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Honorable Mentions Of 2012

Any albums that don't make it into my personal top twenty albums list (particularly those that were once on the list but were bumped off) should be mentioned too (unless they suck)! I will add any albums that made an impression on me, but weren't enough for my top twenty or were originally top twenty contenders that were bumped off in room for better albums.

1. Three Hour Ceasefire - Cry Havoc EP
2. Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
3. Baroness - Yellow & Green
4. Bilocate - Summoning the Bygones
5. Overkill - The Electric Age

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Created by Dentura on 11.08.2012

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Top 10 Albums Of 2010

1. Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time
2. Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age
3. Sabaton - Coat Of Arms
4. Accept - Blood Of The Nations
5. Orden Ogan - Easton Hope

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Created by Kalmari on 09.08.2012

Top 20 Songs That Turned Me Into A Metalhead

These 20 songs are songs that shaped my life towards the most aggressive, kick ass genre of music. Some songs are old, some are relatively recent.

1. G//Z/R - The Invisible
2. Metallica - Sad But True
3. Rob Zombie - Dragula
4. AC/DC - Thunderstruck
5. Fear Factory - Zero Signal

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Created by Sykotic IQ on 07.08.2012

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My Fav Viking/Folk/Pagan/Epic Albums!

Top albums in no particular order. The first decade of the new millenium turned out to be a good one for Viking music! I realize Nightwish might be a controversial entry, but their (pre-Annette) music can invoke the inner Norseman in me!

1. Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side
2. Ensiferum - Victory Songs
3. Falkenbach - Tiurida
4. Finntroll - Jaktens Tid
5. Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup

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Created by HeathenHeart on 06.08.2012

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Personal CD Compilation Of Metal Songs (2005 - 2010)

This is a CD that i made in the year 2010 with the songs ripped previously from the albums that i have in my collection between 2005 and 2010.
Total duration: 1,2 hours. I hope you enjoy =)

1. Blind Guardian - You're The Voice (Radio Edit)
2. Angelus Apatrida - Blast Off
3. Metallica - All Nightmare Long
4. Blind Guardian - Ride Into Obsession
5. Slayer - Hate Worldwide

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Created by Vikcen on 04.08.2012

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10 Most Emotional Doom Solos Ever That I Heared! \m/

if you see list,plz comment! if you want say IT'S BULLSHIT,go on
i actually 6 month that begin to listen Doom Metal so if you are'nt see your favorite solo and band in this list please excuse me and pm me to change,tnx \m/

1. Paradise Lost - To The Darkness
2. Empyrium - Lover's Grief
3. Slumber - Distress
4. Swallow The Sun - Silence Of The Womb
5. Estatic Fear - Chapter III

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Created by lamboy on 03.08.2012

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Sssst ... Listen!

This is the weird... welcome... whatever...

1. In Tha Umbra - Descend Supreme Sunset
2. Alastor - Crushing Christendom
3. Malleus - A Semente Da Ruína
4. Wormphlegm - Tomb Of The Ancient King
5. Tropa Macaca - Marfim

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Created by Tiago Rocha on 02.08.2012

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My Best Of 2012

this is my list and i update it when i should

1. Enslaved - RIITIIR
2. Kråke - Conquering Death
3. Ne Obliviscaris - Portal Of I
4. Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone
5. Vision Divine - Destination Set To Nowhere

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Created by Darksider on 01.08.2012

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Top Albums Of The Past 12 Months (July '11 - July'12)

Well so far this year has been quite a let-down when it comes to quality metal. Many of you will probably disagree, but to each his own.

So in order for me to even make a list containing 10 entries I had to fetch them from a year ago which had some really fantastic post-July releases!

1. Vale of Pnath - The Prodigal Empire
2. Vildhjarta - Måsstaden
3. Circus Maximus - Nine

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Created by Valaskjalf on 31.07.2012

Top Thrash Metal Albums

One album per band, no specific order.

1. Metal Church - Metal Church
2. Exodus - Bonded by Blood
3. Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion
4. Destruction - Infernal Overkill
5. Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

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Created by JamesHetfield13 on 31.07.2012

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Top Prog-Metal Albums

This is a small list (that will grow over time) presenting all the top albums I have heard surrounding the prog-metal scene. I will try to add some lesser known bands that are incredibly good... Alphabetical order

1. Abydos - The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhabitants Of His Diary
2. Age Of Silence - Acceleration
3. Akashic - A Brand New Day
4. Amaseffer - Exodus - Slaves for Life
5. Andromeda - II = I

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Created by vstrato666 on 30.07.2012

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Best of US THRASH [ without The Big Four ]


1. Originality

2. Songwriting

3. Vigorous performance

1. Anacrusis - Screams And Whispers
2. Overkill - Feel The Fire
3. Nuclear Assault - Game Over
4. Souls At Zero - 3-D
5. Toxik - World Circus

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Created by Vasil de Shumen on 29.07.2012

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My Most Listened To Albums In No Order

1. Carnophage - Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare
2. Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation
3. The Slow Death - II
4. Human Parasite - Proud To Build The Insidious Catastrophe
5. Dying Fetus - Infatuation With Malevolence

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Created by skullkill on 28.07.2012

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Kick Ass Shit I Can't Get Enuff Of!!!

Here are some totally Brootal albums I can't get enuff of! In alphabetical order...

1. Aeon - Rise To Dominate
2. Aeon - Bleeding The False
3. Aeon - Path Of Fire
4. Behemoth - The Apostasy
5. Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis

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Created by I_Die_Often on 28.07.2012

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Best 10 Albums In July 2012

1. Testament - The Dark Roots Of Earth
2. Zonaria - Arrival Of The Red Sun
3. Qafas - Larghetto Laments
4. Sun Devoured Earth - Sounds Of Desolation
5. In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad

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Created by RakHiasat on 28.07.2012