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All Time Favourite Albums

List of my favourite, 10/10 rated albums. One album per band.

Will be updated.

1. Edge Of Sanity - Crimson
2. Megadeth - Rust In Peace
3. Judas Priest - Painkiller
4. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
5. Iron Maiden - Brave New World

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Created by berba_ on 30.03.2016

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Virgin Steele - All Tracks Ranked (1-185)

I make no secret of being a big fan of Virgin Steele. They are easily my favourite band of all time. I have a list of their studio albums ranked and I just thought that wasn't enough. So for a ridiculously long time I have been creating this list. When you are ranking so many songs from one band it can get really difficult. You listen to a song you maybe haven't heard in a while and it suddenly jumps 30 places. I am pretty happy with the list though and will change it down the line if and when my opinions change.

1. Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus Act I
2. Virgin Steele - Invictus
3. Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus Act II
4. Virgin Steele - Invictus
5. Virgin Steele - Age Of Consent

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Created by Belegûr on 25.01.2016

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Virgin Steele Discography (Ranked)

My personal ranking of all the Virgin Steele studio albums. My top 3 can sometimes switch depending on my mood, but it's certainly a close battle between Invictus and The House Of Atreus Act I. Noble Savage seems quite low, but I still like that album. I don't enjoy any of the bottom 3 really and having previously considering Life Among The Ruins to be the worst...I was wrong. The first album is certainly the worst for me. That is an album I simply can't listen to! I really like the compilation albums and the different versions of songs they offer, but they aren't studio albums. I also much prefer the Age Of Consent re-release which contains Serpent's Kiss, one of my favourite songs.

1. Virgin Steele - Invictus
2. Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus Act I
3. Virgin Steele - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part II
4. Virgin Steele - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part I
5. Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus Act II

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Created by Belegûr on 01.06.2015

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Old-school Metal: The Must-haves

The must-have albums of old school heavy metal. Includes genres like Traditional, NWOBHM, U.S.P.M., Speed, Epic, Doom, and prog.

1. Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
2. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
3. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
4. Crimson Glory - Transcendence
5. Angel Witch - Angel Witch

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Created by Jagermeister on 07.03.2015

Workout List

1. Kobra and The Lotus - Kobra and The Lotus
2. Sinner - Danger Zone
3. Danzig - Danzig
4. Iced Earth - Dystopia
5. Pretty Maids - Pandemonium

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Created by The Norseman on 01.09.2013

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"The Greatest Vocalists In Rock & Metal Music"

This is a list with some of the greatest voices in the history of rock/metal music (in alphabetical order - by singer).

I know that there are many more great singers out there (I haven't heard them all!), and I also know that there are some really good singers left out of this list.

The criteria by which the following singers were selected are:

1. My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans
2. Primordial - To The Nameless Dead
3. Watchtower - Control And Resistance
4. Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
5. Evanescence - Fallen

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Created by Tzo87 on 07.06.2013

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My favourite Power Metal Albums

Since many of you felt annoyed by my previous list title I changed it and hopefully you will be ok with it.Power up everybody!!!

1. Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
2. Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side
3. Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
4. Riot - ThunderSteel
5. Gamma Ray - Land of the Free

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Created by stormlord77 on 29.04.2013

Beyond The Boundaries Of Imagination

1. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King
2. Empyrium - Songs Of Moors And Misty Fields
3. Agalloch - The Mantle
4. Windir - Arntor
5. Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja

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Created by Bauglir on 25.03.2013

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Top Albums Of The 90's

1. Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark
2. Metallica - Metallica
3. Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
4. Judas Priest - Painkiller
5. Annihilator - Set The World On Fire

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Created by TiagoPoggere on 28.02.2013

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My Favourite Albums, One Per Band.

I tried to put one album per band, so it was a fucking hard choice in many cases.
Anyway, all of them are great albums in it' genre.
No order followed.

1. Almah - Fragile Equality
2. Andre Matos - Mentalize
3. Arryan Path - Ira Imperium
4. Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part 1
5. Astral Doors - New Revelation

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Created by kahn84 on 13.09.2012

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TOP 1998

1. Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth
2. Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings
3. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
4. Rhapsody Of Fire - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
5. Falkenbach - ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri...

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Created by giok99 on 29.10.2011

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Top 25 Heavy Albuns

I'm not a methodic person, so i put my 25 favorite of my collection (are missing some albuns, so my top can chance) from heavy metal (not death, not black, not doom, not folk... only heavy... or anything this could mean)

1. Savatage - Gutter Ballet
2. Virgin Steele - Invictus
3. W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol
4. Rage - XIII
5. Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime

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Created by Thunderhead on 17.02.2011

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Virgin Steele - Best Songs (1982 - 2006)

Best songs from discography Virgin Steele

1. Virgin Steele - Guardians Of The Flame
2. Virgin Steele - Guardians Of The Flame
3. Virgin Steele - Guardians Of The Flame
4. Virgin Steele - Age Of Consent
5. Virgin Steele - Age Of Consent

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Created by Kropy on 11.12.2010

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50 Best Albums Ever

Simply my top 50 favorite albums of all time,

1. AC/DC - Powerage
2. AC/DC - Back In Black
3. Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part I
4. Metallica - Ride The Lightning
5. Mastodon - Crack The Skye

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Created by Ballbreaker on 21.09.2010