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21 More Death Metal Opuses (The Vndergrovnd Edition)

Hello to all you casual or hardcore metal listening folk. (I SWEAR YOU CASUAL CONSOLE GAMERS RUINED PC GAMING FOREVER!!!!one!1!)

Right, so... this is the sequel to my first and timeless list 11 Death Metal Opuses. But I always thought it had something missing... its arrogant, much more blasphemous, elitist older brother. So here it is, I bring you: 21 MORE DEATH METAL OPUSES! Why 21? CUZ IT'S 11+10 - which in some other world proves that Alex Jones was right! Hot damn.

1. Demigod - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes
2. Rottrevore - Iniquitous
3. Convulse - World Without God
4. Brutality - Screams Of Anguish
5. Thanatos - Emerging From The Netherworlds

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Created by vezzy on 05.01.2012

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Vezzy's Favorites Of 2010

Self-explanatory beyond the impossible. Not necessarily in order.

1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
2. Sahg - III
3. Mar De Grises - Streams Inwards
4. Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones
5. Shining [NOR] - Blackjazz

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Created by vezzy on 01.01.2011

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The Grindlist (or Best Of Grindcore)

Because I felt like it and because I can. Not necessarily in order.

Viewer discretion advised: May cause headaches to Napalm Death/Carcass worshipers. And pretty much anyone else who can't bear it.

Only one album per band (or in Xysma's case, EP).

1. Repulsion - Horrified
2. Napalm Death - Scum
3. Terrorizer - World Downfall
4. Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction
5. Assück - Misery Index

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Created by vezzy on 08.11.2010

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Best Of Bulgarian Black Metal

Although there are metal bands of all genres hailing from Bulgaria, a very large portion of the scene is composed of black metal. Here are some of the best bands.

1. Raggradarh - Arise of the Ancient Flame / Rise the Pagan Forest
2. Calth - Fight for a New Become
3. Nuklear Annihilation - Destruktive Warmachine
4. Bleeding Thorn - Darkness Born Black
5. Mortem Animalium - The Decay of Time

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Created by vezzy on 06.08.2010

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Best Of Bulgarian Death Metal

There's a notable Bulgarian death metal scene with many great bands, which sadly don't receive much attention.

EDIT: 26/08/2010: List updated.

1. Enthrallment - Immerse Into Bloody Bliss
2. Corpse - Mortal Terror
3. Anal Dissected Angel - Castrate the People
4. Nihilist - Nothing
5. Necromancer - Creation of Darkness

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Created by vezzy on 16.07.2010

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11 Death Metal Opuses

11 defining death metal albums that are a must-listen.

5/01/2012 (or 1/5/2012 for you Amerifags): I present, the almighty sequel!

1. Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten
2. Vital Remains - Forever Underground
3. Resurrection - Embalmed Existence
4. Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
5. Carnage - Dark Recollections

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Created by vezzy on 30.05.2010