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२०१७ - Tempus Optimum Est

Favorite metal releases from 2017

1. Hell (USA) - Hell - Sludge/Doom // USA // Sentient Ruin Laboratories/LowerYourHead
2. Ascended Dead - Abhorrent Manifestation
3. Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape
4. Suffering Hour - In Passing Ascension
5. Godflesh - Post Self

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Created by 3rdWorld on 22.04.2017

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Record Labels For Metalheads

Handpicked list. For tracking/self-use. Omits certain obvious labels like Metal Blade Records, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Peaceville Records, Roadrunner Records etc.

⭐ - Very solid label with almost all releases being good and worthwhile to listen. Good store, merchs, packaging and physical editions.

1. 20 Buck Spin - Doom/Death/Black/All Genres ~ USA
2. Agonia Records - Death/Black ~ Poland
3. An Out Recordings - Black/Drone/Noise ~ US ~ Self proclaimed anarchist, feminist and anti-racist black metal, doom, drone, and noise label.
4. ANTI- - Country/Indie folk/Indie rock/Soul - USA
5. Apathia Records ⭐ - Experimental ~ France

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Created by 3rdWorld on 10.01.2017

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२०१६ - Ερμηνεία Hoc Anno

These are the voyages of 3rdWorld. His one-year mission: to explore strange new albums, to seek out new sounds and tintinnabulations, to boldly go where no metalstormer has gone before.

Top Albums of 2016.

1. Komatsu - Recipe For Murder One
2. Inquisition - Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith

1. Komatsu - Recipe For Murder One
2. Riti Occulti - Tetragrammaton
3. Moon Tooth - Chromaparagon
4. Witches Of God - They Came Here To Kill
5. Zaum - Eidolon

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Created by 3rdWorld on 02.09.2016

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२०१३ - Ex Mea Sententia

All Studio releases including Full lengths, EPs, Collaborations and Splits.

Support the artist.

Lascaille's Shroud | Youtube


1. Intronaut - Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)
2. Gris - À L'Âme Enflammée, L'Äme Constellée...
3. Shade Empire - Omega Arcane
4. Obliteration - Black Death Horizon
5. Dream Death - Somnium Excessum

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Created by 3rdWorld on 08.09.2013

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Groovitational... The Metal Edition

Smooth as a babe's bottom on a well oiled judas chair.

1. Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
2. Strapping Young Lad - Alien
3. Reverence - The Asthenic Ascension
4. Meshuggah - Contradictions Collapse
5. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill

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Created by 3rdWorld on 04.03.2012

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Skin Crawling Process In A Doom-Laden Kindred Assembly : Best Of Death Metal In 2012

All released albums will be sorted.Unreleased are unsorted.

PS: As a honorable mention,the Title of the list is taken from the song titles of the best Death metal record from the previous year.

1. Aborted - Global Flatline
2. Asphyx - Deathhammer
3. Desecravity - Implicit Obedience
4. Spawn Of Possession - Incurso
5. Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression

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Created by 3rdWorld on 28.01.2012

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Divine Code For The Comfort Of Cowards : Best Of Death Metal In 2011

No word from DM giants like Gorguts, Quo Vadis, Cryptopsy, Viraemia, The Faceless, Augury, Kronos, Martyr.Yet DM unleashed an entire fleet of some mighty monsters,minions,imps and all sort of decibel devils.

This list includes everything from Post-death to Old school death n roll records.I also kinda like slick production a little better, not that i despise the rough one.It depends on the what kind of vibe the album tries to convey.

1. Deceased - Surreal Overdose
2. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony
3. Ulcerate - The Destroyers Of All
4. Monumental Torment - Element Of Chaos
5. Baring Teeth - Atrophy

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Created by 3rdWorld on 16.01.2012