Rage Albums Ranked. Best To Worst.

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One of the hardest working bands in all of metal with one of the most extensive catalogues. Peavy has really been busy throughout his career and luckily most of the time he has surrounded himself without other great musicans that have helped Rage becoming one of the most reliable bands still around. Here's all the Rage albums ranked, also including some of the albums that was released under other names.

Created by: majormalfunction | 02.07.2019

1. Rage - The Missing Link
1993 Rating: 9 Top picks: Lost in the Ice, The Missing Link, Refuge
2. Rage - Soundchaser
2003 Rating: 9 Top picks: Soundchaser, Human Metal, Falling from Grace
3. Rage - Speak Of The Dead
2006 Rating: 9 Top picks: No Regrets, Speak of The Dead, Soul Survivor
4. Rage - Black in Mind
1995 Rating: 9 Top picks: The Crawling Chaos, Sent By The Devil, All This Time
5. Rage - Secrets in a Weird World
1989 Rating: 8 Top picks: Without a Trace, Mirror, Light into Darkness
6. Rage - Reflections of a Shadow
1990 Rating: 8 Top picks: Waiting for the Moon, Wild Seed, Dust
7. Rage - Strings To A Web
2010 Rating: 8 Top picks: Strings to A Web, Saviour of the Dead, Beggar's Last Dime
8. Rage - Unity
2002 Rating: 7 Top picks: Unity, Down, Set the World on Fire
9. Rage - Trapped
1992 Rating: 7 Top picks: Baby, I'm Your Nightmare, Enough is Enough, Difference
10. Rage - XIII
1998 Rating: 7 Top picks: Days of December, Immortal Sin, Another Wasted Day
11. Rage - 10 Years in Rage
1994 Rating: 7 Top picks: Vertigo, Destination Day, She Killed and Smiled
12. Rage - Welcome To The Other Side
2001 Rating: 7 Top picks: Paint the Devil on The Wall, One More Time, Welcome to The Other Side
13. Rage - Seasons Of The Black
2017 Rating: 7 Top picks: Justify, Farewell, Serpents in Disguise
14. Rage - Reign of Fear
1986 Rating: 7 Top picks: Scared to Death, Suicide, Reign of Fear
15. Rage - Execution guaranteed
1987 Rating: 7 Top picks: Down By Law, Execution guaranteed, Before the Storm
16. Rage - The Devil Strikes Again
2016 Rating: 7 Top picks: The Devil Strikes Again, My Way, War
17. Rage - Ghosts
1999 Rating: 7 Top picks: Love and Fear Unite, Back in Time, Spiritual Awakening
18. Rage - End of All Days
1996 Rating: 6 Top picks: Deep in the Blackest Hole, HIgher than The Sky, End of All Days
19. Rage - 21
2012 Rating: 6 Top picks: Feel My Pain, Psycho Terror, Destiny
20. Rage - Carved In Stone
2008 Rating: 6 Top picks: Gentle Murders, Drop Dead, Carved in Stone
21. Rage - Perfect Man
1988 Rating: 5 Top picks: Death in the Afternoon, A Pilgrim's Path, Don't Fear the Winter
22. Avenger (Ger) - Prayers Of Steel
1985 Rating: 5 Top picks: Assorted By Satan, South Cross Union, Battlefield
23. Refuge - Solitary Men
2018 Rating: 5 Top picks: Let Me Go, The Man in the Ivory Tower, Another Kind of Madness
24. Lingua Mortis Orchestra - LMO
2013 Rating: 5 Top picks: Cleansed By Fire, The Witches Judge

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26.05.2020 - 23:11
Good list.
I never came up with a Rage list. Though they are a good choice for a disco ranking due to the length of the latter.
We have already discussed many of the details in the respective album threads.
I am gonna sum up the essentials here.

Where we agree:
Missing link best album (really not everybody thinks so!)
Black in Mind in the upper third.
Secrets in the upper third (!).
Trapped in the upper half.
10 years in the middle.
Many of their post 1996 albums in the lower half.

Where we disagree:
Execution guaranteed in the lower half (upper third for me).
End of all days in the lower half (upper half for me).
Avenger (Ger) - Prayers Of Steel in the lower third (upper third for me).
Speak of the dead in the upper third (lower half for me).
27.05.2020 - 08:28
Written by Redel on 26.05.2020 at 23:11

Good list.

Thanks! Never an easy job to make a list like this and with such extensive disocgraphy I guess all Rage fans ranking would be different

Written by Redel on 26.05.2020 at 23:11

Where we disagree:
Execution guaranteed in the lower half (upper third for me).
End of all days in the lower half (upper half for me).
Avenger (Ger) - Prayers Of Steel in the lower third (upper third for me).
Speak of the dead in the upper third (lower half for me).

Execution Guaranteed and the debut are probably the ones could be higher in the list. When I add Wings of Rage I will also revisit those two. End of All Days and Prayers of Steel have their moments but as a whole they contain too much filler to end up higher.

Speak of the Dead is one of those albums that came at just the right time in my life and I listened to it death. Sometimes albums like that loose their glow as time goes but this one is still an incredibly well written and fun record. The opening Suite is Victor Smolski at his best!
And what do you call assassins who accuse assassins anyway, my friend?

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