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Favorite bands: Pathfinder, Manowar, Battlelore, Edenbridge, Kiuas, Rebellion, Lost Horizon, Against The Plagues, Saturnus, Dreamtale, Haggard, Conquest, Iron Savior, Instanzia, DragonForce, Masterplan, Wuthering Heights, Northland, Rhapsody Of Fire, Dark Moor, Gamma Ray, Highland Glory, Skiltron, Vision Divine, Galneryus, Domine, Within Temptation, Insania, Galloglass, Axenstar, Zonata, Freternia, In Flames, Blind Guardian, Derdian, Virgin Steele, Helloween, Kamelot, Avantasia, Labyrinth, Hibria, Timeless Miracle, Heavenly, Nightwish, Civil War, Astral Doors, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Serenity, Epica, Children Of Bodom, Rage, Dark Empire, Wintersun, Running Wild, Riot V, Armory, Keldian, Tarja, Made Of Hate, Cain's Offering, Tristania, Human Fortress, Sebastien, Stormwarrior, Elvenking, Crystal Viper, Acid Drinkers, Voyager, Time Requiem, Unisonic, Forgotten Tales, Grailknights, Seven Thorns, Gaia Epicus, Power Quest, Firewind, Steel Attack, Noble Beast, Sabaton, Kowai, Winter In Eden, Cruachan, Equilibrium, Grand Magus, Accept, Skull Fist, Sinbreed, Luca Turilli, Dalriada, Týr, Pyramaze, Soulspell, Dark Avenger, Morifade, Suspyre, Lord, Drakkar, A Sound Of Thunder, Messiah's Kiss, ReinXeed, Morton, Kaledon, Silent Force, Celesty, Dungeon, Rob Rock, Age Of Artemis, Domination Black, Dragonhammer, Twisted Tower Dire, Vader, Amon Amarth, Mystic Prophecy, Persuader, Shaman, Twilight Force, Freedom Call, Evertale, Holy Grail, Gloryhammer, Wind Rose, Orden Ogan, Dragonland, Winterage, Ironsword, Pretty Maids, Angra, Grave Digger, Paragon, Scorpions, Royal Hunt, Dawn Of Destiny, Emerald Sun, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Leverage, Ratt, Powerglove, SpellBlast, Highlord, Symphony X, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Lanfear, Winterstorm, Wisdom, Darkwater, Nocturnal Rites, Iron Mask, Requiem (FIN), Dragony, Black Majesty, Heavens Gate, Nightscape, Elvenpath, Theocracy, Queensrÿche, Revolution Renaissance, Dragonheart, Olympos Mons, Saidian, Wizard, Steelwing, Gallows End, Iced Earth, Fairyland, Bloodbound, Dream Evil, Manticora, Axxis, Aquaria, Dionysus, W.A.S.P., Ghost, Symphonity, Bane Of Winterstorm, At Vance, Narnia, Conception, Xandria, Borealis, Phoenix Rising, Iron Fire, Space Odyssey, Majestic, Almah, Altaria, Angel Dust, Anubis Gate, Burning Point, Cellador, Amberian Dawn, HammerFall, Mob Rules, Circus Maximus, Crystal Eyes, Gates Of Ishtar, Dragonfly, Opera Magna, White Skull, Nightmare, Falconer, Oratory, Evergrey, Pagan's Mind, Pharaoh, Powerwolf, Vanishing Point, Seventh Avenue, Edguy, Judas Priest, Symfonia, Thunderstone, Thy Majestie, Trick Or Treat, Twilight Guardians, Twilightning, Insomnium, Visions Of Atlantis, Zandelle, Dio, Leah, Shadow Gallery, Guardians Of Time, Arch Enemy, Demons And Wizards, Ancient Bards, Ensiferum, Odyssea, Axel Rudi Pell, Cryonic Temple, Holy Knights, Magic Kingdom, Concerto Moon, InnerWish, Lords Of Black, Battle Beast, Stormwitch, Almanac, Moonlight Agony, Mercenary, Ebony Ark, The Storyteller, Dream Theater, Riverside, Omen, Divinefire, Lonewolf, Nostradameus, Eluveitie, Adagio, Van Canto, Judicator, Viathyn, Appearance Of Nothing, Hammerforce, 4th Dimension, Sound Storm, Amaranthe, Excalion, Saint Deamon, Twins Crew, Agonizer, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Fifth Angel, Andre Matos, Astral Domine, Secret Sphere, Vhäldemar, Hamka, Hypersonic, Soulitude, Tierra Santa, Timo Tolkki's Avalon, Delain, Signum Regis, Sanctuary, Lacrimosa, Therion, Barque Of Dante, Liquid Tension Experiment, Seventh Wonder, Crimson Glory, Primal Fear, Tarot, Crystallion, Ayreon, Kreator, Myrath, Golden Resurrection, Iron Maiden, Sunburst, Raintime, Lake Of Tears, Andromeda, Savatage, Alestorm, Scanner, Wolfchant, Fogalord, Kalmah, Wildpath, Death Dealer, Echo Of Dalriada, Skyfire, Kiko Loureiro, Ultimatium, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Dreamscape, Luca Turilli's Dreamquest, Disperse, Angel Vivaldi, Tankard, Beast In Black, Christian Muenzner, Threshold, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Impellitteri, Be'lakor, Agalloch, Carcass, The Dark Element, Bal-Sagoth, Vintersorg, Enshine, Helengard, Numenorean, W. Angel's CONQUEST, Unleash The Archers, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Illnath, Theatre Of Tragedy, Astronoid, Draconian, Caladan Brood, In The Silence, Kauan, Ophelia, Ixion, Widek, U.D.O., Turisas, Whispered, Orion's Reign, Evil Masquerade, Heir Apparent, Sirenia, Thornbridge, Gladenfold

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