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My Fascist Playlist

Fascism is a controversial topic, not doubt. But when listening to these songs, I can't help but feel my self wanting to rule the world. Upon reading this, inform me if you happen to know of any other similar songs within the Power Metal genera.

1. Rule the World - Kamelot
2. March of Mephisto - Kamleot
3. Wehrmacht - Sabaton
4. Doomlord - Dream Evil
5. Rise of Evil - Sabaton

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Created by Philosopher King on 16.04.2013

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My Favorite Power Metal Albums

These are my favorite power metal albums. Not only are they liked for their musical quality, but also for their sheer genius.

1. Dragonland - Astronomy
2. Sabaton - The Art Of War
3. Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden
4. Kamelot - Ghost Opera
5. Dream Evil - Dragonslayer

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Created by Philosopher King on 08.04.2013