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Favorite bands: I Can Start To Write Now, Nut I Dont Know When I ´ll Finish, Many Bands To Write, Having Almost 4.500 Cds Of Metal.
Favorite album: Leprosy DEATH
Favorite song: Crystal Mountain of DEATH
Favorite movies: misteries,suspense and terror movies.
Favorite books: Anne Rice.Lovecraft.Edgar A Poe.and many moooore
Personal text: i Like so much metal, i mean gothic,trash,death,grind,heavy,power,black,symphonyc.I am a big fan from the vikings culture i love his music (folk,pagan...),and the mythology too.I like the misteries movies and action,terror and some adventures, i like to read books about anne rice,jules verne,mark twain,nieztche, carl sagan and more.Metal is my passion.-I would like to know more metal fans around the world.

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19.02.2009 ARG, Cordoba - Edguy


  2007 Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained
  1999 Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight
  1982 Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
  2007 Darkthrone - NWOBHM [Single]
  2005 Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?
  2003 Pantera - Reinventing Hell [Compilation]
  2006 Slayer - Christ Illusion
  1979 Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East [Live]
  1990 Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying