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2014 - Leth's List Of Likables (Non-Metal Inclusive)

Pretty much every album that's caught my attention over the year, including non-metal. (Variety is a virtue, y'know )

I'll only be commenting on albums that I've given enough time to really form an opinion on. Chances are albums that failed to interest me beyond a first listen will eventually be removed from the list.

1. A.C.T - Circus Pandemonium
2. Aenaon - Extance
3. Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
4. Alcest - Shelter
5. Audrey Fall - Mitau

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Created by Lethrokai on 11.04.2014

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Less Is More - Iron's 2014

This year, I will try to listen to less music more. That is, I won't go out of my way to hear and list every possible album I sort of dig on the first spin, and the ones I do include I aim to know thoroughly. A lot of the albums I include tentatively will probably get deleted, too. Without further preamble, interesting albums in no particular order:

1. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
2. Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World
3. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything
4. Bohren & der Club of Gore - Piano Nights
5. Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness

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Created by IronAngel on 26.03.2014

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A WTF Party: The Avantgardist's Guide To 2014

The title pretty much says it all. This is the strangest of the strange for this year. No albums that just recycle the same old ideas over and over again, no overhyped albums, and no over-commercialized bands. Just albums from the depths of the 12th dimension that sodomize your mind and make you question the exact definition of metal in its current incarnation. Not ALL releases in here are metal, and I'm not necessarily saying they're all Avantgarde, either: Just that by comparison to most other releases of the year, they're pretty outlandish and bizarre. In chronology by release date, and subject to expansion as the year progresses. Links to songs or full albums provided. Suggestions gladly appreciated, but keep em fucking strange!

1. Alkerdeel - Dyodyo Asema [Collaboration]
2. Murmur - Murmur
3. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
4. Los Random - Pidanoma
5. Blut Aus Nord - Debemur MoRTi

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Created by Apothecary on 24.03.2014

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Best Of 2014 So Far

1. Behemoth - The Satanist
2. Vanden Plas - Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld (Path 1)
3. Hannes Grossmann - The Radial Covenant
4. Aenaon - Extance
5. A Sense Of Gravity - Travail

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Created by zarahuztra on 12.03.2014

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Dos Mil Catorce

Same as every year, my list of 2014 albums I listen and care to give a rating to.

1. Random - Pidanoma
2. Behemoth - The Satanist
3. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
4. Murmur - Murmur
5. Nasheim - Solens Vemod

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Created by Unhealer on 10.03.2014

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My 2014 Likes

Blah blah blah 2014 blah blah blah list blah blah blah liked so far blah blah blah

1. Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon
2. Lascaille's Shroud - Interval 02: Parallel Infinities - The Abscinded Universe
3. Aenaon - Extance
4. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
5. Hannes Grossmann - The Radial Covenant

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Created by psykometal on 09.03.2014

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2014 - From the Awesome to the Awful

2014 is upon us and as per usual here is yet another unimaginative top list!

1. Nasheim - Solens Vemod
2. The Wounded Kings - Consolamentum
3. Dread Sovereign - All Hell's Martyrs
4. Kuolemanlaakso - Tulijoutsen
5. Dirge - Hyperion

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Created by Draugen on 06.03.2014


Just a list to remember everything i've heard.

1. Macbeth - Neo Gothic-Propaganda
2. Mayan - Antagonise
3. Within Temptation - Hydra
4. Whispered - Shogunate Macabre
5. Dark Sarah - Behind the Black Veil

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Created by Ap46 on 18.02.2014

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Best Of 2014 XIV...As It Progresses (Updated Weekly)

Albums I'm enjoying as 2014 progresses, order and all that is updated weekly. Suggestions and also comments are very welcome, I'm also finally finished my 2013 list. Check that out as well
As new 2014 albums come and go please note the order is subject to change before you have an aneurism.

1. Delain - The Human Contradiction
2. Sonata Arctica - Pariah's Child
3. Demon Hunter - Extremist
4. Epitimia - (Un)reality
5. Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema

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Created by EnigmaLake on 16.02.2014

Albums Of The Year (1970-Present)

1. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
2. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
3. Deep Purple - Machine Head
4. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
5. King Crimson - Red

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Created by FullyOttoMatic on 09.02.2014

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2014: From Professor JokeR's Perspective

I'll start off by saying that I wasn't planning on doing a list so early on in the year, but I've come across numerous albums that I'd like to share with people who enjoy my lists (or people who hate my lists).

This list will be a little different than my 2013 list. I created that list at the end of the year, and then decreased it to my Top 25 of 2013. This list will be a compilation of all 2014 albums I've come across and given a listen.

1. Thou - Heathen
2. Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion
3. Artificial Brain - Labyrinth Constellation
4. Impetuous Ritual - Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence
5. The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li

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Created by Chobo_jokeR on 08.02.2014

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January Top 10 Of 2014

1. Mechina - Xenon
2. The Unguided - Fragile Immortality
3. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
4. Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon
5. Graveborne - Through The Window Of The Night

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Created by maglor on 29.01.2014

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2014 So Far...

So now it's routine.

1. Animals as Leaders - The Joy of Motion
2. Gazpacho - Demon
3. Aenaon - Extance
4. Hannes Grossmann - The Radial Covenant
5. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi

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Created by Xylem12345 on 27.01.2014

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Hadriel's Favorites Of 2014

Favorite albums of the year

1. Animals As Leaders - The Joy of Motion
2. Periphery - Clear
3. Cynic - KIndly Bent to Free Us
4. Hannes Grossmann - The Radial Covenant
5. Aenaon - Extance

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Created by hadriel on 25.01.2014

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***Probably not gonna be updated a lot for the next 3 months (until July)***

If you're wondering what all those crazy symbols mean, keep reading this introductory text.

This list ranks all the albums I've listened to (that were released in 2014) and lists all the ones I'm planning on listening to. I decided to get rid of the albums I didn't enjoy, because... Well... Why would I want to keep them here? There are also some awards at the bottom, check it out.

1. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
2. Lascaille's Shroud - Interval 02: Parallel Infinities - The Abscinded Universe
3. Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema
4. The Oath - The Oath
5. Altar Of Betelgeuze - Darkness Sustains The Silence

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Created by Zaphod on 23.01.2014

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