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Rock Bands Mistaken For Metal Bands

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Deep Purple
3. Rainbow
4. King Crimson
5. Rush

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Created by God Buster 鬼 on 30.08.2014

Some Of The Worst Stuff I've Ever Heard

Whenever I browse the winterwebz looking for good stuff to listen to, it's unavoidable that I end up facing atrociously bad stuff. However some of these horrid choices are still interesting and thus manage to stay on my head and somehow my interest for them keeps growing from time to time.
This list is dedicated to those bad things that still are interesting somehow. (read it: averagely bad stuff like skryllex or lulu isn't welcome here) Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll be able to develop my taste and start liking them? Who knows? That's how I got to Unexpect or Sunn o))) after all.
There's mostly metal, actually mostly black metal stuff here. I'll add more as I remember or find more. Suggestions are welcome =] If you have a band which it's so bad you can't stand but still keep coming back to it because it's intriguing then give a shout.

1. Army Of Gay Unicorns - Army Of Gay Unicorns
2. Axxanngabannaxaxagannababaillukuku - Marduk
3. Bacchia Neraida - Εις Τους Δωδεκα Θεους Του Ολυμπου
4. Bubblegum Octopus - The Album Formerly Known As 8-legged Dance Moves
5. Divina Enema - Under Phoenix Phenomenon

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Created by Karlabos on 29.08.2014

Symphonic Metal Done Differently

Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Septicflesh and their respective clones are not welcome here. The title is a bit misleading since none of these albums are 'symphonic metal' per se, but they're metal with symphonic/orchestra elements added in a way that's unconventional, or at least as far as I know. Suggestions welcome.

1. Apocalyptica - Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
2. Aquilus - Griseus
3. Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time
4. Igorrr - Hallelujah
5. Turisas - Stand Up and Fight

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Created by Joodicator on 27.08.2014

Opeth-Best To Worst

Best To Worst!

1. Opeth - Blackwater Park
2. Opeth - Deliverance
3. Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
4. Opeth - Watershed
5. Opeth - Ghost Reveries

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Created by Frank Comstock on 27.08.2014

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Best Of 2014

Barnesy's picks for best albums of 2014

1. Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole
2. Behemoth - The Satanist
3. Ancient Ascendant - Echoes And Cinder
4. Altar Of Betelgeuze - Darkness Sustains The Silence
5. Benighted - Carnivore Sublime

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Created by barnesy on 27.08.2014

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The Best Albums Of 2014 So Far

My best album list to 2014 so far (january-september)

1. Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails
2. Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion
3. Serdce - Timelessness
4. Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun
5. Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere

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Created by DoomRules on 26.08.2014

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Meaningful Death Metal Albums

Death metal is a genre which incorporates anger, energy, cleverness, virtuosity and creativity. Essential albums, one per band.

1. Dan Swanö - Moontower
2. Cynic - Focus
3. Opeth - Damnation
4. Pan.Thy.Monium - Khaooohs
5. Edge Of Sanity - Crimson

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Created by Droidion on 26.08.2014

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The Underrated and The Mainstream

Two of my favorite albums that consider to be garbage by many.

1. Metallica - St. Anger
2. Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King

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Created by JD on 26.08.2014

Top Albums

1. At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul
2. Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
3. Metallica - Ride the Lightning
4. Dio - Holy Diver
5. Fozzy - Sin and Bones

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Created by Metaldeth on 25.08.2014

TOP 10 ALBUMS 1979

1. Thin Lizzy - Black Rose
2. Motörhead - Overkill
3. Scorpions - Lovedrive
4. Van Halen - Van Halen II
5. Saxon - Saxon

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Created by rivendel on 25.08.2014

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Top 10 Of 2014 So Far

1. Triptykon - Melana Chasmata
2. Septicflesh - Titan
3. Allegaeon - Elements Of The Infinite
4. Insomnium - Shadows Of The Dying Sun
5. Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails

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Created by TheBasilisk on 22.08.2014

The Best Of The Beast (top ten, for Me)

1. Opeth - Blackwater Park
2. Meshuggah - I
3. Kayo Dot - Hubardo
4. Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects - Sol Niger Within
5. Between The Buried And Me - Colors

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Created by JLAbad on 21.08.2014

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2014 - Best To Worst

100% subjective.
I also listened to albums far from metal or metal world (Hanggai, Lisa Gerrard, ...) but I decided not to list them there.

Updated constantly - feel free to recommend something to check out.

1. Darkspace - Dark Space III I
2. Blues Pills - Blues Pills
3. Earth - Primitive And Deadly
4. Aenaon - Extance
5. Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

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Created by AlexisCroze on 21.08.2014

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Mucho Ojo Porno: The Bestest Artwork For 2014

Yeah, the title's pretty self explanatory. My other album artwork list inspired me to do one to satisfy all the delicious eye candy that's been coming out this year. Who knows, if this gets some decent thumbups and fellates my ego enough, I may just end up doing artwork lists for each year. Your choice, assholes.

1. Indian - From All Purity
2. Murmur - Murmur
3. Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
4. Nasheim - Solens Vemod
5. Bast - Spectres

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Created by Apothecary on 21.08.2014

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The BEST of The WORST Classic Metal Albums

I realize the importance of these albums to the genres, and the influence they have had. however I do not find these albums really that great and pleasurable due to the competition and elimination through these decades of musical evolution. I respect these bands for releasing something so creative, conceptual and also brought us to the new dimension in the past.

1. Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
2. Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes
3. Anthrax - Among The Living
4. Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God
5. Accept - Restless And Wild

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Created by God Buster 鬼 on 20.08.2014

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