Dvatisícedvacet (MMXX)

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Created by: kveetie | 19.01.2020

1. Lorna Shore - Immortal
8/Favourite track: Darkest Spawn
2. Aara - En Ergô Einai
8/Favourite track: Arkanum
3. Katatonia - City Burials
8/Favourite track: The Winter of Our Passing
4. Haken - Virus
8/Favourite track: Invasion
5. Hail Spirit Noir - Eden In Reverse
8/Favourite track: Crossroads
6. Elder - Omens
8/Favourite track: Embers
7. Vvilderness - Dark Waters
8/Favourite track: Danu's Tears
8. Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal
8/Favourite track: Gods & Machines
9. Bell Witch - Stygian Bough: Volume I [Collaboration]
8/Favourite track: The Bastard Wind
10. Psychonaut - Unfold The God Man
8/Favourite track: Halls Of Amenti
11. Green Carnation - Leaves Of Yesteryear
8/Favourite track: Leaves Of Yesteryear
12. Cult of Fire - Nirvana
8/Favourite track: Buddha 4
13. Kvaen - The Funeral Pyre
8/Favourite track: Revenge By Fire
14. Kall - Brand
8/Favourite track: Fervour
15. Paradise Lost - Obsidian
8/Favourite track: Serenity
16. Afsky - Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
8/Favourite track: Angst
17. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still
8/Favourite track: Exhale The Ash
18. Gaerea - Limbo
7/Favourite track: Null
19. Havukruunu - Uinuos Syömein Sota
7/Favourite track: Ja Viimein On Yö
20. Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant
7/Favourite track: Slow Violence
21. Kardashev - The Baring Of Shadows
7/Favourite track: A Frame. A Light
22. The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous
7/Favourite track: Godlessly
23. Abduction - Jehanne
7/Favourite track: Aux Loges Les Dames
24. Lustre - The Ashes Of Light
7/Favourite track: Part 3 (Like Music In The Night)
25. Winterfylleth - The Reckoning Dawn
7/Favourite track: The Reckoning Dawn
26. Imperial Triumphant - Alphaville
7/Favourite track: Transmission To Mercury
27. Cult of Fire - Moksha
7/Favourite track: (Ne)čistý
28. Spectral Lore - Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine [Collaboration]
7/Favourite track: Mercury (The Virtuous)
29. Soliloquium - Things We Leave Behind
7/Favourite track: The Recluse
30. Wolfheart - Wolves Of Karelia
7/Favourite track: Hail Of Steel
31. On Thorns I Lay - Threnos
7/Favourite track: Odysseia
32. Sivyj Yar - Горе
7/Favourite track: Глубина
33. Blaze of Sorrow - Absentia
7/Favourite track: Settimo Requiem
34. Marrasmieli - Between Land and Sky
7/Favourite track: The Ardent Passage
35. Fluisteraars - Bloem
7/Favourite track: Eeuwige Ram
36. My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion
7/Favourite track: Your Broken Shore
37. Skyforest - A New Dawn
7/Favourite track: Rebirth
38. Myrkur - Folkesange
7/Favourite track: Tor i Helheim
39. Cénotaphe - Monte Verità
7/Favourite track: Intolérante thébaide
40. Lascar - Distant Imaginary Oceans
7/Favourite track: Novelization
41. Olhava - Ladoga
7/Favourite track: Smoldering Woodland
42. Psychotic Waltz - The God-Shaped Void
7/Favourite track: Devils And Angels
43. Almyrkvi - Almyrkvi / The Ruins Of Beverast [Split]
7/Favourite track: Asomatous Grove
44. Mourning Beloveth - Don't Walk On The Mass Graves [Split]
7/Favourite track: I Saw A Dying Child In Your Arms
45. Dark Fortress - Spectres from the Old World
7/Favourite track: Pazuzu
46. Asarhaddon - Reysa
7/Favourite track: Pfad ohne Kehrt
47. Sylosis - Cycle of Suffering
7/Favourite track: Abandon
48. Thy Catafalque - Naiv
7/Favourite track: A Bolyongás Ideje
49. Ygg - The Last Scald
6/Favourite track: Віса пробудження
50. Make Them Suffer - How To Survive A Funeral
6/Favourite track: Erase Me
51. Unreqvited - Empathica
6/Favourite track: Empathica II: Everwinter
52. Karg - Traktat
6/Favourite track: Tod, wo bleibt dein Frieden?
53. Odraza - Rzeczom
6/Favourite track: Schadenfreude
54. Temple Of Void - The World That Was
6/Favourite track: The World That Was
55. Vástígr - Aura Aeternitatis
6/Favourite track: Ouroboros
56. Urnscent - Of Simurgh And Ascent
6/Favourite track: Simurgh: Of Flames And Eternity
57. Gloosh - Timewheel
6/Favourite track: Groza
58. Dukatalon - Involuntary Action
6/Favourite track: Above The Flames
59. Lotus Thief - Oresteia
6/Favourite track: Libation Bearers
60. Forlesen - Hierophant Violent
6/Favourite track: Nightbridge
61. Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin Kynsi
6/Favourite track: Oikeamielisten Sali
62. Sadness (USA) - Alluring The Distant Eye
6/Favourite track: Shallow Streams And She
63. Black Magick SS - Rainbow Nights
6/Favourite track: Mothers Lullaby
64. The Spirit - Cosmic Terror
6/Favourite track: Pillars of Doom
65. A Light In The Dark - Insomnia
6/Favourite track: Insomnia
66. Sutrah - Aletheia
6/Favourite track: Variation II.II- Genèse
67. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber - Ascension
6/Favourite track: Au Bord Du Gouffre
68. Intronaut - Fluid Existential Inversions
6/Favourite track: Speaking of Orbs
69. Thomas Giles - Feel Better
5/Favourite track: Fade It Out
70. Sojourner - Premonitions
5/Favourite track: Fatal Frame
71. Garganjua - Toward the Sun
5/Favourite track: Controlling Waves
72. Konvent - Puritan Masochism
5/Favourite track: World of Gone
73. Aversions Crown - Hell Will Come For Us All
5/Favourite track: Sorrow Never Sleeps
74. Igorrr - Spirituality and Distortion
4/Favourite track: Very Noise
75. Old Man Gloom - Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being
4/Favourite track: Love Is Bravery
76. Old Man Gloom - Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning
4/Favourite track: Calling You Home
77. Departure Chandelier - Dripping Papal Blood
4/Favourite track: Between This World And The Next
78. Malokarpatan - Krupinské Ohne
4/Favourite track: Krupinské Ohne Poštyrikráte Teho Roku Vzplanuli

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