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My Most Popular Albums

From (27.07.12)

1. Dream Theater - Train Of Thought
2. Machine Head - Unto The Locust
3. Machine Head - The Blackening
4. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
5. Machine Head - Through The Ashes Of Empires

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Created by IlCains on 27.07.2012

My 25 First Metal Albums

This is a list of my first ever purchased metal albums. I was born in 1982 and started my metal collection in 1994/95.. Anyway thought I'd share

1. Manowar - The Triumph Of Steel
2. Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
3. Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
4. Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
5. Black Sabbath - Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

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Created by scennkah on 18.06.2012

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This is not Avantgarde style, is vanguard music literally.... in metal of course

1. Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops
2. Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs
3. Animals As Leaders - Animals As Leaders
4. Apocalyptica - Cult
5. Arcana - Le Serpent Rouge

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Created by Amo del Merol on 14.12.2011

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My share of experime(n)tal music and other innovative stuff

I wanted to create my personal Top List for a long time and to be honest, I always considered it as some kind of cool Prog Metal, Avantgarde Metal mix. As you can see, it has become a bit more complicated. So finally, there are Unexpect and Pain Of Salvation next to Bands like Kamelot and Savatage. Also, some Non-Metal Bands got involved like Jeff Buckley and Oingo Boingo. But could you imagine how PoS would sound without Jeffs influence? Or what would have become of Mr. Bungle if it weren't for Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo?!

1. Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element, Part I
2. Kalisia - Cybion
3. Savatage - Streets: A Rock Opera
4. Dog Fashion Disco - Adultery
5. Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors

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Created by In5anity on 13.08.2011

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Top 10 Current Essential Albums

List of Albums i Appreciate

1. Faith No More - The Real Thing
2. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
3. Gojira - The Way of All Flesh
4. Devin Townsend - Accelerated Evolution
5. Carach Angren - Death Came Through a Phantom Ship

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Created by kpu27 on 26.07.2011

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*Album Of The Year (For Every Year In My Collection)*

This list is the best album of every year that is represented in my current collection. Some years were really hard to choose as there were many deserving albums, others I had one or very few to choose from. The quality of albums drops off pretty severely after 1992 in my opinion. Its a shame the list isn't more diverse, but hey, I likes what I likes. I am however always buying music from many different years so expect this list to change. **Last Update 09/03/11**

1. Septicflesh - The Great Mass
2. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
3. Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs
4. Septicflesh - Communion
5. Symphony X - Paradise Lost

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Created by Pyramid God on 17.06.2011

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Top 20 Albums Of All Time

This is my personal top 20 albums of all time. 1 to 10 in no order, and 11 to 20 in no order.

1. Alice In Chains - Dirt
2. Metallica - ...And Justice For All
3. Faith No More - Angel Dust
4. Sepultura - Arise
5. Mastodon - Blood Mountain

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Created by Sonic MrSumo on 03.12.2010

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My Best Album By Year (1967-2009)

1. Finsterforst - ...Zum Tode Hin
2. Russian Circles - Station
3. Swallow The Sun - Hope
4. Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side
5. Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell

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Created by cobrapel on 01.10.2010

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My Top 20 Favorite Albums

This list contains the top twenty albums in the metal/progressive genres that are most precious to me. The personal feelings and influences as well as musical doorways that these records represent to me are big factors in the choices on the list. Enjoy!

1. Nightwish - Oceanborn
2. Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast
3. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
4. Danzig - Danzig II - Lucifuge
5. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance

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Created by Eldritch Truth on 31.08.2010

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Favorite albums from the 80's

Here are my favorite METAL albums from 1980 to 1989.

1. Mayhem - Deathcrush
2. Sepultura - Schizophrenia
3. Sepultura - Beneath The Remains
4. Faith No More - The Real Thing
5. Tormentor - Anno Domini

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Created by Hamird on 02.03.2010