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The Totally Not A Rip-Off Of The Clandestine Cuts List.

This is going to be my new thing, I will do a mini review of an artist not featured on MS. They can be Demos, EP, Full lengths or whatever. I will describe the genre, sound and all that shit. It will be change every tuesday.


This week I'm reviewing Black Annis by Jack The Stripper.

1. Jack The Stripper - Black Annis
2. Hollow Earth - Killdeer Sessions
3. And The Giraffe - Creature Collector

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Created by BoxCar Willy on 22.03.2012

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2013 Best Of You Stupid Fuckin Sluts

My favs of the year. Ever changing, not complete until it is complete.

I'm fuckin edgy deal with it. This is pretty much just for me so I don't forget these releases. .

1. An Autumn For Crippled Children - Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love
2. Deafheaven - Sunbather
3. Protest the Hero - Volition
4. Airs - Adore
5. Perfect Pussy - I have lost All desire for feeling

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Created by BoxCar Willy on 04.12.2013