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Top 10 - Portuguese Metal Albuns

My favourite albums by Portuguese bands. Some of these groups disbanded long ago, others are relatively new in the industry. All of them made works that took my attention by different reasons.

1. Process Of Guilt - Renounce
2. Moonspell - Irreligious
3. Why Angels Fall - The Unveiling
4. My Enchantment - SINpHONIC
5. Nephtys - ...Yet The Choirs Of Vendetta

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Created by Njord on 08.09.2010

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My Top 20 Favorite Albuns

Top metal albuns based on the influence they have in my personality and by the way they changed some ideas and theories I had.

1. Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
2. Symphony X - The Odyssey
3. Therion - Secret Of The Runes
4. Dream Theater - Images And Words
5. Primordial - Spirit The Earth Aflame

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Created by Njord on 08.03.2010