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2012 Resolutions: This Year I'll Listen To...

Old and new, classic and obscure, hard rock and extreme, primal and progressive... here are 12 releases (one per month) that I have heard of on MetalStorm and elsewhere that seem to be really really good shit and that I have somehow not listened to yet

My mission, if I accept it, is to listened to all of them before the end of the year.

1. Wormphlegm - In An Excruciating Way Infested With Vermin And Violated By Executioners Who Practise Incendiarism And Desanctifying The Pious
2. Angizia - Das Schachbrett Des Trommelbuben Zacharias
3. Summoning - Stronghold
4. Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
5. Disembowelment - Transcendence Into The Peripheral

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Created by Qube on 07.01.2012

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2011: Choosing Death... And Black... And Other Stuff

I am making a list for 2011. Like every one else. Originality is overrated anyway.
This is the very top of the year and still a work in progress.

1. Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage
2. Beyond Creation - The Aura
3. Benighted - Asylum Cave
4. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony
5. Obscura - Omnivium

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Created by Qube on 23.11.2011