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Favorite bands: Black Sabbath, Metallica, Cathedral, Graveyard, Witchcraft, Led Zeppelin, Hail Spirit Noir, Death, Morbid Angel, Overkill, Bathory, Helloween, Amon Amarth, Horisont, Blood Ceremony, Kvelertak, Iron Maiden, Suicidal Angels, Opeth, Troubled Horse, In Solitude, Year Of The Goat, Entombed, Orchid, Kreator, Sepultura, Count Raven, Solitude Aeturnus, Warlord, Witchsorrow, Witchfinder General, Bio-Cancer, Chronosphere, Cauldron, Striker, Nocturnal, Annihilator, Ghost, Volbeat, Exodus, Megadeth, Slayer, D.R.I., Mares Of Thrace, Mastodon, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Angel Witch, Pilgrim, AC/DC, Pantera, Alice In Chains, The 11th Hour, Akphaezya, Black Pyramid, Crucified Barbara, Kyuss, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Sword, Capricorns, Darkthrone, Satans Wrath, Bombus, Noctum, Avatarium, Sarke, Zemial, Aura Noir, Sodom, Purson, Toxic Holocaust, Venom, Satyricon, Enforcer, Devil, Carcass, Spiders, Sleep, Dead Lord, Kadavar, Brutus, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Favorite movies: Apocalypto,Deamcatcher,Rambo,The Lord Of The Rings,,300,Hobbit,Alien,All Hannibal Lekter related movies......
Favorite books: Alexander The Great,Jerald's Game,The Stand,Azazel,Illuminati,...