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1. AC/DC - Back In Black
2. AC/DC - High Voltage
3. Allen/Lande - The Showdown
4. Amaranthe - Amaranthe
5. Amaranthe - Massive Addictive

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Created by The Norseman on 30.01.2016

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My favourite Power Metal Albums

Since many of you felt annoyed by my previous list title I changed it and hopefully you will be ok with it.Power up everybody!!!

1. Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
2. Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side
3. Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
4. Riot - ThunderSteel
5. Gamma Ray - Land of the Free

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Created by stormlord77 on 29.04.2013

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My Top 50 Power Metal Albums 2009

1. Cain's Offering - Gather The Faithful
2. Skywings - The Advent Melody
3. Heavenly - Carpe Diem
4. Fairyland - Score To A New Beginning
5. Axxis - Utopia

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Created by feather_light on 19.04.2013

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Metal-Gems: "Power Metal"

A list for power metal bands and albums, which are sadly overlooked by the majority, but are highly deserving much more attention. That means obviously that this is no place for the genres biggest and most well known acts, like Blind Guardian, Helloween, Sabaton or the likes.
This list is ever progressing, so feel free to suggest as many bands as they come up in your mind. I will check them out and then decide if they need to be included or not.
The only requirements: They should be quite well hidden in the metal world and not only be extraordinary good but also really something else (I obviously don't want to fill this list with a bunch of unknown, but average, generic and thousand times copied plastic power metal bands).
This list is ordered by my personal impressions.

1. Crom - Vengeance
2. Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet
3. Fairyland - Score To A New Beginning
4. Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics
5. Eldritch - El Niño

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Created by sashike on 20.10.2012

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The Awesomest Duets

The most beautiful and awesome vocal duets (within bands or guest appearances) I ever heard in my life...
Any Suggestions are welcomed!

1. Kamelot - The Black Halo
2. Anathema - A Natural Disaster
3. Theatre Of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear
4. Within Temptation - Black Symphony
5. Ayreon - The Universal Migrator Part I: The Dream Sequencer

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Created by Angel_Lament on 09.02.2012

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Top 10 Power Metal Albums Of 2009

1. Epica - Design Your Universe
2. Celesty - Vendetta
3. Heavenly - Carpe Diem
4. Fairyland - Score To A New Beginning
5. Saint Deamon - Pandeamonium

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Created by sonatoarctico on 22.08.2011

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Best of the Best: Power Metal

AWesomest power metal albums I've heard in my life and Enjoy the most (and some which are extreme power which didnt feel right not to put them here..!), probably not ordered in the most right way...!!

1. Kamelot - The Black Halo
2. Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
3. Dark Moor - Autumnal
4. Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
5. Stratovarius - Visions

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Created by Angel_Lament on 07.08.2011

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TOP 2009

working on the final review

1. Cain's Offering - Gather The Faithful
2. Sonata Arctica - The Days Of Grays
3. Amorphis - Skyforger
4. Be'lakor - Stone's Reach
5. Shakra - Everest

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Created by giok99 on 11.07.2011

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*The Best Albums Under 150 Votes*

This is a list of my favorite albums with less than 150 votes. The ordering is done by approximate preference. Bands may only have one entry on the list and no entries will come from the current calendar year. All of these albums are terrific and deserve to be listened to so do yourself a favor and check out these albums if the description intrigues you. **Last Update 08/16/11**

1. Ghost Brigade - Guided By Fire
2. Slumber - Fallout
3. Leprous - Tall Poppy Syndrome
4. Persefone - Core
5. Into Eternity - Buried In Oblivion

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Created by Pyramid God on 04.06.2011

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Top 5 Power Metal 2009

1. Celesty - Vendetta
2. Heavenly - Carpe Diem
3. Fairyland - Score To A New Beginning
4. Dark Moor - Autumnal
5. Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory

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Created by chinche on 14.09.2010

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Top Power Metal Ballad

sometimes we need to calm down, lost in the strains of the lyrics, and feel how wonderful metal music it is. (I only wrote one song for one band)

1. Dark Moor - The Gates Of Oblivion
2. Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage
3. Helloween - Master Of The Rings
4. Gamma Ray - To The Metal
5. Rhapsody Of Fire - Triumph Or Agony

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Created by ImNotMetal on 09.06.2010

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Sidrar's Top 50 Songs, As Of January 2010

Mostly power metal and progressive metal

1. Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence
2. Kamelot - Memento Mori
3. Turisas - Miklagard Overture
4. Angra - Morning Star
5. Fairyland - Score to a New Beginning

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Created by sidrar on 07.03.2010

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The Ultimate Symphonic Metal Albums

A collection of metal albums that heavily use the likes of classical instrumentation, orchestral, opera or/and symphonic keyboard synths. Suggestions/Recommendations are welcome.

1. Adagio - Underworld
2. Aesma Daeva - Dawn Of The New Athens
3. After Forever - Decipher
4. Almôra - Kalihora's Song
5. Ancient Bards - The Alliance Of The Kings

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Created by CyberSymphony on 06.03.2010

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Ellrohir's Top 15 Of 2009

This is how I saw the past year. Of course I haven't heard everything, but out of albums I encountered, these are the winners. Created at 4 January 2010, no further changes adjusted.

1. Kalisia - Cybion
2. Ensiferum - From Afar
3. Nokturnal Mortum - The Voice Of Steel
4. Umbrtka - Úplná Demontá Lidstva
5. Wardruna - Runaljod-Gap Var Ginnunga

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Created by Ellrohir on 02.03.2010