwork - Verkligheten
(5) melodeath - Better than most melodeath bands out there for sure
35. Fallujah - Undying Light
(4) utter shit - Terrible. Just absolutely terrible.

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