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1. Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood

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Created by Jeffreyfaith on 02.04.2012

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DEATH Albums Ranked By Quality

My personal top of Death albums.

1. Death - Individual Thought Patterns
2. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
3. Death - Symbolic
4. Death - Human
5. Death - Spiritual Healing

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Created by Nick le Bel on 02.04.2012

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Coolingsrock's list Of 2012 Albums, Got It?

(Currently updating this list) *** This list is all the albums that I listened to from 2012. Order: Best to worst.

1. Periphery - Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
2. Gorod - A Perfect Absolution
3. The Faceless - Autotheism
4. Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage
5. Dethklok - Dethalbum III

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Created by Coolingsrock on 02.04.2012

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This Is Not A 2012 List

Too many 2012 lists around, you complain? You don't have to complain about this, though, it is NOT a 2012 list!

Previously, this list contained long-ass reviews, and distorted orders. But then this made people lose order and no one really reads what I write except about a handful of albums, so I decided to remove the X/10 rating system and use an "A-F" kinda stuff.

1. Rush - Clockwork Angels
2. Cytotoxin - Radiophobia
3. Overkill - The Electric Age
4. Gorod - A Perfect Absolution
5. Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth

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Created by Iron Nostarion on 01.04.2012

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Top 20 Albums Of 2012

My top 20 favorite albums of 2012 (will be updated as time moves along)

1. Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas
2. In Mourning - The Weight Of Oceans
3. Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity
4. Pallbearer - Sorrow And Extinction
5. Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone

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Created by snakecorpse on 31.03.2012

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Best Brutal Death/Slam Albums the Past 5 Years

Here are my favorite Brutal Death Metal, Technical Brutal Death Metal, and Slam Death Metal albums as of 3-31-2012. I've limited my list to releases over the last 5 years, though most will be recent releases. If you like the genres included in this list, these are albums that I think are absolute must-haves. They are simply my favorite. Some are raw, up-and-coming acts while others are more proven, established bands. The bottom line is: these are the best albums I've found under the umbrella of the 3 genres I've mentioned. I'll attempt to leave out (intentionally) some of the more recognizable names that I feel fit into the Death Metal category better than the three I mentioned, such as Dying Fetus or Severe Torture. I want to feature lesser-known bands that really push the boundaries into the most brutal territories of Death Metal. For now, top-15 to top-20 is likely where I'll cut this off, but I may add more as I realize some may have been missed or simply newly found.

1. Begging For Incest - Orgasmic Selfmutilation
2. Abysmal Torment - Omnicide
3. Abnormity - Irreversible Disintegration
4. Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin
5. Chordotomy - The Precious Ideal

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Created by Misfit74 on 31.03.2012

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My Timeless Collection

Records that I owned, heard that even when I grow old I won't get tired of playing.
List not complete.

1. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
2. Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
3. Slayer - South of Heaven
4. Judas Priest - Painkiller
5. Slayer - Reign in Blood

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Created by Reverend X on 30.03.2012

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Behold... Another 2012 List - The Obscure Edition!

Albums that have intrigued me and ones that I've liked and loved from 2012, rather than EVERYTHING I've heard from 2012. One again, more emphasis on the obscure and the unknown.
No order.


Monolithe | Sigh | Chimp Spanner | Orange Goblin | Christian Mistress | Lord Mantis | Kayo Dot | Nadja | Abigail Williams | Yayla | Nachtruf | What The Blood Revealed | Hiemal | Abyssal | Hellvetron | Bologna Violenta | Vulgaari | Prison Of Mirrors | Nebula VII | Umbah | Ice Dragon | Vattnet Viskar | Biipiigwan | Conan | Pike | A Cloud Forest | Noûs | Beyond Terror Beyond Grace | Abest | Apotheosis | Hivelords | Spelljammer | Inverloch | SaturninE | Demon Lung | Bloodshot Dawn | Book Of Sand | Agruss

1. Reverence - The Asthenic Ascension
2. Monolithe - Interlude Second
3. Diskord - Dystopics
4. Sigh - In Somniphobia
5. Agruss - Morok

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Created by !J.O.O.E.! on 29.03.2012

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Best 10 Albums In March 2012

1. Naglfar - Téras
2. Barren Earth - The Devil's Resolve
3. Gorod - A Perfect Absolution
4. Meshuggah - Koloss
5. Spawn Of Possession - Incurso

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Created by RakHiasat on 29.03.2012

Iced Earth, From Best To Worst

1. Iced Earth - Night Of The Stormrider
2. Iced Earth - Dystopia
3. Iced Earth - Horror Show
4. Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
5. Iced Earth - The Dark Saga

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Created by Kalmari on 29.03.2012

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Top 35 German Thrash Albums

This is the top 35 of german thrash metal albums of the old school...

1. Sodom - Agent Orange
2. Kreator - Pleasure To Kill
3. Destruction - Infernal Overkill
4. Tankard - Zombie Attack
5. Exumer - Possessed By Fire

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Created by ChapuLviz on 29.03.2012

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Jazz Metal

1 of my favorite sub genre is jazz metal. heres a list of bands/artists i recommend who plays this kind of music. if u have a tip plz comment;)

1. Gordian Knot - Cynic/Aghora's bassist Sean Malone's solo project. Released 2 albums in 1999/2003, both rated 9+ here on ms. waiting for a 3. release....:)
2. Devils Slingshot - 2 planet x's n billy sheehan
3. Planet X - Excellent jazz metal fusion
4. Derek Sherinian - Former Dream Theater Keyboardist release some heavy fusion album
5. Its The End - Oslo based jazz/metal/? fusion w excellent musicians. released 1 album, waiting for nr. 2=)

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Created by zarahuztra on 27.03.2012

My Top 20 Metal Albums

My opinion of the best metal albums ever!!!

1. Death - Symbolic
2. Metallica - Ride the Lightning
3. Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder
4. Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What?
5. Metallica - Master of Puppets

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Created by JoshCantor on 27.03.2012

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Seen Live

In chronological order. or close to it

1. Lenny Kravitz
2. Aerosmith
3. The Sword
4. Machine Head
5. Metallica

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Created by Nosurper on 26.03.2012

Top Albums Of All Time

This is a list of the albums that score 100 in my personal ranking system. This means they are absolute all time favorites, and they could be here because of different reasons: from absolute mind-blowing musicianship that I deeply appreciate or simply because I enjoy the music and connect to it in a special way. Albums are not listed in any particular order.

1. Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth
2. Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
3. Patrick Rondat - On the Edge
4. Helloween - The Dark Ride
5. Metallica - Master of Puppets

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Created by nb on 26.03.2012