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Top Releases Of 2017, Now With A Smoked Salmon Bagel!

This year, I will be posting far more thoroughly than I have in the last two years or so. The list below is ranked in order from best to worst, but I'll likely end up cutting some albums in the end. I will also be temporarily evaluating albums I have not yet heard based on one or two songs, denoting these albums with *. Using the list, I can then come back to them later in the year. Feel free to give me any 2017 recommendations you might have. Cheers!

1. Combat Astronomy - Symmetry Through Collapse
2. Fen - Winter
3. Oceanic - Trappist
4. Hubris - Apocryphal Gravity
5. The Ominous Circle - Appalling Ascension

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Created by Diverge on 15.01.2017

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Top Releases Of 2016, Now With Eggs Benedict!

Here are my favourite releases (8+ ratings) from 2016! This year, my preferences are ranked in order of how I'd rate them. I didn't manage to listen to an exceptional amount of new music this year, so please feel free to recommend and share some releases I may not have gotten to.

Impression about 2016: A terrible year for prog and alternative metal, if I had to be honest, mostly because my expectations were sky-high for releases from Headspace, Haken, Third Ion and Dissona. On the other hand, Vektor revitalized the stagnant genre of thrash with an incredible release. It was a decent year for post-metal or post-influenced things (Départe, Moanaa, Bossk, Blindead), but it was tough to top some of the gems from 2015 (mainly, Sunpocrisy's Eyegasm, Hallelujah! album). Finally, the combination of krautrock with metal in 2016 tantalized me frequently earlier in the year (exemplified by the music of ZÖN and Vaults of Zin).

1. Départe - Failure, Subside
2. 40 Watt Sun - Wider than the Sky
3. Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust
4. Aluk Todolo - Voix
5. Vektor - Terminal Redux

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Created by Diverge on 27.12.2016

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Diverge's Alternative/Prog/Jazz/Avant-Garde Favs

LATEST EDIT: December 12/2016- Added a whole bunch of progressive rock albums; processing earlier suggestions on the list.

Assembled below are some choice selections in alternative metal, prog rock, prog metal, jazz and avant-garde metal. I don't necessarily consider these styles to be my favourite (I do have a penchant for post-metal and cavernous death metal these days), but they have been the foundations of my taste for the last seven or eight years.

2. Soundgarden - Down On The Upside
3. Rishloo - Living As Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth
4. Karnivool - Asymmetry
5. Blindead - Absence

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Created by Diverge on 28.12.2015

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2015, Now With A Chicken Shawarma!

I haven't listened to a lot of new music this year, but here are some of the highpoints for me. This year, my selections will be posted in no particular order aside from "The Best" and "The Rest". By "The Rest", I'm certainly not insinuating that these selections are bad- in fact, they are very good albums, in my opinion! I have decided not to include awful albums on this list. This list won't be as exhaustive as previous lists I've made. I'm very open for recommendations, so please send me some if you see anything that might appeal to me!

2. Voices From The Fuselage - Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds
3. Earthside - A Dream In Static
4. Marriages - Salome
5. Third Ion - 13/8 Bit

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Created by Diverge on 15.11.2015

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2014, Now Featuring A Peanut Butter Burger!

Thank you all once again for all of the suggestions and recommendations from 2014, and for following this list over the year! I can't promise I'll get to all of the suggestions, nor will I make this list as much of a priority. However, I will probably get to them at some point in the near future. The only thing I need to do is adjust my ratings, which are skewed very high at the moment.

1. Qualeaceans - Capture of Ziz
2. Amogh Symphony - Vectorscan
3. Schammasch - Contradiction
4. Kayo Dot - Coffins On Io
5. Stoic Dissention - Autochthon

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Created by Diverge on 19.01.2014

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Gems From 2013, Now with Pad Thai!

Track of the year: Prayer for Ascetic Misery- Ævangelist
Runners-up: Dyodyo Asema- Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel / Hereditaria- Lords of Bukkake /In Silence - The Prophecy/ Overcome- Hacride/ Atlas Stone- Haken/ s1- Blindead
Great Lists to check out: R'Vannith, MechanisT, musclassia, teaster, Alex Fenger, !J.O.O.E.!, Nefarious, coolingsrock, 3rdWorld, any list by mz, Moose, etc.

1. Ævangelist - Omen Ex Simulacra
2. Cult of Occult - Hic Est Domus Diaboli
3. Lords of Bukkake - Desagravio
4. Eloa Vadaath - Dead End Proclama
5. Haken - The Mountain

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Created by Diverge on 29.03.2013