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Fastest Double-bass Songs, With Notes-per-second Values

IMPORTANT NOTIVE: I just realized that I have counted some songs featuring very fast triplets wrong, counting 8th notes and multiplying them with 1.333 as opposed to 1.5, so some songs have a nps too low. Fixing it, but I still may have accidentally skipped some.

I metronomed these and many more to make a definite double-bass chart. BUT IT'S NOT EVEN NEARLY FINISHED YET, so make suggestions.

1. Henker - Slave of My Art
2. Slaughterbox - Fit For Human Consumption
3. Delusional Parasitosis - Dehumanized Ontogenesis
4. Necrosy - No Solution
5. Eddowes Stride - Plea of Insanity

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Created by Heka69 on 30.04.2012

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The Worst Albums I Have Listened From The Beginning To The End

As mentioned, these are the biggest piles of shit I have sat through. Usually when I hear some complete crap I instantly turn it off or sometimes I listen to a couple of songs just to make sure it really is that bad. Now I'm presenting myself a new kind of challenge; to listen these albums completely! After all, with such a large fanbase, how could they be bad... yeah right.

1. The Haunted - Unseen
2. Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
3. Sonic Syndicate - We Rule The Night
4. Trivium - Ember To Inferno
5. Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King

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Created by Heka69 on 09.11.2011