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Favorite album: Fiction
Favorite song: The Mundane And The Magic
Favorite movies: Queen of the Damned
Favorite books: Harry Potter
Personal text: I enjoy listening to good music as much as i value watching good films.
I wholeheartedly like walking without any destination
While i could also spend hours programing (In dot net Visual Basic) anything i deem necessary.
yet another thing i enjoy is swimming(though i havent done it a lot lately)
Last but not least, i like playing computer games and backgammon (tavli) as well.
P.S: Having fun with my friends is paramount to me, and is by far the thing i like and i do the most

I Despise football and Greek music along with Classic/Rock.

I might get easily angry but it lasts merely seconds.

My memory span is really-REALLY small

I cannot see the shades of gray, for me its either black or white. I wholeheartedly love or hate, like or dislike, accept or deny.I Embrace the extremes - NOT the middle

I tell only the truth and i scorn lies (as a kid i definitely used to lie, we all did, but now i grew).

Attended events

06.04.2014 GRE, Thessaloniki - Dark Tranquillity: Live In Greece
27.11.2009 GRE, Thessaloniki - Arch Enemy: Greek Tour