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Ag's Metallic Taste Of 2015

Again... I do not aim to be the most extreme or have the quirkiest taste. It's not a massive dump-it-all-here list as I've obviously filtered out those that I doubt I'd revisit later. These albums are what I find aurally pleasing, and for those passing by, I hope you will find something here. Shall be updated periodically. Perhaps I'll have more time to listen to music this year.

1. Chapel Of Disease - The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art
2. Naïve - Altra
3. Kontinuum - Kyrr
4. Thy Catafalque - Sgùrr
5. Enslaved - In Times

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Created by Ag Fox on 03.03.2015

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The Less Trodden Path - 2014 [Paused midway]

As per title. This list only shows albums that I enjoyed and are in four lists or less at the time of adding, because there's no point in adding what everyone has already. This is not aiming to be the most extreme or the quirkiest, but I love good music, and I hope you do too. Shall be updated periodically; Listed in no particular order.

1. E-Force - The Curse...
2. Ludicrous - Altar Boy Discocult
3. Narrow House - Thanathonaut
4. Shear - Katharsis
5. Arsafes - Ratocracy

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Created by Ag Fox on 16.06.2014

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2012's SILVERfox-compatible METAL

Another year, another favourites of the year list... But hopefully this will be more complete than the previous years ones. Rather than making a massive list of everything I have listened to, I'll be as selective as possible. I've only started listening to 2012 releases since February, so I'll be playing catch up throughout the year as my time is limited. I've only gone through 556 releases this year properly as of 07/01/2013, so the list can only expand! If you feel strongly about certain albums released this year and it's not here, be sure to leave a comment! Feel free to make a list that's exactly the same =P

1. CSSABA - Underground Lo-Fi Songs
2. Indesinence - Vessels Of Light And Decay
3. Monolithe - Interlude Second
4. Nadja - The Primitive World
5. In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad

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Created by Ag Fox on 07.05.2012

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2011 Selections

Each year countless of albums come out. This is obviously by no means a definitive guide because as of 14/12/2011, I've only heard 364 releases from 2011, but do check these albums out if you haven't already! Feel free to throw stuff at my direction. In a rough order right now and rankings get rearranged every now and again. Will be trimmed around again in January / February. Note that I still have plenty to check out though.

1. Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels
2. Esoteric - Paragon Of Dissonance
3. Born Of Osiris - The Discovery
4. The Psychic Paramount - II
5. Flourishing - The Sum Of All Fossils

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Created by Ag Fox on 30.04.2011

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SF's Top 20 For 2008

Like my own 2009 top list, it's been extremely hard to narrow down to a final twenty because of so many releases in recent years. But twenty it is and of course, I cheated again with my other two lists of overlooked albums and influential albums. These lists are by no means a definition, but a musical statement and hopefully you reading this list can find out something you haven't heard of before and enjoy it as much as I do. Yes, some big names are missing, some are too obscure while some are too mainstream, but I listen to what I like. Just be sure to give them a go with youtube and internet downloads readily at your disposal ^ ^ Some that didn't quite make it into the list but would want to mention them anyway as they are awesome nonetheless: Bison B.C., E-Force, Hail Of Bullets, Keldian, Draconian, Deadlock, Shadowkeep, Battlelore etc

1. Oceans Of Sadness - The Arrogance Of Ignorance
2. Textures - Silhouettes
3. UnSun - The End Of Life
4. SepticFlesh - Communion
5. Poisonblack - A Dead Heavy Day

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Created by Ag Fox on 16.06.2010

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Mai 2009 Top 20

Call me easily impressed or what, but 2009 has been an amazing year for metal releases for me. Being well into 2010, I had the chance to let everything sink in and the more memorable albums stand out more while certain release that had initially escaped attention could also be "auditioned". Having listened to over 230 releases, just narrowing down a list of top 30 has already been a challenge, but for an annual list to go over 20 kind of loses its purpose of recommendation, so I just tried even harder. At the same time, I allowed myself to cheat a little bit by using another list of overlooked albums and influential albums. Some that didn't quite make the cut: Bloodbound, Artillery, Delain, Fairyland, Dark Moor, Vomitory, Immortal, Paradise Lost, Amesoeurs, Skyfire, The 11th Hour, Process Of Guilt and Anaal Nathrakh

1. Thy Catafalque - Róka Hasa Rádió
2. Amorphis - Skyforger
3. Samael - Above
4. Sun Of The Blind - Skullreader
5. While Heaven Wept - Vast Oceans Lachrymose

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Created by Ag Fox on 31.05.2010

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Silver_foxy's List Of Albums That Have Been Overlooked

A little of list of albums from recent years that come to mind that either don't really have too many votes or are rated quite low (by the usual MS standards) which I think deserve more attention.

1. Paradox - Riot Squad
2. Marionette - Spite
3. Karelia - Restless
4. Deadlock - Wolves
5. DGM - Different Shapes

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Created by Ag Fox on 11.03.2010

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Albums That Moulded Silver_foxy's Current Metal Palate

Not nessecary my current favourites, but these are the albums that had a great impact on me or had opened up new horizons in different sub-genres. Most of these would be pretty recent and mainstream but I only started listening to Metal in 2007 after all. They are in chronological order of which I listened to them through these few years.

1. Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything
2. Metallica - Ride The Lightning
3. Nightwish - Dark Passion Play
4. To-Mera - Transcendental
5. Kamelot - Ghost Opera

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Created by Ag Fox on 03.03.2010